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Waterfiends are monsters best known for their crimson charm drops. They are found in the Ancient Caverns which can be accessed by completing part of the Barbarian Training, however they are accessible without completing all subsections. Whilst being the least harmful monster in the cavern, they attack with both magic and magical ranged attacks, which both hit up to 11. Waterfiends are also found in the Chaos Tunnels and within Ghorrock Fortress after completing The Temple at Senntisten. Waterfiends may be assigned as a slayer task by Duradel/Lapalok and Kuradal.

Waterfiends have a very high charm drop rate, especially for crimson charms. (Around 80%) For this reason, they are targeted by many players who wish to level up summoning quickly.

Waterfiends have strong resistance to slashing and piercing attacks, but are weakest against crush attacks. Poison has no effect on Waterfiends; a possible reason could be that it is merely washed out of their watery bodies. Waterfiends are the elemental cousin of the Pyrefiend and the Icefiend.



A player fighting with a Waterfiend in the Ancient Cavern.

It is usually advised to kill waterfiends in the Ancient Caverns as the Chaos Tunnels are a multiway combat zone and therefore multiple waterfiends would attack at the same time; however, the Chaos Tunnels would allow the use of a combat familiar. Those who can use an iron or steel titan can kill waterfiends much more quickly in the Chaos Tunnels than in the Ancient Cavern, and it is possible to stay for half an hour or longer without banking. After completing The Temple at Senntisten, the Waterfiends at Ghorrock turn into level 115 like others but with some different drops. However they drop crimson charms less often than the waterfiends in the Ancient Caverns, but drop 2 charms at a time, and also have the advantage of being able to use a cannon against which is highly effective.

Wearing armour with very high magic defence is considered to be a necessity and most players also use the Protect from Missiles prayer to keep safe from the Waterfiends accurate Ranged attacks. Use of prayer is optional but using it will greatly increase the number of kills per trip. Good weapons include those with a crush and prayer bonus, such as a Godsword, Zamorakian spear, Saradomin sword, Verac's flail, Dragon mace, Dragon battleaxe, or a Barrelchest anchor. Of these weapons, the Saradomin sword has the best damage rate (due to its special attack), and Verac's flail has the highest crush attack bonus. The Barrelchest anchor has highest crush attack and strength bonus for a crush weapon while not being as slow as a longsword or battleaxe.

Waterfiends drop large quantities of raw fish, it is sometimes recommended to take advantage of this either by cooking them on a fire in the cavern or using the Bunyip's scroll special to consume them raw. However, players may not need the extra hitpoints. It can also be noted that in order to consume them raw you need to have the required cooking level.

Recommended equipment


Helpful Tips

  • They tend to drop lots of raw fish—usually more than a player can hold. A good way to keep this food is "rotate dropping": this is constantly dropping and picking up the food so it won't disappear. For example, if a player has a full inventory and the Waterfiend drops 6 raw lobsters, the player could drop 6 food or potions and pick 6 raw fish. After 1-2 kills, the player would then drop the 6 raw lobsters and pick up the 6 things that were dropped. By keep doing this, it allows players to virtually hold more. This can be very tedious but it will allow a player stay alive longer without prayer pots. This is preferably done with a Bunyip because of its ability to allow players to eat raw fish with the swallow whole scroll.  
  • It is also worth mentioning that while it may cost a certain amount to kill waterfiends through use of prayer potions, food or familiars etc, players can at least break even through picking up noted water orbs, snape grass, water talismans, and ranarrs. Water battlestaves can also be high alched for 9,300 coins. Due to lack of space, many people may not want to pick up all items and usually only pick up the stackable items; such as water orbs, mithril arrows, and various runes.
  • For those fighting Waterfiends in the Ancient Cavern using the Fairy Ring (Code BJQ) is a much quicker route to stock up on food/potions than walking all the way from the Barbarian Outpost. Note: the Fairy Ring is only accessible after completing much of Barbarian Training, at least up to Pyre ships. Before the ring can be used, bittercap mushrooms must be planted there. With a Spade and 5 Mushrooms in inventory, use one of the mushrooms on the 'Enchanted lands' spot near the centre of the ring.
  • Waterfiends usually drop 1 water rune, 1 charm (typically crimson), and 1 other item (2 grimy herbs as the other item). Sometimes the other item is 90 water runes. This means if a player examines the drop and sees only "charm" and "water rune", the odds are good that the player has received a charm and 91 water runes. If a player sees a charm, a water rune, and something else (like a shark), the water rune is 1 and not 91. Usually the 91 Water Runes will appear on top of the Crimson Charm.

Note: Waterfiends have very high magic defence; however, the Saradomin Sword's special attack deals magic damage as usual. The Dwarven helm from Grim Tales is the best non-slayer option as it gives a crush attack bonus.

Waterfiends had an unannounced graphical update on 5 June 2008 - with this, some of their drops changed. Then, later that day, a system update after Smoking Kills was updated to remove the drop change, only to be changed once again to fix some bugs and change some of the drops that were mentioned on the forums.


Waterfiends may be found in:


100% drop


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


9 - 11%

4 - 5%

77 - 79%


Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 2,942 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Please note that in Ghorrock fortress, 2 charms are dropped at once, but the charm drop rate is significantly lower.



Weapons and Armour


Other drops

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