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Dark side of the Force[1]

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Notable practitioners


"Some kind of darkness…settling over the city!"
―Gobee, to Oron Kira — (audio)Listen (file info)

Waves of darkness was a dark side Force power conjured through Sith magic, that created visible, palpable waves of literal darkness, accompanied by a loud roaring sound.



Performed by an individual adept in Sith magic, the wielder could summon the power of the dark side, using it to visibly immerse the sky and atmosphere with total darkness. This dark power manifested itself in the form of a storm cloud, complete with rolling claps of thunder. As the darkness spread, anyone in the vicinity would soon suffer from feelings of intense pain. Prolonged exposure tormented individuals with strong feelings of despair and hopelessness. Jedi and other users of the light would begin to feel smothered, as though their connection to the Force was being snuffed out, though more powerful users of the light side could withstand the darkness' debilitating effects.[4]



The sky darkens under the power of Amanoa's spell.

During the last battle of the Beast Wars in 4,000 BBY, the Sith sorceress and Queen of Onderon Amanoa, summoned darkness against Beast-Lord Oron Kira and the Jedi, who were on Onderon to help settle a civil conflict. Amanoa stole away during the battle to the Tomb of Freedon Nadd under her Palace, where she communed with his dark spirit. She then performed an incantation that affected the battle tremendously. Above ground, as Oron Kira confronted the royal scribe Novar inside Amanoa's palace, he was interrupted by the sound of thunder. Soon after, the screams of panic could be heard as his Beast Rider armies were overwhelmed by the dark cloud that blotted out the sun. As the light was further extinguished by Amanoa's spell, the Beast Riders were overcome with feelings of severe pain, crippling them and giving the advantage over to the soldiers of Iziz. Oron Kira, who had been previously uneffected, was suddenly stricken by the dark side's crushing power. Seeing this, Novar joined in Amanoa's dark side assault and began to reinforce its hold over Kira. It was only after the arrival of Jedi Master Arca Jeth and the loss of Freedon Nadd's influence that the darkness was lifted from the skies of Onderon.[4]



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