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Artwork of the Final Fantasy III Warriors of Light from the Nintendo DS remake, by Yoshitaka Amano.

The Warriors of Light, also known as Light Warriors, is a recurring theme in the Final Fantasy series. Four heroes are chosen by the Crystals, or by fate, to go on the dangerous journey to fight the evil or simply restore balance to the world. In the games they appear in, they are always the playable characters controlled by the player.



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Final Fantasy

The Warriors of Light, seen from behind.

The Warriors of Light of Final Fantasy are four youths spoken of in Lukahn's prophecy that appear in Cornelia to save the captured Princess Sarah from the clutches of the corrupted knight, Garland. Unlike later appearances, these Warriors each hold the Crystals themselves. Their mission is not to save the Crystals, but to destroy the Four Fiends of each of the four elements and so save the world. These Light Warriors are not given names, and instead are named by the player. Their Job Classes are also assigned by the player at the start of the game.

After defeating the Four Fiends, the Light Warriors then travel into the past to defeat the cause of all the evil, Chaos, who is in fact their first foe, Garland. The evil force had created a cycle of destruction passing through time that the Warriors of Light end once they destroy Chaos.

Final Fantasy III

Artwork of the Warriors of Light from the Famicom version.

The Warriors of the Light, as they are called in this game, are four orphaned youths that live on the Floating Continent. In the original game, they are not given names, but the DS version names them Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus, and gives them a short backstory. They travel the world appearing at the four Crystals of each element, gaining Job Classes at each one they find. Their goal is defeat the power of Darkness from destroying their world.

After traveling into the World of Darkness, the Warriors of the Light find four opposite Warriors of the Dark. These Warriors once saved the world themselves, but not from the usual Dark; instead they defeated the destructive power of Light. The Dark Warriors give the four orphans aid during the final battle against the Cloud of Darkness.

Final Fantasy V

Artwork of the Warriors of Light, from left to right; Bartz, Lenna, Krile, and Faris, by Yoshitaka Amano.

Once again, there are two groups of warriors. Before the start of the game, the four Warriors of Dawn: Galuf, Dorgann, Kelger, and Xezat, defeated the evil Exdeath and trapped him in a tree, using the four Crystals of another world. Though three of the four return home to their world, Dorgann stays behind, feeling guilty for bringing a great evil to an innocent world. While there, he has a son, Bartz, but then dies of grief after the passing of his wife.

Bartz later becomes a wanderer, who one day gathers a group of warriors in his own group, the Warriors of Light. These four: who include the Dawn Warrior Galuf, and the royals sisters, Lenna and Faris, are chosen by the Crystals to protect the Crystals themselves and destroy evil. However, they fail each time, and each Crystal is shattered by the forces of Exdeath. When each Crystal is broken, the shards become Job Classes that can be used by the Warriors. After the four Crystals are destroyed, Exdeath is reborn. The Light Warriors travel to the Dawn Warrior world. While there, each of the original Warriors of Dawn sacrifice themselves to try to defeat Exdeath. Finally, Galuf too falls. He is replaced by his granddaughter, Krile, who completes the second generation of warriors.

Exdeath fuses the two worlds together so as to gain more power from the Void. The Warriors of Light travel into the Interdimensional Rift, fighting through his horde of demons, and finally slay Exdeath, with the aid of the spirits of the Dawn Warriors.

The four Light Warriors, Linaly, Pretz, Rouge, and Valkus.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

200 years after the end of Final Fantasy V, the Crystals once again come under threat, now from the evil Ra Devil. A descendent of Bartz, Linaly must gather together a new team of Light Warriors, her friend, Pretz, the pirate, Rouge, and the general, Valkus, to defeat this threat. The unlikely team is soon sent off to the Black Moon on their mission to save the world from destruction.

While the story focuses much more heavily on Linaly and Pretz, and none save for Linaly possess any sort of magical properties, the facts that the four characters are banded together - if not quite by fate - to face the oncoming evil, and that the team subtly mirrors the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy V are enough to unofficially dub them as such as well.

Final Fantasy XIII

The l'Cie are humans who have been chosen by the fal'Cie, bio-mechanical creatures created by the Crystals that lie inside them, and are given a certain Focus, a mission or a task, to complete. These l'Cie are given special powers by the Crystals, such as magic and the power to summon Eidolons.

The main party of Final Fantasy XIII is entirely composed by l'Cies.

Hikari no 4 Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden

Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida.

The four main characters of the game, Brand, Aire, Unita, and Jusqua, are titled Warriors of Light.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Warrior of Light is the protagonist representing the original Final Fantasy in Dissidia, modeled after the artwork for the Warrior class from the game, though he acts as a representative of the four characters from the original game. The ten warriors of Cosmos are also often referred to as the "Warriors of Light".

In popular culture

  • The four main characters from 8-Bit Theater are references to the Final Fantasy Warriors of Light. Aside from the "Light Warriors" (Fighter, Thief, Black Mage, and Red Mage) there is also the "Real Light Warriors," who, thanks to a decision to grind before starting their adventure and very bad luck, end up far behind the first group in their travels.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

This set is Created by TheCatastrophe. This set is made up of mostly warrior-type monsters, each having its own effect that helps it in battle.

Battle Squire WOL-001

Knighthood WOL-002

Battle Knight WOL-003

Battle Archer WOL-004

Battle Arrows WOL-005

Ancient Magical Arrow WOL-006

Battle Magician WOL-007

Battle Mage WOL-008

Battle Cleric WOL-008

Battle Necromancer WOL-009

Battle Lancer WOL-010

Battle Ninja WOL-011

Battlefield WOL-012

Battle Sword WOL-013

Battle Shield WOL-014

Stage Select WOL-015

Back-up Batttalion WOL-016

Shield of Heaven WOL-017

Sword of Heavenly Light WOL-018

The Gate of Attack WOL-019

Secret Attack WOL-020

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