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Wedge Antilles
Biographical information



21 BBY (14)[2]

Physical description





1.7 meters[3]

Hair color

Brown[1] (later gray)

Eye color


Chronological and political information
"I am Wedge Antilles. I survived the Battle of Yavin. I survived the Battle of Hoth. Hell… Just a couple of weeks ago I blew up the Death Star during the Battle of Endor. The reason I'm still breathing when a lot of other good Rebel pilots aren't? Maybe it's because I'm better. Or maybe I'm just lucky."
―Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles was a Human male from Corellia who became a legendary starfighter pilot. Born in 21 BBY, he was orphaned as a teenager, and joined the Rebel Alliance. Antilles fought in the Battle of Yavin, where the Alliance scored a huge victory over the Galactic Empire by destroying the Death Star. Antilles, along with Luke Skywalker later formed the elite starfighter squadron known as Rogue Squadron. Antilles participated in the Battle of Endor, where the Alliance defeated the Empire by killing Emperor Palpatine.

Antilles served in the newly-founded New Republic, fighting valiantly against remnants of the Empire, such as Ysanne Isard and Zsinj. In his quest to bring down the remaining Imperial leaders, he formed the covert ops group Wraith Squadron, which helped the New Republic immensely. During this time, Antilles married Iella Wessiri, with whom he had two children: Syal and Myri. After the end of the Galactic Civil War in 19 ABY, Antilles retired a hero.

However, he would come out of retirement to fight the Yuuzhan Vong when the invaders threatened to destroy the New Republic and conquer the galaxy. Fighting in the fearsome war, Antilles helped the New Republic win, though the war had a devastating toll on the galaxy. The New Republic was reformed into the Galactic Alliance. In 40 ABY, when the Second Galactic Civil War broke out, Antilles initially fought on the side of Corellia, in the Confederation. Later, he switched allegiances, joining Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Order.



Early life

Wedge watches as his parents are killed.

Wedge's early life was split between attending school on Corellia and working aboard the Gus Treta space station with his older sister Syal, where his parents, Jagged and Zena, operated a starship-refueling depot. Syal ran away from home when Wedge was seven, and he heard nothing about her for many years afterwards. Wedge spent half of every year of his youth at a farm school on Corellia and spent the other half on the orbital station, learning how to pilot and service starships. He grew up wanting to become an architect.[5]

When Wedge was sixteen, the pirate Loka Hask pulled away from the station while the fuel lines were still attached to his craft Buzzzer. The resulting fireball would have killed all aboard had the Antilles not sacrificed themselves to save the station. Wedge was devastated and set out in a Z-95 Headhunter borrowed from Corellian smuggler Booster Terrik to seek vengeance. Numb with shock and determination, Wedge tracked the pirates to the Jumus system and coldly obliterated Buzzzer, though Hask escaped.[6]

By 2 BBY, Wedge was working in Gus Talon, where he had fallen in love with a girl called Mala, whose father Rallo was a mechanic. However, when Wedge was away, Imperials tried to arrest Rallo on charges of co-operating with the rebellion, Rallo and his associates fought back. As punishment for this act of insurrection, the Empire decimated Gus Talon and took away the survivors. This distraught Wedge, who was saddened by the fact that he had never had a chance to express his love to Mala, and brought about his hate for the Empire.[7]

Galactic Civil War

"Look at the size of that thing!"
―Wedge Antilles, in reference to the first Death Star
Wedge is awed by the size of the first Death Star.

Insurance money allowed Wedge to buy a freighter, and he spent a couple of years running supplies for Terrik to the nascent Rebellion. He only joined its starfighter division during an open call for pilots. On one early mission Antilles discovered an Imperial testing base where the Empire was testing some enhancements to TIE fighters. Antilles's discovery led to the Rebels dispatching a lone Y-wing to destroy the prototype fighters.

He was later one of four pilots (along with Biggs Darklighter, Jek Porkins and Cesi Eirriss) who assisted Captain Nera Dantels in bringing badly needed R2 units to Yavin 4.[8] Upon returning to Yavin 4, he joined in the attack on the first Death Star, flying an X-wing in the unit designated Red Squadron as Red Two, alongside Biggs and Luke Skywalker. It was during the pilots' approach to the station that Antilles uttered the immortal words, "Look at the size of that thing!" Wedge acquitted himself well in the battle, scoring six kills on Imperial starfighters. Following Skywalker into the trench, he was forced to pull away when a TIE fighter's laser fire shredded his fighter's stabilizer. He was one of the few pilots to survive the attack on the mammoth battle station.[9]

At some point in 1 ABY, Wedge was present at a Remembrance Day celebration held in Coronet City on Corellia by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. While there, he tasked a unnamed Rebel soldier with a mission to rescue several Rebel pilots who had been captured and imprisoned in a prison bunker near an Imperial base on Yavin 4. The soldier infiltrated the bunker, killing the pilots' captors and assisting all six in escaping. The soldier returned to Antilles, who congratulated them on their success. The soldier was given a special commendation by Alliance Special Operations. Before leaving, the soldier had a somewhat odd request for the famed Rebel pilot, an autograph. Wedge was happy to oblige, and signed the autograph, "You're my hero! May the Force be with you. -Wedge Antilles". [10]

