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Weapon Shopkeepers buy and sell different kinds of weapons. Many times, they will deal in Armor as well.

See also, Shopkeeper NPCs.

Weapon Shopkeeper NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Al Dee Image:Al Dee.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard, here.
Alesar Image:Alesar.gif Shopkeeper yes Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Blind Orc Image:Blind Orc.gif Shopkeeper yes Hill North of town on Rookgaard, (here).
Brengus Image:Brengus.gif Shopkeeper yes Port Hope depot, here on the 1st level.
Cedrik Image:Cedrik.gif Shopkeeper yes In Liberty Bay, North of Tavern, West of Temple.
Dario Image:Dario.gif Fletcher, Paladin Guild Leader yes Ankrahmun Arena (here), upstairs
Dixi Image:Dixi.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard, (here)
Edoch Image:Edoch.gif Fletcher yes Darashia marketplace, here.
Gamel Image:Gamel.gif Shopkeeper yes in Thais, northwest of the depot in the basement of the docks. (here)
H.L. Image:H.L..gif Shopkeeper yes The shop in the Outlaw Camp
Habdel Image:Habdel.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes In the central market in Darashia, here.
Hardek Image:Hardek.gif Shopkeeper yes Moving around south-west of Thais (here), north of the entrance to Fibula. Sometimes it may be hard to find him; he can be on the east or west side of the river.
Irea Image:Irea.gif Fletcher yes Ab'Dendriel, here
Lee'Delle Image:Lee'Delle.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard (here)
Memech Image:Memech.gif Shopkeeper yes In Ankrahmun, north of the Depot, up one level
Nah'Bob Image:Nah'Bob.gif Shopkeeper yes Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Norma Image:Norma.gif Food Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard, here.
Obi Image:Obi.gif Shopkeeper yes Rookgaard (here)
Perac Image:Perac.gif Fletcher yes Near west gate of Carlin on Theater Avenue, (here).
Romella Image:Romella.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes Near the south-west gate of Venore, at the Ironhouse.
Rowenna Image:Rowenna.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes Carlin, South of the Depot on Theater Avenue, here.
Sam Image:Sam.gif Shopkeeper yes Temple Street in Thais, here
Shanar Image:Shanar.gif Shopkeeper yes Underground Ab'Dendriel, northwest of depot.
Timur Image:Timur.gif Shopkeeper yes Central shop on Fibula. (here)
Ulrik Image:Ulrik.gif Shopkeeper yes Greenshore (here)
Uzgod Image:Uzgod.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes Floor below the Kazordoon depot, here.
Willard Image:Willard.gif Shopkeeper yes East part of Edron castle, second floor, here.
Xed Image:Xed.gif Fletcher yes Near the south-west gate of Venore, at the Ironhouse.
A Grumpy Cyclops Image:A Grumpy Cyclops.gif Smith no Inner City in Yalahar
Morpel Image:Morpel.gif Weapon Shopkeeper yes Inner City in Yalahar

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