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Waterga in Final Fantasy IX.

Waterga is a Water-based Black Magic spell. It is usually one of the strongest Water-elemental spells available to the player or enemies.

See also: Water (Spell), Watera, and Waterja.




Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Waterga is an Elemental Magic Materia.

Final Fantasy IX

Waterga is the strongest Water-based spell, but it can only be used by the boss Kraken in Memoria.

Final Fantasy X

In Final Fantasy X, Waterga is the third-level Water-based Black Magic spell found along Lulu's section of the Sphere Grid.

Final Fantasy X-2

Waterga is the highest level of Water-based elemental damage spell. It is learned by Black Mages and can be utilized via passing through all gates on the Menace of the Deep garment grid or by equipping the Cerulean Ring accessory. Waterga can also be used via Yuna's Festival-Goer Dressphere ability Water Geta, and hits either one or two enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI, there exists two different spells named Water III and Waterga, which have radically different effects.

Waterga deals Water-aligned elemental damage to all creatures within an area of effect. It is the first in three tiers of Waterga spells. It can be purchased from a vendor for 2,423 gil or less, depending upon Fame.

Final Fantasy XII

Waterga is not available to the player, but is instead an enemy ability, used by enemies such as the Rare Game Vagrant Soul and the Mark White Mousse.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Waterga is the second form of Shantotto's Spirit Magic: Water HP attack. It creates a medium-sized vortex of water around the opponent.


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