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Series: Star Trek: The Lost Era|The Lost Era, No. 4
Author(s): Ilsa J. Bick
Publication information
Published: paperback - February 2003
Pages: 465
ISBN: ISBN 0743463757
Date: 2336



From the back cover 
For twelve years, she was captain of the Federation's flagship. But while her exploits as commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C are legend, little has been revealed about Rachel Garrett, her vessel, or the unusual men and women of her crew. Until now.
When the archeological find of the decade offers possible hints about an earlier Cardassian civilization, it attracts not merely those seeking to quench their thirst for knowledge, but also parties with far less noble interests. Among the latter is the Asfar Qatala, a notorious criminal cartel with a disturbing connection to one the Enterprise's highest-ranking officers. Now Captain Garrett and her crew are swept into a maelstrom of kidnapping, extortion, and murder—as well as a desperate, secret struggle between the Qatala and its chief rival, the fledgling Orion Syndicate.
And beneath the surface of the frozen world on which the proto-Cardassian discovery was made, another drama is playing out that will force Garrett to make the most difficult decision of her career... amid ruins reputed to link the living with the ancient dead.



Samir al-HalakAravaDarya Bat-LeviJoshua Bat-LeviMarta BatanidesDarco BulastLaura BurkeRichard CastilloSu Chen-MaiDalalDonaldJason GarrettRachel GarrettThule G'Dok GlemoorIshepVen KaldarrenKlarAnjad KodellLam Leahru-MarMatsaroLeonard "Mac" McCoyNartalPahlTalma PrenMahfouz QadirSivekJo SternStrongThexYuriel TyvanUramtaliVaavek
Referenced only 
Baatin al-HalakNu'man al-HalakRobert AprilJonathan ArcherAnisar BatraTh'leila BokDevlin ConnollyConnorsNajm al Din el-MalkElizabeth ISigmund FreudSarah GarrettJohn HarrimanNigel HolmesJ. Edgar HooverBenton HubbardMolaranna KaldarrenJames T. KirkNashChristopher PikeSpockW. StoutTalokIan Andrew TroiLwaxana TroiFrancis Walsingham

Starships and vehicles

USS ArgosUSS BarkerUSS BlakelyUSS CarthageUSS Enterprise-BUSS Enterprise-CUSS KallmanSS LakulLionSS Robert FoxT'PolUSS Wheedon


B'Utu AuraBajorBeta Calara IIIBetazedDelta QuadrantDeneb VDraavid nebulae clusterEarthEgyptFarius PrimeGalldean SeaGemini StreetGuangzhouKatanga MountainsKohol DistrictLakarian CityLegara IVLake CatariaMalfabrican sectorMaltabra CityMarsMeir IIIMessier 87 galaxyMiddle EastNaweeth CityNaxeraPacificaPicaRaknal VRed MountainsRigel IIIRura PentheRyn IIISan FranciscoStarbase 5Starbase 12Starbase 32Starbase 129Starbase EarhartStarfleet HeadquartersStarfleet MedicalTajora StreetTsoran mineValley of the KingsVendrak IVVulcan


AndorianAtreanAtawheanBilananBolianBorgBreenBrothers of LightCaldorianCardassiandithparuEl-AurianHebitianHumanKlingonMetronNaiadNausicaanNaxeranOrganianOrionRynThrellianTrillVulcanWeyrieZetarian

States and organizations

Asfar QatalaCardassian Central CommandEframFederation Archaeology CouncilFederation Science CouncilG'DokLeahruOralian WayOrion SyndicatePythagos ClansStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet IntelligenceTarkava InstituteUnited Federation of PlanetsV'SharVulcan Space Central

Other references

alpha-currant nectarallira punchanti-scopolaminergic compoundapple-walnut piearkenium duranideAUBell RiotsbloodwoodBraque-EframBreen pulse gunbourbonCatabrian warthogCatrayan porridgeCochrane Medalcoffeecapital punishmentDarwellian long-tongueDenebian feverDenebian plumDenebian watertrumpetDerellian seaslugdeuterondivalent triceronDonoor ratDraken mole ratenergy dampening weaponepinephrinefencingferrocarboniteflanarian birdGABA • Greek mythology • green beans • Herbig-Haro formationholomirrorImmelmann turnjevoniteJewishKalo root stewKatanganKatangan mountain lionkatarian emerald grassKefarian appleKelly boltkhbouz markoukklahKlingon coffeeKobayashi Maru scenarioLampan icemongermah-tor-pahlahmamoulMarassian woolMaltaran orange juiceMaltran sea-scallops • mashed potatoes • Matrayan blueglowmeatloafMeprean grackleMolov mint teaMorellian cucumberMorolovov gapsumNight KingOralian recitation maskOversoulPerettian glare-hawkPGBCPotroian punchrabbired icesaladSaurian brandysehlatserotoninstrombolian firtandoortaspar eggtefloflex spannerTerellian swarmmogtheta radiationthrock-haired shirttitaniumtoj'lathTorkan cavefishTrakian aletriuridiumvacuum energyvermicelliwahmlatWell of Souls (location)Xanarian fleaxenoarchaeologyYridian tea


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DC Comics

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Location Template Location Template
Cavern of Souls

[[Image:|200px|center|Cavern of Souls]]
Official Name
Cavern of Souls

Location Details




Thousands; exact population unknown


The Cavern of Souls, located on the River Styx in the Greek Underworld, is the birthplace of the Amazonian culture. For centuries, women who had died through acts of violence found their souls transformed into streaks of light and they became part of the Cavern of Souls. Over a thousand years ago, the Olympian Goddess Artemis petitioned her fellow Gods to form a new race on Earth - a race of women who would usher in a new era of greatness mankind and re-invigorate worship in the Gods. Zeus had no interest in Artemis' plans, and Ares felt that such a venture was foolish. Without Zeus' consent, Artemis and several other Gods traveled upon the River Styx to the Cavern of Souls. There, they freed the disembodied souls from the Cavern and transposed them on Earth. These souls were reincarnated in new bodies and they eventually became the Amazons of Themyscira.


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