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Way of the Sith is a Booster Pack created by Krayt and contains at least 100 cards. This pack introduces the Sith-type Monsters.

Way of the Sith
(TCG - English)
Set Number Card Name Rarity Category
WOS-EN000 Darth Nihilus Secret Rare Ritual / Effect
WOS-EN001 Ravager Rare Ritual Spell
WOS-EN002 Cast Out Common Counter Trap
WOS-EN003 Ajunta Pall Common Effect
WOS-EN004 Aqualish Sith Under One Common Normal
WOS-EN005 Darth Malak Rare Fusion / Effect
WOS-EN006 Darth Revan and Darth Malak Ultra Rare Fusion
WOS-EN007 One Sith Order Ultra Rare Field Spell
WOS-EN008 Darth Krayt Ultra Rare Ritual / Effect
WOS-EN009 Star Forge Super Rare Field Spell
WOS-EN010 Darth Azard Common Normal
WOS-EN011 Dark Underlord Common Spirit
WOS-EN012 Carnor Jax Common Effect
WOS-EN013 Darth Kruhl Common Normal
WOS-EN014 Atris vs Darth Nihilus Common Fusion / Effect
WOS-EN015 Atris vs Darth Sion Rare Fusion / Effect
WOS-EN016 Darth Maladi Common Effect
WOS-EN017 Karness Muur Ultra Rare Synchro / Effect
WOS-EN018 Darth Revan Ultra Rare Effect
WOS-EN019 Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger Super Rare Equip Spell
WOS-EN020 Yoke of Seeming Common Equip Spell
WOS-EN021 Helm of Dathka Graush Common Union
WOS-EN022 Eye of Horak-Mul Common Equip Spell
WOS-EN023 Muur Talisman Rare Equip Spell
WOS-EN024 Power of the Dark Side Ultra Rare Equip Spell
WOS-EN025 Darth Reave Common Effect
WOS-EN026 Sword of Ieldis Rare Equip Spell
WOS-EN027 Stryfe's Vengeance Super Rare Normal Spell
WOS-EN028 Darth Stryfe Common Effect
WOS-EN029 Darth Hayze Ultra Rare Ritual / Effect
WOS-EN030 Kressh's War Sword Rare Equip Spell
WOS-EN031 Nihilus Mask Common Equip Spell
WOS-EN032 Sith Spellbook Common Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN033 Sith Holocron Common Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN034 Tomes of Freedon Nadd Common Normal Spell
WOS-EN035 Haazen Common Ritual Spell
WOS-EN036 Bane's Heart Common Equip Spell
WOS-EN037 Valley of the Dark Lords Super Rare Field Spell
WOS-EN038 Trayus Academy Super Rare Field Spell
WOS-EN039 Trayus Core Super Rare Continuous Spell
WOS-EN040 Spirit of Exar Kun Common Spirit
WOS-EN041 Rule of Two Rare Normal Spell
WOS-EN042 Sith Academy of Korriban Common Normal Spell
WOS-EN043 Vindication Super Rare Continuous Trap
WOS-EN044 Rise of the Sith Secret Rare Continuous Spell
WOS-EN045 Wrath of the Dragon Super Rare Counter Trap
WOS-EN046 Krayt's Death Common Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN047 Naga Sadow Common Ritual / Effect
WOS-EN048 Naga Sadow's Lordship Common Ritual Spell
WOS-EN049 Marka Ragnos Rare Spirit
WOS-EN050 Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya Common Gemini
WOS-EN051 Duel for the Mantle Rare Normal Spell
WOS-EN052 Emperor Krayt Ultra Rare Effect
WOS-EN053 Darth Wyyrlok III Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN054 Darth Maleval Common Effect
WOS-EN055 Darth Talon Common Effect
WOS-EN056 Darth Nihl Common Effect
WOS-EN057 Darth Caedus Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN058 Darth Ruyn Common Effect
WOS-EN059 Ludo Kressh Common Effect
WOS-EN060 Nihilus' Death Common Normal Trap
WOS-EN061 Freedon Nadd Rare Effect
WOS-EN062 Darth Sion Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN063 Darth Traya Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN064 Darth Bandon Common Normal Monster
WOS-EN065 Wyyrlok's Illusions Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN066 Darth Bane Secret Rare Fusion / Effect
WOS-EN067 Darth Plagueis Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN068 Darth Ruin Common Effect
WOS-EN069 Thought Bomb Ultra Rare Continuous Trap
WOS-EN070 Darth Rivan Common Effect
WOS-EN071 Darth Cognus Common Effect
WOS-EN072 Darth Millennial Rare Effect
WOS-EN073 Darth Vectivus Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN074 Carbonite Sith Army Super Rare Ritual / Effect
WOS-EN075 Carbonite Sith Army Holocron Common Ritual Spell
WOS-EN076 Battle Hydra Common Effect
WOS-EN077 Derriphan Rare Effect
WOS-EN078 Hssiss Common Effect
WOS-EN079 Massassi Common Effect
WOS-EN080 Invoking the Leviathan Common Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN081 Sea Leviathan Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN082 Sith Alchemy Rare Normal Spell
WOS-EN083 Sith Leviathan Super Rare Effect
WOS-EN084 Sith Pincerbug Common Tuner
WOS-EN085 Sith Sentinal Common Tuner
WOS-EN086 Sith Warbird Rare Effect
WOS-EN087 Sithspawn Ultra Rare Continuous Spell
WOS-EN088 Terentatek Common Fusion / Effect
WOS-EN089 Sith Wyrm Common Effect
WOS-EN090 Sith Hounds, Tuk'ata Common Effect
WOS-EN091 Technobeast Common Effect
WOS-EN092 Malachor V Common Continuous Spell
WOS-EN093 Freedon Nadd Uprising Rare Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN094 Tomb of Ajunta Pall Common Normal Spell
WOS-EN095 Tomb of Exar Kun Common Equip Spell
WOS-EN096 Tomb of Freedon Nadd Common Quick-Play Spell
WOS-EN097 Tomb of Ludo Kressh Common Counter Trap
WOS-EN098 Tomb of Marka Ragnos Common Field Spell
WOS-EN099 Tomb of Tulak Hord Common Ritual Spell
WOS-EN100 Exar Kun Rare Effect
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