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Level 11
Runes 3 Water
2 Earth
1 Body
Spellbook Normal
Experience 21
Quest None
Lectern None
A player casting weaken.

Weaken is a level 11 spell that requires 2 earth runes, 3 water runes, and a body rune. It lowers the victim's Strength by 5%, making it valuable in player against player. Still, it isn't used much in battles because of the turn you lose.

This Category of Spells is usually used with the Mud battlestaff, because the staff provides an infinite amount of Earth and Water runes.

Weaken costs 188 coins for each cast. (This can be reduced to only 14 coins with a Mud battlestaff)

Failed Cursing

Note: With the introduction of the magic dummy in Lumbridge, the following guide is now somewhat obsolete.

Casting curse while wearing full metal armour (including an elemental staff with no more than +10 magic points) guarantees a "splash," or a missed hit. This provides very cheap magic experience, as players can instantly recast the spell on the same target. Additionally, casting curse grants players no experience in the hitpoint skill and, thus, is useful to pures.

The usual method is to buy the Body Runes needed for the cast, as well as an appropriate amount of one of the other two runes, and using the respective staff of the third rune. An expensive alternative is to buy a Mud Staff, which provides an unlimited supply of both Water and Earth Runes. Note that full bronze does not supply a high enough decrease in magic bonus while wielding a staff, so full iron is recommended.

When doing this method, it is helpful to position a monster so that it is just on the edge of your screen, so that there is minimal distance between it and your spellbook.


Monsters such as Elemental wizards, Dark wizards and Catablepons are mystical in nature, and are capable of casting Weaken upon players. This effect does not wear off even if you should log off for a year, though will wear off within minutes at most should you stay logged in.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.

A close-up of Weaken in flight.

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