Afterwards, he helped found Rogue Squadron along with Commander Narra and Luke Skywalker, an outfit instrumental in the years following the Battle of Yavin. As a member of the Rogues, Antilles was permanently assigned to the roving Alliance High Command group. He quickly struck up a mutual friendship with another Rogue pilot, Wes Janson, who frequently flew with Antilles as his wingman. During several training maneuvers, Janson saved his partner's X-wing from being painted by target-drone beams by destroying them long before Antilles realized there was a problem. The two also shared numerous interests, including sabacc and Corellian ale.[11]

Within a few weeks of formation of Rogue Squadron, Antilles, Janson, and recent Imperial defector Tycho Celchu were leading a mission to Kwenn Space Station. He protected the base on Yavin IV from numerous Imperial raids and eventually assisted in the evacuation. He was transferred to Gobindi for several weeks before participating in Rogue Squadron missions on Ralltiir and Tatooine. Wedge also found himself flying with Renegade Flight, Commander Narra's group, on numerous occasions, and also saw action at Jabiim, Kalist VI, Per Lupelo and an attack on Thila (during which the Wookiee Chewbacca was an unwilling passenger).[12] By the year's end, he was instrumental in the campaign against Moff Kohl Seerdon. During this campaign, at the Battle of Kile II, he was captured by the Empire and shipped to the penal colony of Kessel for processing, but he was rescued by his wingmates in Rogue Squadron before the prison hover train could deliver him to the main facility.[13]

For his actions, Antilles gained attention of the Galactic Empire, who included him in the Emperor's Most Wanted - a list of bounties on key Alliance officials. Two bounty hunters - one of them notorious 4-LOM - managed to obtain Antilles' itinerary and prepared to ambush him during his inspection of a Corellian Engineering Corporation. When Antilles' landspeeder approached the CEC shipyard, 4-LOM crippled it with a sniper shot from his concussion rifle. Emerging from their cover, the bounty hunters aimed their weapons at disembarking Rogue Squadron pilots, and the firefight began. However, the ambush plan provided 4-LOM and his counterpart with an excellent position and surprise enough to swing the battle in their favor. The wounded pilots were forced into surrender and could do nothing, as their leader was captured by 4-LOM, who delivered him to Imperial authorities.[14] The temporary holding place for the captured Rebels was the Imperial prison facility in a rough mountain area just outside of Bestine on Tatooine. Antilles was handed over to the Empire, but Rebel operatives managed to uncover the location of the facility and launched a bold raid in an attempt to rescue the prisoners. Despite heavy resistance from the Imperial forces, the Rebels were able to gain the upper hand and evacuate the rescued personnel, including Antilles, to safety.[15]

Wedge, at the time of the Battle of Hoth.
"Hoo-ah! That got him!"
"I see it, Wedge. Good work."
―Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker, following the destruction of the first AT-AT walker at the Battle of Hoth

When the Alliance moved their headquarters to the icy world of Hoth in 2 ABY, Antilles was assigned there along with the rest of the Rogues. He flew a modified T-47 airspeeder with Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Hoth. Along with Janson, his gunner, he was the first to bring down an AT-AT walker, using the speeder's tow cable to entangle the walker's legs and trip it. His speeder was hit during the battle, and he and Janson were forced to abandon it. Neither were seriously injured. The two arrived safely back at the base along with Skywalker, where they loaded supplies into their X-wings in preparation to evacuate the planet. Along with Skywalker, Janson, and Derek Klivian, he flew escort for the GR-75 medium transport Thon's Orchard through the Imperial blockade of Hoth. The three ships—the X-wings piloted by Antilles and Skywalker, and the BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter piloted by Klivian and Janson—ingeniously utilized the Tallon Split in order to help the transport slip past an Imperial-class Star Destroyer blocking the ship's flight path. Antilles then entered hyperspace and regrouped with Rogue Squadron and the rest of the Alliance at the secret rendezvous point.[16][1]

Days before the Imperial assault on Hoth, Narra's Renegade group was ambushed and destroyed while escorting a convoy headed for Echo Base. Following his survival at Hoth, Antilles was promoted to the rank of commander to fill the gap.[11]

"Are you sure we'll find anything in this rockpile''
"Cut the chatter! Keep your eyes open!"
―Wedge Antilles and Rogue 3
Wedge's X-wing flees the second Death Star's imminent destruction.

