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The Warped tortoise is found during the The Path of Glouphrie quest and can be fought during and after the quest.


About the creature

Before players can damage a warped tortoise, they must use Crystal chimes on it to cleanse it. This makes the tortoise vulnerable for a short duration of time, after which the chimes must be used again if the tortoise is still fighting. The tortoise changes colour when cleansed and changed back when the time is up. (The shell of a cleansed tortoise is darker than that of an uncleansed one.) These monsters are vulnerable to all attacks once cleansed, with slash attacks being the most effective. The tortoises can hit up to 10.

Its habitat, the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon, is multi-combat. A Dwarf Multicannon will damage cleansed tortoises but not uncleansed ones.

Despite living in a poisonous environment, warped tortoises can be poisoned.

The tortoises sometimes drop Tortoise shells, which are used to create War tortoise pouches in Summoning. They also can drop Perfect shells. These cannot be used for war tortoise pouches but instead can be sold to Barlak in Dorgesh-Kaan in exchange for 500 Crafting experience and 600 coins.

The crystal chime can be used at a distance to cleanse a warped tortoise. However, since a tortoise is not aggressive, it is recommended for players to stand near it to cleanse it, to avoid wasting time running up to it to attack. However, one can use the chime on it and immediately left-click to attack the tortoise; the player will run toward the tortoise as the chime rings, wasting little time. Using the chime to cleanse a tortoise is not an attack on it, so the tortoise will continue to ignore the player unless he does attack it.

The player can use the chime multiple times in a row to cleanse different nearby tortoises, without having to attack the ones he cleansed first. This allows a cannon to be used with effect against several at once, as well as the use of Ancient Magicks with area combat effects.

Players with a high Defence should not bring too much food with them. Trout or Salmon is recommended, since the low cost of the food means they can be dropped or eaten to free inventory space for drops. Players with 75 Defence can get by with a small defence boost (such as Excalibur's special attack) & using food such as tuna. Another good way to kill these is to bring Guthans for they heal quite on these. This leaves more room for drops.  Players with 90+ defence can bring no food and between the Tangled toads' legs drops and the special of a Saradomin godsword, can stay long enough to get an inventory of shells. The inventory can become filled quickly due to the frequent Tortoise shell drops. It is also advised for players to pick up the Swamp tar which are 133 each and stackable. A bank is very easy to reach by use of the nearby Spirit Tree which can take players to the Grand Exchange or Mobilising Armies if they have a familiar out and thus cannot access the Grand Exchange. For players that use a familiar, they can teleport to the tree north of the Khazard Battlefield and use the obelisk there to recharge their summoning points. With the Bones to Peaches update, it now becomes a viable healing option. The player can pick up the big bones and, after turning them into peaches, use them to stay as nearly as long as they wish.

Players with a low defence can safely range them (or use a halberd) just South of the Gap in the very first room, they just need to make sure the tortoises are either above the Direct east view or just on it from the lowest square of it.  The two Eastern corners are safe spots as well.






Charm drop percentages
No Charm


8 - 10%

3 - 4%

2 - 3%

3 - 4%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 2,878 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)





Raw Materials




  • At one time it was possible to heal using Guthan's set even when the tortoises were not made vulnerable by the Crystal Chimes. This was because at one point Guthan's set counted potential damage inflicted on foes even when actual damage was not possible due to prayer or other invulnerabilities. An update on 9 June, 2009 fixed this bug.
  • When examining a Warped Tortoise, the message says "You don't think you can harm this creature.", but if you examine a Warped Terrorbird, the message says "You don't think you can harm this terrorbird.", referring specifically to the terrorbird.

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