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Warrior of Light
Warrior (Final Fantasy)/Dissidia
Kana ウォーリア・オブ・ライト
Romaji Wōria obu Raito
Japanese Name Warrior of Light
Original Game Final Fantasy
Story Difficulty *****
EX Mode Class Change
EX Burst Oversoul
Japanese Voice Actor Toshihiko Seki
English Voice Actor Grant George
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"The light is always with me."
—Warrior of Light, upon victory

The Warrior of Light is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A skilled swordsman, he also excels in using his shield both defensively and offensively. As the leader of the heroes fighting for Cosmos, the Warrior of Light is portrayed as a stoic character who faithfully seeks to fulfill Cosmos's request for them to retrieve the Crystals. In opposition, his nemesis Garland is Chaos's right-hand man. According to Dissidia's character files, his origins are unknown, even to him.


Crystal and Attire

The Warrior of Light's original outfit is based on Amano's artwork from the original Final Fantasy, and thus appears as a knight in blue armor with khaki and white linings. His EX Mode is based on artwork of the Final Fantasy warrior in a different set of armor. His alternate outfit is a red and white palette swap based on an alternate Amano piece, which also makes him more similar to the in-game Warrior sprites, which are also red and white.

The Warrior's Manikin version, False Hero, is blue in hue. His Crystal is a large blue shard, and is a direct reference to the elemental Crystals from Final Fantasy that each of the Warriors of Light held in the storyline.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)


Warrior of Light and Tidus before the first battle against the villains

The prologue opens with the Warrior of Light regaining consciousness. Upon awakening, he hears Cosmos speaking to him, saying she has been defeated by the god of discord, Chaos. After getting rid of the Manikins barring his path, he arrives at Order's Sanctuary, finding Cosmos weakened. She then pleads with him and the other Warriors of Cosmos, telling them to find the Crystals in order to restore the balance between harmony and discord. She regrets her inability to support them, but the Warrior assures that her light is already with them. Cosmos then vanishes and the Warrior of Light sets off, determined to fulfill this quest.

Destiny Odyssey

Warrior of Light fights Sephiroth after the latter injures Firion

During his travels, the Warrior of Light encounters Garland, who tries to goad the Warrior into a fight. The Warrior complies and the two do battle, resulting in Garland's defeat. However, Garland says that the hope to save the world is a mere illusion, also telling that the real truth of the war will be revealed eventually.

Later, the Warrior meets Cecil and Tidus, who tell him that Firion pursued someone who stole something of importance to him. The Warrior of Light tracks Firion down, only to find him exhausted from battling Sephiroth. He engages Sephiroth in Firion's stead and fights him. After the Warrior of Light wins the duel, Sephiroth asks him why he fights, and the Warrior replies that it is for the Crystals and for the war to end. However, Sephiroth says that the fighting will not end, and that the Warrior fights for the thrill of it, just as he does. Sephiroth then departs to battle Cloud, leaving the Warrior of Light puzzled, but still determined.

As he travels further, he encounters Ultimecia, who taunts his resolve to end the war. The Warrior ignores her words, however, and they engage in battle. After they fight to a draw, Ultimecia states that there is no hope for them to succeed, and says that his comrades are losing their faith in the Crystals before departing. Shortly after, the Warrior encounters Squall Leonhart in the Crystal World travelling alone. Squall declares that he will fight and find his Crystal on his own, and the Warrior questions if he is truly strong enough to follow his path alone. The two then battle. Squall proves himself and the duel ends with neither injured. Squall tells the Warrior that while he travels alone, he still has the support of his comrades, and shows him Bartz's good luck charm. The Warrior questions Squall's decision, and Squall says that he was told by Cosmos to follow his path alone. Satisfied with his strength and his trust in his allies, the Warrior continues on and leaves Squall to his chosen path.

Warrior of Light holding his Crystal

After leaving Squall, the Warrior of Light is approached by Cosmos, who tries to dissuade him from his journey. However, the Warrior of Light insists on continuing, even when hope seems lost, keeping his sworn oath to find the Crystals and end the war. She then responds with an oath of her own: to keep believing in them until the very end. The Warrior then arrives in Pandaemonium, facing the Emperor, who tries to sway the Warrior of Light with a fake Crystal. However, he sees through the ruse easily and destroys it, declaring that the Crystals are earned through their own strength, not by the mercy of an enemy. Thus, the two engage in battle and the Warrior wins, but just after his disappearance, Garland arrives, who then tells the Warrior of Light to follow him if he wants to know the truth behind the whole war.