As part of Rogue Squadron, Antilles was instrumental in several key Rebellion victories between Hoth and Endor, including the battle in the Ison Corridor, the First Battle of Bakura, Second Battle of Geonosis, the Mission at Destrillion and the Battle of Dubrillion, where he disabled a superlaser targeting the orbiting Rebel fleet. Antilles also helped infiltrate the Fondor shipyards in a TIE Hunter to destroy a partially completed Super Star Destroyer during the part of the Battle of Fondor, and helped Karie Neth and other Alliance prisoners escape Imperial custody during the First Battle of the Maw.[17] He soon became leader of Rogue Squadron after Luke Skywalker left to continue his Jedi training and participated in the Battle of Gall and the rescue of Leia Organa from Coruscant. On both those occasions, Wedge and the Rogues ran interference to the Millennium Falcon to escape, despite being vastly outnumbered.[18] As Rogue Leader, he also helped protect important rebel data aboard the Razor. In this mission, he managed to defend both the Razor and the medical frigate Redemption from a Star Destroyer. The Star Destroyer's shield generators and command bridge were destroyed, causing the massive ship to crash into the planet Kothlis. All data was recovered and Wedge's mission was a success. At the Mission on Prefsbelt IV, Wedge managed to steal the imperial shuttle Tydirium from an Imperial Academy successfully.[19]

During this time, Wedge, Luke, and Wes Janson began to tell new recruits to Rogue Squadron a fictional tale set during the evacuation of Hoth; one that involved Wedge and Wes being shot down and Janson dying on the planet. When the story was concluded, Wes would step out, alive, and startle the new recruits quite handily.[20]

When Lando Calrissian, Baron Administrator of Cloud City and sympathetic to the Rebels, contacted the Alliance with information that a missing medical shipment of ryll it had been seeking was located on Skip 52 of the notorious hideout Smuggler's Run, Antilles was sent to meet a Rebel ally who had been working for Calrissian at Wrea. He flew the agent through the treacherous asteroid field to Skip 52 in a modified two-seat Headhunter. When they arrived they found that Imperial Intelligence agents under the notorious and secretive Blackhole had already taken control of the spice. Antilles and his ally battled Blackhole's shadow stormtroopers, overcoming them after a drawn-out gunfight. The pair contacted Calrissian, who arranged to ship the ryll to the medical facility for which it had originally been destined.[21]

Wedge Antilles after the Battle of Endor.

Wedge flew as Red Leader at the Battle of Endor, leading one of the four main starfighter divisions of the Alliance fleet. Once the shield around the second Death Star was disabled, he flew into the station's superstructure and was jointly credited (along with Lando Calrissian) for the station's destruction. This made Wedge the only pilot to survive both Death Star runs—an achievement clearly pointing to his prowess in a starfighter.

Defender of the New Republic

"Me? I'm just plain old Wedge Antilles, doing my job."
―Wedge Antilles

Almost immediately after the Battle of Endor, Wedge was on patrol when an Imperial messenger drone arrived in system. Wedge accidentally armed its self-destruct, but went EV and jammed his hand in the mechanism to prevent it from exploding. He nearly died but was saved by Luke Skywalker, and fully recovered after spending time in bacta. Wedge would later fly at Bakura leading a reduced Rogue squadron and fighting the Ssi-Ruuk. He was again one of the few to survive the Imperial betrayal during the Battle of Bakura, although in the initial engagement only Luke Skywalker's use of the Force to destroy enemy battle droids kept him from being killed.[22]

Wedge Antilles during salvage duty right after the Second Battle of Bakura.

A week later he was back on salvage duty when Luke Skywalker recruited him , Wes Janson and Tycho Celchu and Ten Numb for a mission to Corellia. During the mission they defeated Imperial Storm Commandos led by Imperial General Weir at the cost of Ten's life.[23] Immediately following this mission, Luke formally handed over command of Rogue Squadron to Wedge, making Wedge the new "Rogue Leader." His first task was to rebuild Rogue Squadron from a wealth of volunteers.

In the years following the Battle of Endor, Wedge, along with Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian would be the core nucleus around which Rogue Squadron was formed. Immediately following the Battle of Endor, they would participate in the conflict at Bakura against the Ssi-Ruuk,[22] and defend against the invasion by the Nagai and the Tofs. During the next year, Wedge and the Rogues would participate in many important missions for the New Republic-including defeating the 181st Imperial Fighter Group at the Battle of Brentaal IV, where Wedge notably surprised and outflew Baron-Colonel Soontir Fel, his secret brother-in-law. Although Wedge and the Rogues were largely successful during this time, the most important mission (that of capturing Imperial Grand Vizier Sate Pestage), ended in failure.

It was shortly after this failure that Rogue Squadron was temporarily decommissioned, and Wedge participated in many different PR events for the New Republic. It soon became apparent that in order to solidify the New Republic as a major force in the galaxy, the Empire would need to be driven off Coruscant. To that end, Wedge reformed Rogue Squadron in 6.5 ABY, bringing in many new recruits that would go on to become as famous as he himself had been during the height of the Rebellion: Former CorSec officer—and later Jedi KnightCorran Horn, the Gand Findsman Ooryl Qrygg, and Gavin Darklighter,[24] who would later become leader of the Rogues.

