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race: Human
affiliation: Pitt Slaves
role: Runaway slave
location: Radio Tower, Trainyard, Wernher's Hideout
appearances: Fallout 3 (The Pitt add-on)
quests: Into the Pitt , Free Labor
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 4CH, 4IN, 6AG, 4LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 215 → 310
tag skills: Melee Weapons: 31 → 100
Small Guns: 31 → 100
Sneak: 31 → 100
level: 1 → 20
base id: xx001082
ref id: xx001081

Wernher is an escaped slave from The Pitt in the year 2277.



It is subsequently revealed that Wernher was Ashur's lieutenant before he was enslaved for betraying his leader. According to Sandra, Wernher once attempted to steal Marie, which may have been the reason for his enslavement. After being made a slave, he saw what was being done to them and how they're turned into trogs, Werhner escaped from The Pitt and requests assistance from the Lone Wanderer in helping with a slave rebellion.


Daily schedule

After you complete the main quest line for the pitt, Werhner will just stand around in the pitt downtown.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Merc Cruiser Outfit Scoped .44 Magnum - Power Plant Key


  • Wernher wields a Scoped .44 Magnum which can not be pickpocketed.
  • Wernher levels with the player character, with a health and combat skill scale identical to the game's permanent companions. As a result, he is noticeably tougher than most other human NPC characters, including (amusingly) his Power Armored rival Lord Ashur. Also, his performance in the DLC's opening firefights depends on the player's level, with Wernher potentially being defeated by the Pitt Raiders at low levels, and being capable of killing them without the player's assistance at higher levels.
  • If the Free Labor quest is completed by siding with the slaves, Wernher generally wanders Downtown and can be seen making conversation with the locals. However, he can also wander outside the city limits and seems to get stuck around the Bridge and Trainyard.
  • Wernher must be considered a Neutral character. Killing him does not result in a Karma loss if he shoots first. Being hidden and sniping Wernher in the head or generally killing him unprovoked will result in Karma loss (confirmed).
  • If the player sides with Ashur during the Free Labor quest killing Wernher results in no karma loss, however killing him at any other time does incur negative karma.
  • If the player has the Black Widow perk, or has a high enough speech skill, and sides with Ashur, it is possible to merely talk him into leaving The Pitt forever, making it unnecessary to kill him. However, upon leaving he takes the key to the Power Plant with him, but there is another on his desk.
  • As you are about to leave with him to go to the Pitt for the first time he will comment on any followers you have with you as he tells you they can't come with you. Especially interesting is to have Fawkes or Charon who Wernher will refer to as "whatever he is" (since there are no super mutants or ghouls in the Pitt and he would have never seen any), also having Clover (a brainwashed slave) with you will warrant an interesting reaction.
  • After killing Ashur during the Free Labor quest, if you start conversation with Wernher with Ashurs Power Armor on, he might comment about it.

Behind the scenes

  • Wernher may be a reference to S. D. "Snake" Plissken from John Carpenter's Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.


  • There is a bug where Wernher, after killing all the raiders in the first battle upon entering the Pitt map, will continually shoot at the Pitt leader whom he first talks to whether or not she's dead already. He will eventually stop. This can also be resolved by saving and then reloading the save, or initiating a conversation with him.
  • There is a bug in which Wernher's left eye is fluorescent yellow. This is sparked from approaching him from different angles. It's just a minor glitch that doesn't seem to resolve itself.
  • There is a bug where after killing all of the raiders Wernher will start walking across the bridge and get himself killed if the mines aren't disabled.
  • Wernher may inexplicably become hostile to the player. If so, he cannot be killed. The console can be used to fix this glitch on the PC. Xbox 360 users can wait outside his hideout for three full days to reset Wernher's AI, after which he will proceed normally.
  • There is a bug where after killing Wernher and going back to the Trainyard, you will see his dead body right next to the cart. (Confirmed on Xbox 360&PS3)
  • Wernher was confronted near Oasis, though this is yet to be confirmed. (Confirmed on 360)
  • When killing Wernher in his hideout and returning 1 or 2 days later he may be standing briefly as a live NPC and then burst in to small pieces of meat (as if killed with the bloody mess perk). You can do this repeatedly until he disappears.


Wernher appears in The Pitt add-on for Fallout 3.

The Pitt (add-on)

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