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Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 53
Doctor: Fifth Doctor
Companions: Peri
Enemy: Morbius
Mehendri Solon
The Army of the General
Setting: Sylvana, Gallifrey, Karn, Aridus
Author: Terrance Dicks
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: May 2002
Format: Paperback Book, ? Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-563-53852-X
Previous Story: Amorality Tale
Following Story: Ten Little Aliens


Publisher's Summary

"This is High Treason, and for this you deserve death. However, in view of your past service, the sentence is commuted to exile. You leave Gallifrey this day, never to return."

A chain of events has been set in motion that will change the Doctor and Peri forever. A chain that involves old enemies as well as old friends.

How does Peri come to be the leader of a gang of rebel fighters on an outlying planet? Who is the mysterious 'General' against whom they are rebelling so violently? Where does the so-called 'Supremo', leader of the Alliance forces ranged against the General, come from, and why is he so interested in Peri?

The answers lie in the origins of a conflict that will affect the whole cosmos - a conflict that will find humans, Sontarans, Draconians and even Cybermen fighting together for the greater good and glory. For the Supremo.

It is a conflict that will test both the Doctor and Peri to the limit, and bring them face to face with the dark sides of their own personalities.




  • Warmonger was originally a Sixth Doctor and Peri novel called Prelude. (REF: I, Who 3)



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BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Previous Release:
Amorality Tale
Next Release:
Ten Little Aliens


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From The Vault

Fallout 3
requirements: Level 26, Intelligence 7
ranks: 1
benefit: Can build all custom weapon types without the schematics.
base id: xx0011be

Warmonger is a perk added to Fallout 3 with the Broken Steel add-on.

With this perk, all custom weapon types become available to you without the schematics. Taking this perk immediately gives you the level 3 schematics for all weapon types you did not already have.


  • One of the weapons on Vault Boy's arms is the icon for the Power Fist instead of the Shishkebab shown in the Pip-Boy 3000, however no such schematic exists to create this device. Perhaps this is just to exemplify that the perk allows you to create a wide variety of weapons.


  • This perk works perfectly for the Nuka Grenade and Bottlecap Mine. However, for all other schematics, you must have at least one schematic for the weapon before taking this perk or it will not work correctly and will produce the weapon as if you had only the level one schematic. For example, if you had a Railway Rifle schematic prior to taking this perk, but you did not have any Shishkebab schematics, then taking this perk will cause you to make Railway Rifles as if you had the level 3 schematic, but Shishkebabs as if you only had the level 1 schematic. It is thus advisable to still acquire at least one schematic for all weapons other than the Nuka Grenade and Bottlecap Mine prior to taking this perk. (Unconfirmed) In the Xbox 360 version, it functions as intended. Also note, that if you aquire a schematic after taking this perk, it will not raise it to v2, meaning you are locked at v1 of the weapons.
Broken Steel (add-on)
Perks of Fallout 3

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line

Star Destroyers


Allegiance-type Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

3,260 meters

Maximum acceleration

2,500 g



Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 0.85
  • Backup Class 6.0
Targeting systems

Highly advanced targeting computers



Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

45,400 metric tons


8 years

Other systems

New Empire era


New Empire

The Warmonger was a heavily modified Allegiance-type Star Destroyer. It served as Sauroh Pahmus's command ship during the last years of the Imperial-Republic War and beyond.

This article is a stub by Darth Samash. The author might eventually expand it.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Warmonger is, as far as most bots know, a Decepticon from the Marvel Comics UK portion of the Generation One continuity family.
An Autobot? Me? This must be one of your Decepticon jokes.

Warmonger is not really a Decepticon! He's actually an Autobot working undercover. And what a fortuitous choice for the job. Heck, his name is Warmonger, and he looks like a conehead. What can go wrong?


Marvel Comics UK continuity

An infiltrator within Decepticon ranks had freed the captured Hot Rod, Kup, and Blurr. Megatron believed this traitor had to be either Warmonger, Octopunch, Stranglehold or Bludgeon, and so he ordered three of the suspects to battle Bludgeon to death. Warmonger got the drop on Bludgeon after the latter had dispatched the other two, but at the critical moment refused to kill him. When Megatron saw this, he correctly concluded that Warmonger was an Autobot, and killed him. Aspects of Evil, Part 4

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