In the initial missions of the reformed Rogue Squadron, Wedge would lead the Rogues as they destroyed an Imperial Lancer-class frigate, defended themselves against a stormtrooper attack on Talasea, and leveled the Imperial base on Vladet. The unit's mechanic, Zraii, ran out of space on the fuselage of his X-wing to display his starfighter kills, displaying them instead in units of 48 or even 144 kills per symbol. Wedge chose Tycho Celchu as his executive officer, despite General Horton Salm's protests that Tycho was a traitor.[24]

In the following missions, Wedge lead the Rogues in ill-fated attempt to take the planet Borleias (code named "Blackmoon" at time for secrecy), an important staging area for an assault on Coruscant. While the Rogues were forced to flee from the stronger than anticipated defenses, Wedge and the Rogues returned shortly thereafter with a new attack plan formulated by Corran Horn and successfully took Borleias. In the fighting, Horn was left behind at Borleias, and Wedge planned an immediate return to rescue him as soon as the fighters were refueled. However, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that Horn was still alive and had actually beat the Rogues back to base thanks to a surprise rescue by Tycho Celchu and Mirax Terrik.[24]

Conqueror of Coruscant

Wedge Antilles, Commander of Rogue Squadron.

Thanks to the capture of Borleias, the stage was now set for the Alliance's assault on Coruscant. First, Wedge led the Alliance effort to free members of Black Sun from Kessel and insert them into Coruscant to harass the Empire under Ysanne Isard. Wedge and the other Rogues were inserted covertly into Coruscant to pinpoint targets of opportunity and gauge the level of resistance. Under the guise of Colonel Antar Roat, Wedge and Pash Cracken surveyed the capital for some period, at which point he was instructed to try and find a way to bring the planetary shields down for an invasion. Wedge, unbeknownst to almost everyone, had secretly placed Tycho Celchu on Coruscant as a backup in case things went awry. When the spy in Rogue Squadron—Erisi Dlarit, and Black Sun member Zekka Thyne betrayed an attempt to slice in code to lower the shields, Tycho was able to rescue Wedge and the other Rogues, along with members of the Alien Combine, from certain death or capture. However, Wedge suffered some cracked ribs in the fighting. Wedge then led a crew to take over a construction droid to act as a diversion while the Rogues used an orbital mirror to start a monstrous thunderstorm, which brought down the shields.[25]

Ace X-wing pilot.

Wedge was then widely proclaimed as the "Conqueror of Coruscant," and was a key speaker at the funeral of Corran Horn, believed dead under suspicious causes. It was on Coruscant that Wedge first became acquainted with his future wife, Iella Wessiri. However, on his first attempt to take her out to dinner, Wedge was surprised to find her husband, Diric Wessiri, had returned unexpectedly. Wedge enjoyed getting to know Diric, although Iella was forced to shoot him later, a source of much pain for both of them. In the following weeks, Wedge helped neutralize the station at Yag'Dhul, escort a bacta convoy, study the Krytos virus, and lead a diplomatic mission to Ryloth all the while trying to prove Tycho Celchu's innocence during his trial for murder and treason. Wedge did testify in the case, but felt his testimony did more harm than good. As the trial came to a head, Wedge successfully destroyed an airspeeder carrying a bomb that was targeting a bacta center after a harrowing chase through the crowded metropolis of Coruscant.[26]

Immediately afterward, the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya blasted its way out of Coruscant to Thyferra, where Ysanne Isard immediately took control. Wedge and the rest of the Rogues, including a newly escaped Corran Horn, resigned their commissions to fight what became known as the Bacta War. A positive side effect of the reappearance of Isard and the escape of Horn was that Tycho Celchu was acquitted, to Wedge's great delight. As Isard fled in Lusankya, the real spy in Rogue Squadron, Erisi Dlarit, fled to join her mistress.[26]

The Bacta War

"We'll put that in your biography. General Antilles was so good he couldn't fail when he tried to."
Tycho Celchu
Wedge Antilles without his trademark pilot's uniform in 7.5 ABY.

Antilles, operating from the Yag-prime station at Yag'Dhul, led Rogue Squadron in a stunning campaign that resulted in the capture of an Imperial Star Destroyer and a Super Star Destroyer, the downfall of the Bacta Cartel, and the apparent end of Ysanne Isard—all while operating largely independent from the New Republic or any other government. He was aided by Elscol Loro, Iella Wessiri, Booster Terrik, Talon Karrde, and Tal'dira's squadron of Chir'daki fighters. Upon the successful resolution to the Bacta War, Wedge and the Rogues were informed that their resignations had been "misplaced", and they were allowed to rejoin the New Republic.[27]

Wedge also went on to found Wraith Squadron after the Bacta War in 7 ABY, leading them during the New Republic campaign against Warlord Zsinj.[28] During this campaign, Wedge would endure the strain of trying to manage the washed-out, rejected pilots of the Wraiths, the effects of Zsinj's Project Minefield and Project Funeral, the apparent duplicity of Lara Notsil, crewing aboard a dilapidated YT-1300 freighter named the Millennium Falsehood, and Wes Janson's horrible jokes and pranks. Wedge also proved himself not only a competent commander, but an understanding one as well, even bending regulations to provide a much-needed morale boost on the cruiser Mon Remonda.[29] However, soon after completing Wraith Squadron's objective to take down Warlord Zsinj was completed, Wedge Antilles, Wes Janson, and Myn Donos left the Squadron for the Rogues as Wraith Squadron itself was reassigned to Intelligence.[29]

Thrawn Campaign

Antilles would return to Rogue Squadron shortly after Zsinj's defeat and lead them during the Thrawn campaign. At the start of Thrawn's attacks, Wedge accompanied Han Solo as a back-up man during Han's attempts to get smugglers to ally themselves with the New Republic.[30] After Thrawn attacked Bpfassh, Wedge was part of the New Republic delegation sent to assess the damage. When the Noghri commandos attacked the party trying to seize Princess Leia, Wedge helped fend off the attackers.