Warrior of Light faces Garland

Before the battle, Garland reveals that all of them are trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, saying that it is their destiny to fight forever and thus hopeless to fight against fate. The Warrior of Light replies that even though they are trapped, he will overcome the cycle against all odds, and the two start fighting. The Warrior wins and earns his Crystal, but Garland warns he will return yet again. The other Warriors of Cosmos then arrive, and the ten return to Cosmos' sanctum with their Crystals.

Shade Impulse

Warrior of Light walks towards Castle Cornelia

After all the heroes have gathered at Cosmos Throne, they attempt to save Cosmos, but arrive too late to save her. Chaos arrives at the scene and incinerates her, and the heroes are fading soon afterwards. However, the last remaining strength of Cosmos' spirit within the Crystals saves them from erasion and gives the warriors another chance to strike back. During his journey the Warrior of Light states that, unlike his comrades, he has no memory of what happened in his own world before he met them and Cosmos, not even his own name. Later, Tidus tells him that there's more to memories before they got there and that it will be nice if he remembers fighting alongside them. The Warrior of Light promises that he will remember his friends for eternity. After defeating their respective villains, they challenge Chaos directly and emerge victorious.

Shortly afterwards, they find themselves in the reformed world of the original Final Fantasy. Everyone fades back to their own worlds, except for the Warrior of Light, who is walking towards Castle Cornelia with his Crystal in hand, stating that the light will forever be with them.


See also: Warrior (Final Fantasy)/Dissidia/Quotes.

Warrior of Light is described as a "Paragon," using both magical and physical attacks with proficiency, and fights using both his sword and shield. The Warrior is primarily a well-rounded melee fighter that relies on close to mid-range combos, and several of his attacks initiate chase sequences. Furthermore, all of his aerial Brave attacks can chain into HP attacks. As a downside, the Warrior has few ranged attacks, and his melee strikes are not overly powerful compared to the game's other melee attackers.


Main article: Warrior of Light (Boss)

The Warrior of Light is fought in Destiny Odyssey VIII, Distant Glory, and Inward Chaos.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Dayflash Ground 30 (15) 90 Initial Three-hit combo that ends with a stab that knocks opponent away
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Red Fang Ground 20 (10) 120 Initial Conjures a fireball to home in on opponent
Sword Thrust Ground 30 (15) 180 Level 3 Throw shield forward, then charge forward to attack opponent with sword
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blue Fang Ground 20 (10) 120 Level 19 Conjures six shards of ice to strike opponent from behind
White Fang Ground 20 (10) 120 Level 24 Conjures a stream of lightning bolts towards opponent
Ascension Ground 30 (15) 90 Level 30 A four-hit combo attack that ends with an upward stab that knocks the opponent in to the air
Additional Effects: Chase, Wall Rush
Crossover Aerial 30 (15) 120 Initial Throws shield downwards at opponent to hit multiple times, then stab and knock them into the air
Additional Effects: Chase, Wall Rush
Rising Buckler Aerial 30 (15) 120 Level 9 Throws shield upwards at opponent to hit multiple times, then stab and knock them down
Additional Effect: Chase, Wall Rush
Shield Strike Aerial 30 (15) 120 Level 13 Throw shield downward at opponent to hit multiple times, then slash them
Additional Effect: Chase, Wall Rush

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Shining Wave Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Swing sword to send a wave of light energy along the ground, can strike opponents in the air as well
Shield of Light (ground) Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Guard and hold out shield to unleash a short burst of light energy
Additional Effects: Block, Wall Rush
Shield of Light (midair) Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Guard and hold out shield to unleash a short burst of light energy
Additional Effects: Block, Wall Rush
Radiant Sword Aerial 40 (20) 180 Level 38 Summon six glowing swords that fire forward and curve towards opponent
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtain Description Image
Rune Saber (ground) Ground 40 (20) 300 Master: Ascension Strike opponent with a field of light energy, then create a pillar of light that stabs upwards
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Rune Saber (midair) Aerial 40 (20) 300 Master: Crossover Strike opponent with a field of light energy, then create a pillar of light that stabs upwards
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Bitter End A Aerial 40 (20) 300 Master: Shield Strike Strike opponents with a flurry of sword attacks, then knock them away
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Bitter End B Aerial 40 (20) 300 Rising Buckler Strike opponents with a flurry of sword attacks, then knock them away
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode

