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Whale Whisker in Final Fantasy XII.

The Whale Whisker is a recurring weapon throughout the series, and it mostly serves as the strongest staff or pole.

Whale Whisker in Final Fantasy IX.




Final Fantasy IX

The Whale Whisker is the strongest rod for Garnet. It teaches Curaga and Life. Found in the 18th Chocograph, it can be sold for 5,140 gil.

Final Fantasy XII

The Whale Whisker is the strongest pole available in Final Fantasy XII. Its license can be found in the top-left section of the weapon area of the License Board and costs 125 License Points. Like other pole weapons the Whale Whisker grants the wielder +25 to Evasion. It is known a "Whisker of the Beast" in the bazaar price list and costs 60,000 gil.


Loot Quantity Enemy
Mythril 3 Mythril Golem - a 10% chance to drop if the Scholar's Monograph has been acquired, and a 3% chance to steal (6% with Thief's Cuffs).
Corpse Fly 3 Dragon Lich - a 12% chance to drop if the Warmage's Monograph has been acquired.
Aquarius Gem 4 Golem - a very rare drop, and a 30% chance to steal with the Thief's Cuffs equipped.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Whale Whisker is one of Kytes's Rods. It is of the Water element and his attacks pierce through multiple enemies in a line extending from him. Its recipe is found in Tempered in Ice.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Whale Whisker is the ultimate Pole for Mystics and Aritmeticians. It can be obtained from the Midlight's Deep by catching it from Ninjas.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Whale Whisker appears as the ultimate Pole, obtainable in one of the Heritor Job quests. It teaches the ability Wermut to said Job. It is obtained after doing the Wermut sidequest in Zedlei Forest.

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