He was kept busy throughout Thrawn's reign of terror in 9 ABY, serving primarily from an X-wing cockpit in battles such as the Battle of Sluis Van[30] and the Battle for the Katana fleet.[31] Also, Wedge and the Rogues would provide an escort for Leia Organa Solo and the Millennium Falcon on a number of occasions. Wedge was present at the final Battle of Bilbringi, which saw the ultimate defeat of Thrawn. Thanks to some help provided by one of Talon Karrde's captains, Aves, Wedge and the Rogues were able to penetrate the Bilbringi shipyard and successfully attack a Golan II orbital defense platform.[32]

Following the victory at Bilbringi, Admiral Ackbar promoted Antilles to general as Fighter Command Liaison. Accustomed to leading from the front, he resisted until he was granted permission to personally command Rogue Wing as well.[33] After his acceptance of the rank of general, he came up with the Antilles Four-Step Instant Speech.[34]

Special operations against the Emperor Reborn

During the resurrection of Emperor Palpatine in 10 ABY, Wedge teamed with Lando Calrissian to command the Rebel fleet from the Star Destroyer Emancipator during the Battle of Mon Calamari against the Imperial World Devastators.[35]

Later, Antilles, Lando and a group of New Republic commandos hijacked a shipment of the new X-1 Viper war droids on their way from Balmorra to the Imperial headquarters on Byss. The New Republic troops hide in the Vipers' cramped innards until the Vipers were unloaded on Byss. There the commandos activated the droids and advanced on the Emperor's Citadel. They were able to defeat the Imperial forces until huge mutant chrysalides were released. The New Republic force fled the droids to seek cover before the Vipers were defeated. Wedge, Lando and other surviving New Republic personnel were evacuated by Salla Zend and her friends as a chrysalide closed in.[36]

Wedge, Lando, Kam Solusar, and R2-D2 would later infiltrate Palpatine's flagship, Eclipse II over Onderon, in an attempt to destroy the massive vessel after boarding it using the Millennium Falcon. While dozens of Rebel starfighters launched a diversionary assault, the Rebel team successfully took control of the helm and R2-D2 jumped the ship back to the exact coordinates of Palpatine's Galaxy Gun orbiting Byss. As the two massive weapons collided, Lando and the other Rebels extracted under fire from the Imperial crew as the Galaxy Gun fired a final projectile into Byss, setting off an unstoppable nucleonic reaction. As the Falcon flew away, Byss was destroyed, as were the two most dangerous superweapons to date.[37]

Final Imperial threats

Wedge commands the Lusankya during the Second Battle of Phaeda.

In 11 ABY, after the fall of Coruscant to the reborn Emperor's forces, Antilles was ordered to reconfigure Rogue Squadron into a multi-fighter unit. Antilles felt this would destroy the cohesion of the unit, but his commanders felt that the prestige coming from using the Rogue Squadron name would be worth it. Antilles established a force using V-wing airspeeders, B-wings, and E-wings, with over 100 starfighters in total devoted to Rogue Squadron. For that reason, he chose to base it on Lusankya. During this time it fought in the First Battle of Mon Calamari and Second Battle of Phaeda, although the Lusankya (under Antilles's command) did not join the squadron in battle until the latter conflict. Later, he gave up fleet command (though he kept his rank) to return to his activities as a pilot and occasional covert agent. After defeating the Imperial forces, Wedge played an important role in rebuilding Coruscant and salvaging orbital debris.[38]

Later that year, Wedge, along with Chewbacca, led the mission to the Maw cluster to rescue the Wookiee prisoners held there from the frigate Yavaris. He ran into more than he could handle when Admiral Daala in an Imperial star Destroyer and Tol Sivron in the prototype Death Star returned to the Maw after Wedge had captured it. Wedge and the majority of his forces escaped and both threats were ended with the aid of Han Solo and Kyp Durron. After being assigned as her bodyguard, he had a brief romance with Qwi Xux (one of the principal designers of the first Death Star) which developed after he was assigned as her bodyguard,[39] but they later parted on good terms.[34] The next year Wedge accompanied Admiral Ackbar and the Solos to Nal Hutta. While Leia was on a diplomatic mission to the Hutt world, Wedge and Ackbar participated in war games, with Wedge even beating the Calamari admiral in the first round. After learning of the Darksaber under construction in the Hoth asteroid belt, Wedge was placed in charge of the mission to destroy the Hutt superweapon Darksaber. From the frigate Yavaris, Wedge led a full scale attack on the weapon before it was destroyed by an asteroid collision.[40]

Wedge attends Luke's wedding on Coruscant.

