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Fighter (Final Fantasy - NES) Warrior (Final Fantasy - MSX) Warrior (Final Fantasy - WSC) Warrior (Final Fantasy Origins - PSX) Warrior (Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - GBA)

Warrior (Final Fantasy Anniversary - PSP)

"Specializing in combat, the Warrior has high attack and defense and can wield any weapon."
—'Dawn of Souls' Instructions

The Warrior, also known as the Fighter, is the most versatile member of the Warriors of Light. He has access to the best weapons and armor available, and has impressive Strength and Stamina. The Warrior also has the most HP out of any character class.

The Warrior's sprite was originally depicted with red hair in the NES version of Final Fantasy. He was depicted with dishwater blond hair in the WonderSwan Color version and has remained as such in all subsequent releases. His artwork depicts him of having dark blue armor and horns on his helmet.



Warrior of Light in the PS1 introduction scene
Weapons Battle Axe - Great Axe - Light Axe - Mythril Axe - Hammer - Mythril Hammer - Staff - Power Staff - Crosier - Knife - Dagger - Mythril Knife - Rapier - Scimitar - Saber - Falchion - Broadswoard - Rune Blade - Werebane - Coral Sword - Wyrmkiller - Long Sword - Claymore - Mythril Sword - Flame Sword - Ice Brand - Sunblade - Masamune
Armor Clothes - Leather Armor - Chain Mail - Iron Armor - Knight's Armor - Mythril Mail - Flame Mail - Ice Armor - Copper Armlet - Silver Armlet - Ruby Armlet - Diamond Armlet
Shields Leather Shield - Iron Shield - Buckler - Mythril Shield - Flame Shield - Ice Shield - Aegis Shield - Protect Cloak
Helmets Leather Cap - Helm - Great Helm - Mythril Helm - Ribbon
Gloves Leather Gloves - Bronze Gloves - Steel Gloves - Mythril Gloves - Giant's Gloves - Protect Ring


Knight (Final Fantasy - NES) Knight (Final Fantasy Origins - PSX) Knight (Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - GBA) Knight (Final Fantasy - PSP)
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

After completing the Citadel of Trials, Bahamut the Dragon King upgrades him to the rank of Knight. As a Knight, he is able to equip nearly every weapon and armor in the game and is able to cast low-level White Magic spells.



Weapons All Warrior weapons, Thor's Hammer, Cat Claws, Venom Blade, Vorpal Sword, Defender, Excalibur
Armor All Warrior armor, Diamond Armor, Dragon Mail
Shields Diamond Shield
Helmets Healing Helm, Diamond Helm
Gloves Diamond Gloves - Gauntlets - Giant's Gloves
White Magic Cure - Protect - Blink - NulShock - Invis - Blindna - Silence - NulBlaze - Cura

Name Origins

Warrior artwork from Dawn of Souls

In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions, there are ten optional Auto-Names for the different character classes. Each name is a reference to another character or location name in the Final Fantasy series. The ten names for the Warrior class are:

Other Appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Main article: Warrior (Final Fantasy)/Dissidia

Chaos has summoned a combined force of Final Fantasy's ultimate masters of evil. Cosmos, in attempt to protect the Crystals, has summoned warriors to thwart their plans. The Warrior of Light is one of these warriors and stands as the hero representing the original Final Fantasy, opposing Garland, and eventually rises as the leader of the Warriors of Cosmos.

The Warrior of Light harbors no doubts or hesitations about his duty to Cosmos, and works tirelessly to find his Crystal and defeat the forces of Chaos. Though Chaos' villains appear to battle him and attempt to trick him and sway his resolve, the Warrior remains stalwart and continues onward in his quest in their wake, determined to prevail against evil. The Warrior is also the first Warrior of Cosmos to learn the true nature of the war between the gods from Garland.

Kingdom Hearts Mobile

A costume of the Warrior of Light in his Dissidia Final Fantasy attire appears in Kingdom Hearts Mobile.

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