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Warrior-class gunship
Production information

Republic Engineering Corporation

Product line

New Class


Warrior-class gunship

Technical specifications

190 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,050 km/h

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 3.0
  • Class 10 Backup
Sensor systems


Targeting systems


Navigation system


Fire arc: 4 forward, 3 left, 3 right
Crew: 2
Space range: 75 km
Atmospheric range: 150 km
Fire arc: 2 forward, 3 left, 3 right
Crew: 1
Space range: 25 km
Atmospheric range: 50 km
Fire arc: 2 forward, 2 back
Crew: 2
Space range: 60 km
Atmospheric range: 6 km
Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

500 metric tons


3 months

  • Light assault ship
  • Gunship

New Republic era


New Republic

Produced under the New Class modernization program, the Warrior-class gunship was a deadly addition to the New Republic fleet.



These small but powerful warships were designed for one purpose, which was to smash enemy formations by destroying their main combat ships. They were armed with 10 turbolaser cannons, 8 twin-barrel laser cannons, and 4 concussion missile tubes, plus a number of antimissile octets. Warrior-class gunships packed enough firepower to threaten heavy cruisers, and their racks of CM-9 concussion missiles, the same weapon carried by the Majestic-class heavy cruiser, could even cripple Star Destroyers.

Following New Class practice, the Warrior-class gunship was built on the same hull as the Agave-class picket ship. Like the Agave, the Warrior was 190 meters long and was equipped with a Class 3 hyperdrive. At sublight speeds, it was driven by a bank of at least six engines. These ships had a small crew of only 44 people, along with 36 gunners and room for 10 additional passengers.

In spite of their strengths, the Warrior-class were designed for fast attacks, and not for extended, close-range combat against cruisers. While they were significantly more robust than their Agave-class cousins, their deflector shields would be overwhelmed in a matter of minutes by heavy cruiser turbolasers, and their particle shields could be brought down by a single missile salvo. This vulnerability was seen in the Battle of ILC-905, when the New Republic gunship Vanguard engaged two Yevethan thrustships. Although Warrior played a major role in destroying one of the enemy cruisers, it was obliterated after a few volleys of enemy missiles.


To perform their mission, these ships normally moved ahead of the main fleet to make first contact with the enemy. Warrior-class gunships had enough laser cannons to fend off starfighters, while their armor provided protection beyond the typical starfighter's ability to do damage.

Once a Warrior group had penetrated enemy screening lines, they targeted and destroyed the enemy's main ships before withdrawing into hyperspace. Individual gunships could also be used in smaller squadrons, paired with cruisers as robust and well-armed support ships, capable of scouting more aggressively than sensor pickets or starfighters. Warrior gunships were also used to clear corridors for surface forces to land after planetary guns had been disabled.

Known ships

Behind the scenes

The only official image of the Warrior-class gunship is found in the RPG sourcebook Cracken's Threat Dossier. Like the pictures of other New Class ships, this picture contradicts information from the Black Fleet Crisis novels, on which Cracken's Threat Dossier is based.

The Warrior and Agave classes look nothing alike, even though they are supposed to be built on the same hull. Because of this, the picture has been labeled as erroneous and dismissed as non-Canon by many fans.


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