He took on a diplomat's role in 13 ABY, when he, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie were assigned as the New Republic's official envoy to the planet Adumar. Even with a corrupt Intelligence leader and a hundred starfighters to contend with, Wedge managed to win Adumar over to the New Republic side through his own methods, which resulted in the unification of Adumar. Wedge also later fought in the Battle of Adumar, which ended the Imperial threat to Adumar and affected the desertion of Imperial Admiral Teren Rogriss.[34] Wedge met Iella Wessiri again on Adumar, and eventually proposed to her.[34] She accepted, and they were married after the Adumar incident was over.

In 14 ABY, he paired with Jedi student Jaden Korr, from Luke's Academy. They went to the planet Kril'dor, where they had to take out an Imperial tibanna gas station. Wedge created a simple plan that required an X-wing pilot and a Jedi Knight. The mission was a success, with the Remnant forces defeated.[41]

Wedge commanded a New Republic fleet in the Battle of Almania in 17 ABY. It was Wedge who deduced that the opposing Star Destroyers were controlled by droids. Wedge exploited that weakness to win the battle.[42] Later under Garm Bel Iblis's command, he and Corran Horn investigated the "Vengeance" organization on Bothawui during the Caamas Document crisis in 19 ABY. He also flew at the head of Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Yaga Minor which marked an end to the Galactic Civil War.[43]

Wedge eventually retired after the end of the Galactic Civil War. He and Iella had two daughters, Syal and Myri.[44]

Yuuzhan Vong War

"Antilles, you are obviously deranged. You should have been put out to pasture years ago."
"I was, Pwoe. I should have been left there. And if the Advisory Council had conducted its part of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong in any competent fashion, I could have been left there."
Councilor Pwoe and General Wedge Antilles
An older Wedge Antilles during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

When the extent of the Yuuzhan Vong threat became clear to the New Republic, Antilles was asked to re-enter active duty. Holding his old rank of General, Antilles was placed in command of one of the three fleets defending Coruscant. During this time, Wedge and Iella allowed Han and Leia to take Syal and Myri to the Maw with Luke's and Mara's son, Ben Skywalker, and the other Jedi children. Following the fall of Coruscant, Antilles and his fleet fled to the Pyria system where they retook the planet Borleias from Yuuzhan Vong control.[45]

After taking the planet, Antilles established the "Blackmoon" as his base of operations, collecting scattered fleet elements that had retreated from Coruscant. While preparing to receive the Yuuzhan Vong counterattack, members of the Advisory Council arrived in-system. Led by Senator Pwoe, the Council members ordered Antilles to prepare a delaying action at Borleias to provide enough time for their escape. Realizing that a static defense of the system would not hold long against a full Yuuzhan Vong assault force, Antilles managed to wrangle more ships and even the vaunted Lusankya out of the remaining New Republic space forces. With these new resources, Wedge put into motion his plan for the defense of Borleias.[45]

When the Lusankya arrived to reinforce General Antilles's position, it dropped out of hyperspace directly into the midst of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. The Lusankya and New Republic forces managed to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and accidentally won a battle which Antilles had intended to lose.

Wedge in his X-wing during the war.

During the preparations, Antilles also oversaw the formation of the Insiders, a resistance group inside the New Republic which intended to place agents on Vong worlds and set up resistance groups against both the Yuuzhan Vong and the perceived-incompetent New Republic government.

In later action during the Battle of Borleias he used the Starlancer feint to draw a large contingent of Vong forces to attack before they were ready and used Operation Emperor's Hammer to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong ground army on Borleias.

In the last stages of the siege that followed, Antilles managed to escape in an abandoned X-wing, and single-handedly destroy at least an entire squadron of coralskippers in defense of a transport without the aid of an astromech droid, a great achievement for the aging ace pilot. Even though his own fleet was severely weakened, including the loss of the Lusankya in Operation Emperor's Spear, the New Republic counted the Battle of Borleias a victory, as it took months for the Yuuzhan Vong to retake the planet, thus giving time for the other survivors of the attack on Coruscant to regroup.[46]

Antilles continued leading elements of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force throughout the war. He partook in the Liberation of Coruscant, where he flew an X-wing in an attempt to prevent a modified coralskipper infected with Alpha Red from infecting Zonama Sekot.

Second Galactic Civil War

"Great, who brought the old Wedge out of retirement?"
―Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
Wedge Antilles.

Wedge retired after the end of the Vong war, and did not participate in the Swarm War. When tensions escalated between the Galactic Alliance and his homeworld of Corellia, Wedge initially resolved to remain retired and not to choose between his allegiance to the Alliance and his allegiance to his homeworld. However, after Galactic Alliance Intelligence operatives came to his home and moved him to a holding cell on Coruscant, his decision became much easier.[47]

After escaping, he took up the position of General in the Corellian Defense Force, eventually becoming a coordinator between the Minister of War of the Corellian system and the Five World Prime Minister Aidel Saxan. Wedge was responsible for planning the assault on the planet Tralus in a way which would not kill a large number of Corellian civilians. Along with Han Solo, he commanded Corellian forces at the Battle of Tralus, where he fought against his own daughter, Syal Antilles. Wedge also openly disagreed with and condemned some of the more dangerous actions Thrackan Sal-Solo planned.[47]

