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Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 21st century
Appearances: SJA: Revenge of the Slitheen
SJA: Warriors of Kudlak
Actor: Pamela Merrick

Wendy was a student who attended Park Vale Comprehensive School in Ealing, West London. Wendy was in Luke Smith and Maria Jackson's class at school and was present on the first day of term. (SJA: Revenge of the Slitheen)

Later that same year, she begun to play games of laser tag at the Ealing branch of Combat 3000, which, unbeknownst to her, was under the control of an alien general named Uvlavad Kudlak. Kudlak was recruiting human adolescents as soldiers for his army and used the laser tag games to test their skill with laser weaponry. Players who reached Level 2 of the game, were deemed worthy of joining the Uvodni military and were transported via technology remniscent of the H2O Scoop to a Uvodni Warship which was travelling to a battlefield somewhere in the Horsehead Nebula. Wendy played well enough to reach this stage, and soon found herself far away from home. One other player, Jen (Warriors of Kudlak), had already been on the ship for some time and the two girls were soon joined by a third player, Lance Metcalf. The disappearance of Wendy, Jen and Lance, as well as twenty-four others from different areas of England, did not go unnoticed and a former investigative reporter named Sarah Jane Smith, her adoptive son Luke Smith and his friends Maria Jackson and Clyde Langer were soon enquiring about their whereabouts. Luke and Clyde eventually make it up on to the ship and attempted to rescue the others by escaping on the ship's shuttle, but they were recaptured and brought before Kudlak and his commanding officer, the Mistress. Kudlak then comes across a message recieved by the Mistress that reveals that the war they were fighting had ended a decade ago. Having realised his mistake, General Kudlak returns Wendy and the others to Earth, albeit some time after some of them had left. (SJA: Warriors of Kudlak)

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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Real Name



Marvin (fraternal twin brother); Noah Kuttler (father)


Base Of Operations




Unusual Features
Much of Wendy's body is currently covered in scars stemming from the Wonderdog incident


Marital Status

Caretaker of Titans Tower

Graduate of MIT

First appearance



At age sixteen, Wendy and her brother, Marvin, graduated from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology. During the missing year, chronicled in 52, Wendy and her brother managed to attain jobs as caretakers of Titans Tower. For the last six months of that year, they re-built Cyborg.

Powers and Abilities


Genius-level intellect


  • Marvin and his twin sister Wendy are based on the characters of Wendy and Marvin who first appeared on the Super Friends animated TV show. The Wendy and Marvin of the TV Superfriends were not related and that Marvin incarnation possessed low level superhuman abilities such as the ability to leap into open air and hover as well as above average speed. The new characters were only recently integrated in to the DC Universe, despite the original characters being several decades old.

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Madame Alexander is an American company which specializes in the creation of collectible dolls. It has frequently released tie-ins with Disney, Peanuts, Lenox and, more recently, Sesame Workshop.

Picture Date Name Description

2004 "One, Two, Three Sesame Street Trunk Set" This set includes an 8" doll wearing a yellow jumper with a picture of Big Bird; included is a second outfit of overalls and a cap. Other accessories include a small plush Big Bird, his nest, and Radar, a feltboard with letters and numbers, and a Sesame Street sign. These pack neatly into the cardboard "trunk", which is decorated on the outside as 123 Sesame Street, and has Bert and Ernie looking out the window. It was available with either a Caucasian (model 39080) or African American (model 39082) doll.

2004 "Making Friends on Sesame Street" This 8 inch doll is dressed in a green check jumper with pictures of Elmo, Zoe, and Cookie Monster on the skirt and the numbers "1 2 3" on the bodice. She comes with three small plush figures of Elmo, Zoe, and Cookie Monster. The set was available with either a Caucasian (model 39085) or "Latin" (model 39086) doll.
2004 "The Peekaboos™ Babies Sesame Street" These three small babies are dressed in full-body outfits as Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. (Model 38930)
2006 "I Love My Rubber Duckie" This 8 inch doll wears a white bathrobe with a picture of Ernie. She has duckie slippers and carries a small "Rubber Duckie" in her hand. (Model 41825)
2006 "'C' is for Cookie This 8 inch doll wears a brown gingham sundress with a blue petticoat, and cookie appliques. She carries a plush Cookie Monster wearing an apron and chef's hat. She also comes with a plush baking sheet with cookies on it which is not pictured. (Model 41820)
2006 "Wendy Loves Kermit" Wendy comes with her own stuffed, scale-sized Kermit the Frog, and a jumper with the motto "It's not easy being green."
2008 "Wendy Loves Miss Piggy" Wendy comes with her own stuffed, scale-sized Miss Piggy, and a dress that states, "Wendy Loves Miss Piggy".

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  • Madame Alexander

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other resources
EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Nettleville (Shattered Lands)
Race Human
Level 15▲▲▲ Tier 2 Heroic
Location at the gate to South Qeynos ( 668, -20, 282 ) /waypoint 668, -20, 282 EQ2MAP POI
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp unknown
Status Points unknown

What does this information mean?


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Swept Away & Purple cat miniquest
Location North of Rimmington
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Female
Examine A young witch
Notable features Very forgetful. She also seems to be wielding a twig or a wand.
A detailed image of Wendy.

Wendy is a companion of the travelling witch Maggie who features in the 2008 Hallowe'en event and the Swept Away quest. She can be found North of Rimmington, where Maggie once was.

Wendy gave advice on costume items and what they consist of.

She stands and walks in a way similar to modern models, linking to the costume sense of her, and may be a reference of models in real world.

Wendy claims that she is friends with Lottie.

Wendy herself is capable of certain magical feats as a witch, such as Tele-othering players to Maggie or turning cats purple with sufficient amounts of unguent.

Purple cat miniquest

After completing the quest, she starts the Purple cat miniquest.

Players will need to complete a (more difficult) puzzle. As a reward, Wendy changes the colour of a pet cat to purple. Note: A player can have more than one purple cat.

Players do not need to do this puzzle again to obtain more than one Purple cat.



Wendy might be a reference to Wendy, The Good Little Witch]

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Wendy
Attribute: WATER Image:Water.png
Types: Reptile/Effect
Level: 4 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 1600/1100
Card Lore: This card also countes as a Aqua type. This card gets +100 ATK for each Aqua type card on your side of the field.
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about WendyRDF feed
Level 4  +

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