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Final Fantasy X Boss
HP (Overkill) MP
18,000 (1,432) 32
Strength Magic Defense
40 1 1
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
1 18 0
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
2,000 (3,000) 3,000
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
- - - - -
Japanese {{{japan}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Location Lake Macalania
Common Steal Hi-Potion
Rare Steal X-Potion
Common Drop Power Sphere
Rare Drop Power Sphere
Weapon Drop Piercing, Counter-Attack
Armor Drop SOS Haste, HP +10%
Bribe N/A
Abilities Punch, Double Punch, Raise Dukes
Ronso Rage N/A
Resistant to Silence (20), Sleep (20), Darkness (20)
Immune to Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Death, Reflect, Eject
Other Information N/A

Wendigo is a Ogre-type fiend in Final Fantasy X, encountered after the party fights Maester Seymour for the first time. Escaping from Macalania Temple, Yuna and her Guardians will be pursued by Guado Guards. Once the Lake Road is reached, Wendigo will appear flanked by two Guado.


Like the battle with Seymour, whenever Wendigo is attacked, one of the guards will counter by using a Potion. Stealing from them will prevent this action. The Guards are fairly weak themselves and will go down easily, however their final action will be to cast Shell and Protect on the monster. You can prevent this by having Kimahri use his Stone Breath Overdrive on them. Wendigo will be immune to the Petrify effect, but the Guado guardians will not and they will shatter instantly.

Wendigo has quite a large amount of HP and will be in Berserk status from the beginning of the battle, meaning a single attack is likely to KO any character; casting Provoke or Esuna will remove the Berserk status. If Dispel is not yet at Yuna's disposal to deal with Protect and Shell, Auron's Power Break will reduce its strength and Wakka's Dark Attack has a good chance of success. Tidus' Delay Attack is also useful to slow Wendigo down.

Once Wendigo's HP falls past 9,000 he will raise his arms and Counter any physical attack, however in this state he will be even more susceptible to Fire attacks. If the going is tough and Wendigo's Defense is proving difficult to get around, summoning Ixion and using Aerospark will negate the Protect and Shell statuses.

Following the battle, Wendigo will crack the ice with a powerful leap and the party will fall into a deep crevasse under Macalania.

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