He was appointed as Admiral of the Corellian forces the day after Sal-Solo's death and was tasked with defeating the Blockade of Corellia.[48] Antilles was also appointed the Supreme Commander of Corellia's forces, and was present at the Kiris asteroid belt when Gejjen maneuvered the Solos into arranging an audience with Queen Mother Tenel Ka.[49]

During the course of the blockade, Wedge Antilles met with Jacen Solo to discuss the political and military situation. Wedge asked for more time from Jacen to help settle Corellian politics and bring about a peaceful resolution, and also told Solo that he had lost his sense of humor in everything. Antilles later resigned from the Corellian Defense force after being removed in favor of a more aggressive admiral by Dur Gejjen. Corellian agents tried to assassinate him, but he escaped with the help of Mirax, Corran, Iella, and others. Wedge, Corran, and his family had settled into a small apartment nearby when Han, Leia, and Lando Calrissian arrived looking for him. Their presence drew CorSec attention and the group escaped in the Pulsar Skate, a pair of X-wing fighters, and Lando's yacht the Love Commander. After defeating a CorSec corvette, the entourage escaped to the Errant Venture, where they planned their next actions in an attempt to prevent full scale war.[50]

Wedge later joined the Jedi led Resistance against Jacen Solo and was asked by Luke to form an elite starfighter squadron loyal to the Jedi. Wedge then formed Rakehell Squadron which included Corran Horn and Jaina Solo as well as several other Jedi, New Republic veterans and his own daughter Syal. He led the squadron against Galactic Alliance forces in the battle for Centerpoint Station. During the engagement, the Rakehells were engaged by Rogue Squadron and Wedge was forced to down his opposite number, Lensi.

Diving into Kessell

At approximately 43 ABY, Wedge was contacted by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Lando and Nien Numb had a mining operation on Kessel that was being threatened by groundquakes. They had discovered there was an ancient information-processing facility that was causing the groudquakes. Wedge was asked to help dive beneath the surface and destroy the mechanisms before they blew. Along with Hobbie Klivian, Rhysati Ynr, Inyiri Forge, and others, the mission was a complete success. He then celebrated with the rest of the crew.[51]

Personality and traits

"Blackmoon Eleven, what did you think you were doing going after an entire squadron?"
"My job."
"That's, 'My job, sir'."
"My job,sir."
"Son, if you develop piloting skills in proportion to your nerve, someday they'll call you the greatest pilot of all time.... Blackmoon Eleven, are you still there?"
Gavin Darklighter and (unbeknownst to Gavin) Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles in his flight suit.

Wedge Antilles was a passionate, fun-loving, committed man who would rather fly starfighters than anything else. For many years, Wedge had no life except for the Rebel Alliance, and distanced himself emotionally from most relationships, going so far as to insulate himself from many of his pilots so that he would not be hurt by their inevitable deaths. Wedge carried the burden of command and of lost friends for all his life; in some way, he had "survivor's guilt." However, he did have a circle of close friends, and Wedge enjoyed being around them as well as being known for looking out for the best interests of those around him.

He was, however, a Corellian fighter pilot, and as such had little respect for odds and was, as Mirax Terrik Horn put it, "so egotistical, you [Wedge] think you can keep your ego under control". His single saving grace being that most of the time when he did indulge his ego as a pilot, it tended to be his enemies, not he or his friends, who suffered for it. According to his future wife, Iella Wessiri, Wedge was quite different in the cockpit, capable of amazing and unpredictable actions that kept him alive through many engagements. Wedge was a natural pilot, more than a match for pilots like Soontir Fel and Luke Skywalker, despite not having the advantages of the Force or years of formal Imperial training.



For much of his life, Wedge did not consider relationships with others, as he was busy serving the Alliance, and later the New Republic, although he did fall in love with a girl named Mala early in his life.[7]

Reina Faleur

Following the Battle of Endor, he briefly romanced Reina Faleur.[52]

Qwi Xux

Later, when he was assigned to free the prisoners at the Maw Installation, Wedge met and was assigned to guard Omwati scientist Qwi Xux. Wedge first started off as a bodyguard for Qwi,[39] but that eventually grew into a mutual attraction. Wedge liked to write poems about Qwi, especially her hair.[53] However, both Qwi and Wedge realized that, to them, their relationship was a test run, more or less, and that what they had was more of admiration and infatuation. Because of this realization, they mutually broke up and stayed as friends.[34]

Iella Wessiri

His first serious, long-term romance was with Iella Wessiri, whom he met while undercover on Coruscant,[25] primarily after the death of her husband.[26] Wedge continued to see her through the campaign against Zsinj,[29] but apparently the two grew more distant.[34]

During his harrowing diplomatic mission to Adumar, Wedge came back in contact with Iella Wessiri. He finally realized that she had been avoiding him and decided not to leave her until she forced him to or he wanted to leave. Shortly afterwards, he proposed to her and she accepted.[34] The two were married after the Adumar incident. They eventually had two daughters, Syal and Myri.[44]

Behind the scenes


Denis Lawson portrayed Wedge throughout all three films, except in one scene in A New Hope. During the pre-battle briefing on Yavin 4, Luke briefly chats with Wedge, who is seated next to him. In this scene, Wedge scoffs at the idea of successfully hitting such a small target as the Death Star exhaust port. Although he is portrayed by a different actor here, the shooting script and novelization of the film identify the character as Wedge. Due to the long controversy over this inconsistency (the explanation being unknown), fans sometimes refer to this character as "Fake Wedge".

