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This article is about the former random event. For the watchman at the Yanille watchtower, see Yanille watchman.
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The Watchman was a random event that appeared during Thieving, similar to other guardian events such as the Rock Golem. His level differed depending on the player's combat level. He was removed due to players' complaints about being killed too quickly when pickpocketing at a low hitpoints level and wearing no armour.

The Watchman would say "(Player's Name), you are under arrest!" before attacking.


  • There was a bug in free worlds where if the player tried to steal from a stall (such as the tea stall) in south-east Varrock, a watchman would appear. He would attack and the player could fight him. He would not drop any member items on free to play worlds.
  • In the Draynor Bank's security recording of the Draynor Bank Robbery, a Watchman appeared but was killed quickly by the Wise Old Man. When the watchman was discontinued, the watchman in the video footage was replaced by the Pillory Guard, even though the bank robbery was an event that had supposedly happened before the Pillory Guard existed.
  • His examine text was "The strong arm of the law".
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Arca Jeth, ancient Jedi Watchman of Onderon and Arkania
"Or perhaps it is investigating the mysteries of the galaxy, seeking out injustice, and bringing it to light? Such are the ways of the Jedi Watchman in the time of Ulic Qel-Droma...and Exar Kun."

Jedi Watchman was the title given to certain Jedi who, in the days of the Old Republic, were tasked to oversee a particular system or sector. When a Force-sensitive child was discovered and picked for training by the Jedi, it was usually by that planet's Watchman.

When a Watchman joined the Jedi Council, another Jedi usually relieved him of his duties to a particular system. Examples include Kai Justiss taking over Yoda's stewardship of Kashyyyk, and Tarr Seirr taking over from Ki-Adi-Mundi in the protection of Cerea.

Jedi Watchmen had the ability to cloak their physical selves with the Force, granting them invisibility. As such, their role was usually that of a behind-the-scenes warrior, diplomat, and a subtle but benevolent manipulator of a given world's events. Jedi Watchmen were the eyes and ears of the Jedi Council, granting them greater flexibility in formulating the strategy of the Jedi Order. However, it must be said that a Watchman selected for his or her post was usually chosen for their own abilities to think and decide the best immediate actions in light of a given situation. The Jedi Watchman was trusted to know the will of the Jedi Council and to act accordingly.

The role of the Jedi Watchman has ebbed and flowed with the passage of time. The Jedi Exile was told by Kreia that she would have been the first Watchman in millennia, should she choose that path. Again, after the Jedi Purge the role vanished but would later be restored by the New Jedi Order as their numbers increased sufficiently.


Jedi Watchmen of the Old Jedi Order

Jedi Watchmen of the New Jedi Order

Behind the scenes

In the computer game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Jedi Watchman is one of the six prestige character classes which the main character can select after reaching level 15. Like its dark side counterpart, Sith Assassin, this class corresponds to the Jedi Sentinel non-prestige class. However, there is no clue in the game that shows whether a Jedi Sentinel should become a Jedi Watchman, nor is there any clue that shows Jedi Watchman is the best choice for a Jedi Sentinel.



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City of Heroes

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You have defended Paragon City from the invading Rikti!
You have defended the Rogue Isles from the invading Rikti!

Accolade Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a character will earn the Elusive Mind power.

Image:Temporary_PVP_BuffDefense.png Elusive Mind Self: +Defense (Psionic), +Resistance (Psionic)
You have gained the ability to deflect and protect yourself from mental invasions of all sorts. By focusing your mind using this technique, you gain strong defense against Psionic attacks and are moderately resistant to Psionic damage while this power is active. It lasts for 60 seconds per use. Recharge: Very Long

Weapon Unlocked

This accolade can unlock costume designer alternate weapons depending on your powerset. Battle Axe Brutes and Tankers will gain access to the Rikti Axe. Broad Sword Scrappers will gain access to the Rikti Sword. Katana Scrappers and Ninja Blade Stalkers will gain access to the Rikti Katana. Robotics Masterminds will gain access to the Rikti Blaster and Rikti Rifle.

How to Get

Obtain the following badges.

Bomb Specialist Badge   Achievement    Defeat 25 Rikti UXB's during a Rikti Invasion
Chief Badge   Achievement    Defeat 10 Rikti Heavy Assault Suits during a Rikti Invasion
Sentry Badge   Achievement    Defeat 100 Rikti during a Rikti Invasion


The female version of this Accolade is Watchwoman.

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