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Series: Deep Space Nine
Author(s): K.W. Jeter
Publication information
Published: hardcover - 1995
Pages: 304
ISBN: ISBN 0671567810
Date: 2369
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After its blockbuster debut in January 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine immediately joined Star Trek: The Next Generation at the top of the ratings. Now that The Next Generation has moved on to feature films, Deep Space Nine is heralding a new era of critical and public acclaim for Star Trek on television.
Warped is the first Deep Space Nine hardcover and the eleventh in an unprecedented series of epic Star Trek hardcovers—a series of national bestsellers that has included recent smash-hits like The Original Series novel Sarek by A.C. Crispin and The Next Generation book Dark Mirror by Diane Duane.
Highly respected science fiction novelist K.W. Jeter concocts a gripping tale that pits Commander Sisko against the most dangerous foe he has ever faced. As the story opens, political tensions on Bajor are once again on the rise, and the various factions may soon come to open conflict. In addition, a series of murders on the station have shaken everyone on board. While Security Chief Odo investigates the murders, Commander Sisko finds himself butting up against a new religious faction who plan to take over Bajor and force the Federation to leave Deep Space Nine.
Odo soon traces the murders to a bizarre and dangerous form of holosuite technology—a technology that turns its users into insane killers and that now has Commader Sisko's son Jake in its grip. As the situation deteriorates on Bajor, Sisko learns that the political conflict and the new holosuites are connected. They are both the work of a single dangerous man with a plan that threatens the very fabric of reality.
The plot is darker than anything Sisko has faced before, and to defeat it, he must enter the heart of a twisted, evil world that threatens to overtake the station. It's a world where danger lurks in every corner and death can come at any moment—from the evil within Sisko himself, from his closest friends, or even at the hands of his own son.



Benjamin SiskoJake SiskoOdoKira NerysQuarkJulian BashirJadzia DaxMiles O'BrienNogAhrmant Wyoss • McHogue • Aur • Malen Aldris

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commandergeneralmajordoctorlieutenantchief • Severalty Front • cortical induction




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Warped refers to creatures who have been corrupted by experiments done in Arposandra; They reside in Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon, requiring Path of Glouphrie to enter. There are currently only two warped Creatures:

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