Warrior of Light in EX-Mode

Warrior of Light's EX Mode is his Knight form, which is virtually identical to Amano's artworks from the original Final Fantasy. On top of Regen, Warrior of Light gains the EX Bonuses Mirror Attack which grants all of his abilities the Magic Block Effect, letting him attack safety against projectiles that can be blocked normally, Protect, which reduce the damage of the enemies' attacks and Light's Blessing, which summons swords of light to strike opponents whenever he lands Brave attack, dealing additional damage.

His EX Burst, Oversoul, has Warrior of Light attack the opponent with powerful magic sword blows. The player must input a series of D-pad commands as Warrior of Light dashes past opponents to strike them multiple times. If the player inputs all the commands correctly, he executes a final strike that "detonates" the magical energy surrounding the opponent.


Warrior of Light is able to equip Swords, Greatswords, Axes, Shields, Gauntlets, Helms, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
Flame Sword
50 ATK +36 BRV +20% at the start of battle.
Damage reduced by 5%.
Defense +5%.
92 ATK +63 BRV +30% at the start of battle.
Damage reduced by 5%.
Defense +10%.
Barbarian's Sword
100 ATK +68 BRV +40% at the start of battle.
Damage reduced by +10%.
Defense +15%.
Minor Counterattack Effect.



  • The Warrior of Light's "Fang" attacks are named after a series of items which execute elemental attacks when used in battle.
  • The Braveheart is a weapon dropped by Yamatano Orochi in the Whisperwind Cove and Marilith in the Hellfire Chasm in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary editions of Final Fantasy.
  • The Barbarian's Sword is the strongest weapon available in the 20th Anniversary edition, surpassing even the Ultima Weapon, and can only be obtained by defeating the strongest version of Chronodia in the Labyrinth of Time.
  • In Destiny Odyssey I-5 and in his EX Burst, the Warrior of Light makes the same pose as the one found on the original game cover illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Based on the conversation he has with everyone else before the ending, it is possible that the Warrior of Light is the only one who remembers the events of Dissidia.
  • The scene at the ending where the Warrior of Light is walking towards Cornelia Castle resembles a scene in the beginning of the original Final Fantasy.
  • The Warrior's EX Mode allows him to slash away magic projectiles while attacking. This may be a reference to the CGI cutscene from the Origins version of the game, in which he cuts through a Red Dragon's fireball.
  • In Shade Impulse, the Warrior of Light states that unlike the others, he doesn't know where he came from or who he is. This is alludes to the fact that the Warriors of Light had lost their memory of the world they came from, in which time flowed normally, once they first appeared in Cornelia.
  • At the end of Destiny Odyssey 1-5 Warrior of Light states that he will find a way to save everyone, even Garland. This may reference the epilogue from Final Fantasy, which states that once the world is washed with light, everyone including Garland will be there.
  • At the beginning of Shade Impulse Chapter 3-4, the Warrior of Light tells his friends that he doesn't remember anything before Dissida, even his own name, since on the original Final Fantasy players could give their Warriors a name, and they don't have an original name.


  • The Warrior of Light is one of the only characters in the game never to be called by his name. He is, however, called by his title once, by Cosmos.
  • According to Destiny Odyssey 109, the Warrior of Light is the last character to retrieve his Crystal, but his storyline is the first to begin, which means that he has the longest storyline out of all the characters in the game.
  • The Warrior of Light's storyline has a few unique aspects compared to the other characters. He is the only character to fight the same enemy twice in one storyline (Garland); he is the only character to face a boss in the middle of a stage rather than at the end (Ultimecia); and he has the most boss fights of any character's storyline, a total of five, whereas all other characters fight no more than three.
  • In the end of the game, all of the heroes return to their respective homes, except for the Warrior of Light, who simply walks towards Castle Cornelia. It has been speculated that his ending is just the beginning of Final Fantasy, although as he and Garland appear to know each other during Dissidia, this seems unlikely.
  • When the Warrior of Light uses Red, Blue, or White Fang, the fang itself is visible for a split second as he tosses the item into the air to activate the magic.
  • The final D-pad command for the Warrior's EX Burst is always left.

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