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The Wind Crystal from the Anniversary version of Final Fantasy.

The Water Crystal is a recurring plot element in the Final Fantasy series. One of the four elemental Crystals, it holds the energy of Water, one of the prime elements, and it is associated with water and the seas.




Final Fantasy

The Water Crystal at the Sunken Shrine.

The Water Crystal can be found in the Sunken Shrine at the shore of Onrac in the original Final Fantasy and it is the third crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. 200 years before the rise of the Warriors of Light, Kraken invaded the Mermaid Shrine, so as to corrupt the power of the Water Crystal, which caused the seas to rage fiercely. After it is defeated at the bottom of the Sunken Shrine, the Water Crystal is restored to its original shine.

Final Fantasy III

The Water Crystal at the Cave of Tides.

The Water Crystal can be found in the Cave of Tides near the Temple of Water in Final Fantasy III and it is the third crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. In both versions, it is corrupted by Xande and secured by Kraken, so that the balance between darkness and light may break, and thus, flood the world in darkness, halting time. After Kraken is defeated at the Cave of Tides, the Warriors of Light restore the Water Crystal, which in turn grants them the Dragoon, the Viking, the Evoker, the Dark Knight, and the Bard Jobs (although the Karateka Job is given as well in the NES version and the Dark Knight Job is replaced by the Magic Knight).

A Dark Water Crystal exists as well to counter the Water Crystal, in the World of Darkness. It is kept by the fiend Echidna.

Final Fantasy IV

The Water Crystal is kept by the mage country of Mysidia. It is the crystal stolen in the opening of the game by Cecil and the Red Wings, and the first crystal that Baron obtains.

Final Fantasy V

The Garula attacks the Water Crystal in Walse Tower.

The Water Crystal is kept by the kingdom of Walse, and was kept in the Walse Tower. It is the second crystal visited by the Warriors of Light. Along with the other crystals, it seals Exdeath on their planet. 30 years after Exdeath is sealed, the Water Crystal shatters after a raving Garula attacks the tower, causing it to sink. The Warriors of Light are able to escape, thanks to Syldra and are granted the Mystic Knight, the Berserker, the Summoner, the Time Mage, and the Red Mage Jobs.

Later in the game, the Walse Tower is visited underwater, and the shard containing the Mime Job can be obtained.

In the epilogue, the Water Crystal is stored inside the Istory Falls.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The Crystal of Water is located in the Ice Pyramid near Aquaria and is the second crystal visited by Benjamin. It is corrupted by the Ice Golem, who froze the entire Aquaria region. When the Ice Golem is defeated and the Crystal of Water is restored by Benjamin and Phoebe, Aquaria thaws, and a new path to the Focus Tower and Fireburg is opened.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

The Crystal of Water is located at the end of the Guardian of the Water dungeon found at Levia Point. This is the second Crystal Rafaello visits, after the Fire Crystal. It is guarded by Leviathan and the Sage of Water, who varies throughout history. It serves no other significance in the game other than this.

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