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The Statues on the Floating Continent

The Warring Triad (三闘神, santōshin), also known as the Statues, are an important plot point in Final Fantasy VI. The Warring Triad, according to legend, are stone sculptures that contain the power of the three gods which created Magic. They are named Demon, Fiend, and Goddess.



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In ancient times, there were three gods who contained magical powers. However, these three beings were constantly in conflict to see who was the most powerful. Their power corrupted some humans and turned them into unstable magical beings known as Espers. These Espers, having little control over their newfound powers, began to attack villages. This led to the conflict known as the War of the Magi, which lasted for many years. Finally, after war had ravaged the planet, the gods realized the evil that they had brought into the world and sealed themselves away. They granted the Espers their own world apart from the world of the humans. In return, the Espers guarded the Statues and made sure no harm came to them. It was said that if the Triad were ever moved out of their delicate balance, the result would be the rearrangement of the face of the world.

One thousand years later, a man named Gestahl began to seek the power of the Triad. He built up an Empire around the kidnapping of Espers from their world and infusing Magic into his soldiers. However, his real goal was control of the Triad for himself. He used the help of Kefka to get to the Triad by obtaining the powers of the Espers, but Kefka had plans of his own. He personally built up his own Esper collection, and plotted to use it to overthrow the Emperor and destroy the world himself. After discovering the true power of the Espers Kefka and Gestahl invaded the Land of Espers, releasing the Espers. Kefka then methodically captured the Espers and turned them into Magicite. Gestahl and Kefka then returned to the Esper's home and captured the Statues. Gestahl used their power to create the Floating Continent, believing that he could rule the world from above. However, Kefka eventually seized the Triad and used their power against Gestahl, killing him. Kefka then succeeded in moving the Statues out of alignment, releasing their power, re-arranging, and conquering the world.

In the World of Ruin, Kefka used the power of the unbalanced Triad to exert his destructive will on any city that resisted him. This power was dubbed the "Light of Judgment." When the party raided Kefka's Tower with hopes of defeating Kefka, they had to destroy the Triad first to get rid of Kefka's power source. This worried Terra, who was half-Esper and half-human. The Triad were the source of magic, and were thus the life force of the Espers. If the Triad was destroyed, all Espers would die, possibly including Terra. However, by this point, Kefka had drained most of their power into himself and thus, he had become the source of Magic. After Kefka was defeated, Terra survived as a human without the Espers' innate magical abilities because of her strong feelings for the children in Mobliz.

Other Appearances

  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kefka's EX Burst is titled Warring Triad. The input sequence to power up the attack features three controller commands appearing over Kefka in a triangle formation in the same positioning as the Triad's statues. The circles surrounding the commands when they appear are colored in the same pattern as the Triad's color scheme: the top circle (Goddess) is blue, the left circle (Fiend) is yellow, and the right circle (Demon) is red.
  • Three statues that appear in the Desert Palace in Final Fantasy IX appear to be an allusion to the Warring Triad. The outer two statues are demonic creatures titled "Promise of the Evil God" and "Truth of the Devil". The middle statue is angelic, and is named the "Illusion of the Goddess".


The Warring Triad may be loosely based on the Japanese gods Amaterasu, Susano'o, and Tsukuyomi. The storm god Susano'o and the moon god Tsukuyomi are male, while the sun goddess Amaterasu is female and the strongest of the three siblings.

There is also a parallel between the Warring Triad, and the Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite in Greek mythology. According to myth, the three argued over who was more beautiful, and when Paris judged Aphrodite as the winner, this led to a chain of events that started the Trojan War.


  • The triad seems to be linked to the three basic elements. Fiend corresponds to Ice, Demon to Fire, and Goddess to Lightning.

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