The fact that Lawson did not play Wedge in that particular scene sparked some discussion between fans who wanted to know who did. The speculation eventually revolved around two actors: Jack Klaff (who played John D) and Colin Higgins. It was thought by the majority of those concerned that Klaff was "Fake Wedge." However, in 2005 Pablo Hidalgo confirmed that Colin Higgins was the actor in question.[54] Colin Higgins has since appeared at Celebration IV, where he discussed his brief stint as Wedge.

Denis Lawson's first name was misspelled "Dennis" in the credits of Episodes IV and V. It was correctly spelled in VI.

Denis Lawson is the uncle of Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel films.


The sound of Wedge's voice is distinctly different in each of the three films. In Episode IV, his voice was dubbed by David Ankrum, but not in the two subsequent films.[55] It is unclear why Ankrum's voice was not used in the final two films.

Wedge was voiced by Meshach Taylor in the Star Wars radio drama, by Don Scardino in Empire Strikes Back radio drama and by Jon Matthews in the Return of the Jedi radio drama.

Lawson returned to the role of Wedge to voice him in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. Chris Cox provided Wedge's voice in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike. In Star Wars: X-wing Alliance Wedge gives the briefing of the three stages of the Battle of Endor where he has a distinct Scottish accent (Denis Lawson is Scottish).


Wedge appears briefly (about one or two scenes) in all three major battles of the movies: Yavin, Hoth and Endor. Only his first name is heard in dialogue and as a character, perhaps he passes unnoticed to the casual viewer, lost among the bulk of other minor Rebel pilots of equal screen time.

This did not prevent the devoted fans of the Star Wars series to notice his recurrence, which explains his popularity; Wedge is recognized as a "survivor", the one minor character to survive all three movies without the blessings of 'fate' (i.e. luck, destiny, or the Force or just the "character shield") that allow the major protagonists to survive constant peril and certain death. Furthermore in Hoth he flies the first speeder to take down an AT-AT and is mostly responsible for the destruction of the second Death Star. He is also the only identified pilot to have survived both Death Star attacks.

Furthermore, he was one of the two main characters in the popular Rogue Squadron video game series, (the other being Luke) and was the perfect example of the ideal Rebel freedom fighter.

Interestingly, Wedge has been made into a term to describe characters in fiction outside of Star Wars. A Wedge-type character is a minor supporting character possessing little backstory who nevertheless survives numerous dangers. The opposite of a Wedge-type character is a redshirt, a reference to the security officers on Star Trek whose purpose is to be killed in action to demonstrate danger and peril while sparing the core characters. In the Final Fantasy video game series, Biggs and Wedge are names used for a duo who appear in multiple games in the series. Both are homages to Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles respectively.


Non-canon appearances

  • Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope
  • Star Wars Infinities: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars Infinities: Return of the Jedi


Wookieepedia has a collection of quotes related to Wedge Antilles.

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Wedge Antilles.
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Wedge Antilles in the Rebel Themepark

Better known as Red Two, this native Corellian is a true hero of the rebellion. He was Luke Skywalker's wingman at the Battle of Yavin and knows how important Alliance starships are to the success of the rebel cause.

The rebellion relies on their pilots and starships to protect rebel soldiers, run important missions and help the rebellion stay one step ahead of the Empire.

Wedge has discovered that the Empire has crippled one of their key operations by confiscating rebel starships. He needs help finding out what happened to those ships!

Previous Quest: The Ithorian Scientist [Group] Level 85 

Rebel Themepark

Wedge Antilles is your third contact at the Hidden Rebel Base on Corellia. You can find him sitting behind his desk in a room opposite of C-3PO.

Stolen Starships [group] Level 85

The Imperial Base
Wedge sends you to eavesdrop on two Imperial officers in Bela Vistal near Shuttleport B at /way 6909 -5606.

Once you have eavesdropped on the conversation, you receive a new waypoint to an Imperial base at /way 3749 -4022 where the stolen x-wings are being stored. The base is guarded by CL 84 stormtroopers on the outside.

At the base, you are to:

  • Take out 14 Stormtrooper guards, CL 85 elite in the bunker.
  • Destroy 3 security terminals at /way 3744 -4100, /way 3640 -3815 and /way 3559 -3912.

Return to Wedge.

Reward: 116190 Quest XP, Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Left Bracer and ?? GCW points

Guide Credits: Nebaf

Following Quest: Officer Defection [Group] Level 86

Waypoint Reference:

/way corellia 6909 -5606 Imperial Officers;
/way corellia 3749 -4022 Imperial Base;
/way corellia 3744 -4100 Security Terminal #1;
/way corellia 3640 -3815 Security Terminal #2;
/way corellia 3559 -3912 Security Terminal #3;

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