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Washington Monument

Washington Monument
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Washington Monument

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Located in Washington, D.C., the monument is a large dedication to president George Washington.

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Washington Monument

Washington Monument view from the Lincoln Memorial
inside: The Mall
map marker: Washington Monument
(Museum of History)
quests: Galaxy News Radio (quest)
cell name: WashingtonMonument01
ref id: 00018525

The Washington Monument is a large, Pre-War obelisk at the center of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It is a United States Presidential Memorial constructed for George Washington.



The battered remains of the monument are still standing, towering above the ruins of the old capital city and the battle torn Mall. On closer examination, it is shown that it is used as a military position and the interior frame is clearly exposed. It is possible to see The Washington Monument from nearly everywhere being the tallest structure in the game.

The top of this is one of the highest locations in the game, and through the cracks, you can see past the Capitol Building.

Washington Monument has been claimed by the Brotherhood of Steel. Although the Brotherhood are somewhat leveled characters, they are often killed off by the more numerous Super Mutants.


When you enter, you will notice 2 caved in doors to either side of you, and an elevator in front of you. You can only go to the elevator, which prompts a loading screen. At the top there are some machines, which are most likely used to broadcast the Galaxy News Radio signal.

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Galaxy News Radio (quest)


  • You can use the Monument as a home of sorts because dropped items don't seem to disappear from it.
  • The Monument can be seen from high locations all around D.C. To the north of D.C. you can see the top of the monument but looking at your pipboy map you actually don't face the monument according to your marker, even though you're facing it in the game.


The Washington Monument appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

"My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, War, banished from the earth." --George Washington
  • The actual Washington Monument is built almost entirely of masonry; there is no steel framework in the interior.


  • In the PC version, traveling behind the monument can cause the player to get stuck in the wall/fence surrounding the monument.
  • Sometimes quick traveling from the top of the monument will cause the elevator to stay on the top floor, upon re-entering the Monument you are in a room with blacked out hallways and only the elevator is accessible. Entering it causes you to go down to the bottom floor and then have to go all the way up again. (Xbox 360 and PS3 confirmed)
  • On the Xbox 360, once the Brotherhood of Steel Initiates die from the constant Super Mutant attack, they do not seem to respawn.
  • A Super Mutant respawns in front of the Monument and can sometimes kill the Brotherhood of Steel Initiate when you fast travel. (PS3 and Xbox 360 unconfirmed)

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The Washington Monument

Star System


Washington Monument

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Alternate Realities

Insane Impossible Man (Earth-14845)

On Earth-14845, The Impossible Man has the ability to shape-shift anything he wants to at will. When The Controller slaps a Slave Disc on him, The Impossible Man goes crazy, and turns the Capitol Building into a giant Pez dispenser with his head.


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