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Type: Android
Created by: Volag-Noc
Appearances: DW: The Infinite Quest

The Wardens are the android guards of the prison planet Volag-Noc. Gurney, an ex-prisoner, hacked into the system and made himself the governor, replacing Governor Lok. The Wardens scan visitors and prisoners, with technology that can read the person's brain (i.e their convictions and crimes). (DW: The Infinite Quest)

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Warden Headquaters

The Wardens were a rogue Borg collective accidentally created on the planet Vulcan which, in 2377, almost succeeded in taking over the galaxy.


Creation and characteristics


The Wardens were created by accident, by a group of Vulcans attempting to cure their master, N'Kal, of Bendii syndrome by using modified Borg nanoprobes. The Vulcans lost control of these nanoprobes, but rather than being assimilated, N'Kal was altered - the Borg's programmed desire to spread perfection was combined with N'Kal's thirst for logic. The modified nanoprobes quickly spread to the research team, making them drone-like followers of the Wardens' desire to spread logic.

The modified nanoprobes, which the Wardens named nanites, did not inflict the usual modifications associated with assimilation. The only difference between a warden drone and the person in their normal state is their mental condition: like a Borg drone, a warden become part of the collective, with N'Kal effectively acting as the Borg Queen. However, unlike a typical drone, Wardens could not be identified by technological augmentation, as none occurred.

History of the Wardens


The USS Leyte Gulf

The Wardens quickly expanded their presence out from Vulcan, intent on bringing their logic to the galaxy. They soon established presences on the Romulan planet Chetzia 3, a Federation starbase in orbit of Neural 7, Qo'noS, Romulus, and a Borg Cube. They began to use devices called cranio-necrotizers to spread their nanites and keep in contact with one another. They also managed to gain control of a Federation starship, the USS Leyte Gulf, which they planned to take to Chetzia 3. However, the Leyte Gulf was intercepted by the USS Incursion.


The Incursion was pursuing two Klingon scientists who had been studying the Warden "contagion" on Lak'Tral, but broke off to rendezvous with the Leyte Gulf. Upon finding the Leyte Gulf en-route to Chetzia 3, Captain Marcus Refelian concluded there must have been some kind of conspiracy between rogue Federation and Romulan factions and proceeded to Chetzia 3 to investigate. Refelian's investigations later led him to Earth where the Wardens had infiltrated the upper echelons of Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy. After falsely believing he had neutralised the Warden presence on Earth, Refelian took the Incursion to Qo'nos where the Wardens had gained control of the Klingon High Council and taken Ambassador Worf hostage to prevent his interference in their plans to manipulate the Klingons into a war with the Federation.

The Borg

En route to Qo'noS, the Incursion found itself infiltrated by the Warden personel and under attack by a Borg Cube partially controlled by the Wardens. The vessel managed to escape both and came away with a cure to the Warden nanites developed by drones on the Cube still loyal to the Collective; the Borg themselves could not use this as it targeted the Borg technology of the Wardens and would subsequently damage the Borg as well.

Reaching Qo'noS, teams from the Incursion rescued Worf from the Wardens and prevented their attempts to start a war. The Incursion then continued on another lead to the Federation station in orbit of Neural 7, which by then had been out of contact with Starfleet for three weeks.

However, the Wardens, increasingly aware of the Incursion's persistent intervention in their plans, set a trap. Upon beaming to the station, half the away team found themselves on another world (in fact in a holodeck); the Wardens planned to capture and analyze the crew of the Incursion. However, the Wardens were once again outsmarted, and the Incursion personnel were able to escape.

The Great Awakening

On Romulus, the Wardens' plans were forging ahead unhindered. Having gained control over a significant number of Romulans, the Wardens began mass producing nanites in preparation for The Great Awakening, a mass release of nanites on Romulus to take control of the planet, and then the entire Romulan Star Empire. However, once again, the Incursion was hot on their heels and arrived ready to destroy the factories; before they could do so, the Borg turned up to finish off with the same goal in mind. On the Cube, more and more drones were falling to the Wardens, but the Collective remained in control.

Chetzia 3

Their foothold on Romulus lost the Wardens were not so easily beat, on Chetzia 3, another group of factories came into operation. But once more they were defeated - this time by a Romulan resistance group and once more the Incursion.

Outside of Romulan space, the Warden threat was expanding; most of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants' major races were infiltrated and the nanites were spreading throughout the Milky Way. Another ship, the USS Monitor, fell to the Wardens; however, while the Incursion was busy at Chetzia, the Borg were preparing to resist and, upon locating the Monitor, went about assimilating it. When the ever present USS Incursion did turn up, the vessel was in the midst of a civil war between Warden forces and loyal Borg drones. A team from Incursion beamed over to rescue the handful of crewmen who had escaped both forces but, while on board, inadvertently initiated a self-destruct program. Before the Monitor was lost, the Borg hailed the Incursion with an offer of an alliance.

The End

As the galaxy fell into civil war, with Warden forces attempting to eliminate the illogical, the USS Incursion made its way to the Devron system to meet with the Borg Cube. Upon beaming to the Cube, one of the few remaining drones loyal to the collective requested that the team destroy the cube rather than allow it to fall to the Wardens. Before completing that task, the team found information indicating the Wardens' headquarters were on Vulcan. After destroying the cube, they set course.

The USS Incursion over Vulcan

On Vulcan, the Wardens had developed a significant presence and once again lay a trap for the Incursion crew, which was planning to access the Warden mainframe to locate the headquarters. Unfortunately for the Wardens, the crew of the Incursion had set a trap of their own. Upon reaching a Warden computer terminal, a pair of Wardens ambushed the Starfleet away team, transported in and declaring superiority, only to find themselves surrounded by Incursion security personnel transporting in themselves in their own ambush.

Using the Borg antidote, the Incursion crew was able to free its prisoners of Warden control and gleam information from them detailing the Warden headquarters. An away team was sent to infiltrate the headquarters and, from inside, reprogram the nanite factories throughout the galaxy with conflicting orders. The team was successful, and within hours the new nanites created by the factories cancelled out the effects of the old, restoring the galaxy's inhabitants to its own control.

The sudden shock of being freed from the nanite control broke down N'Kal's remaining emotional blocks and caused him to collapse in a fit of emotions as he was taken into custody by the Incursion.

Not wishing to upset galactic peace by the revelation that the Wardens had originated from a Federation world, Starfleet elected to issue a cover story stating the entire incident had been a Borg assimilation attempt. (TNG video game: Away Team)

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Class Information for Warden
Type: Druid (Priest) image:Warden_Icon.jpg
City: All Cities
Primary Power Stat: Wisdom
Armor: Leather Armor
Weapons: Hammers, Staves, Swords, Great Hammers, Symbols
Shields: Bucklers, Symbols
Expert Spells: Spells (Rare Gem)

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Spells Druid AAs Warden AAs Shadows AAs

The Warden profession is ideal for those who desire to use harmonious magic provided by nature to fulfill a protective role in the world. The Warden serves their party by invoking their druidic powers to mend wounds and purge the effects of disease and poison that afflict their allies. The Warden may also invoke powers to bestow temporary protective effects on and enhance the attributes of their allies, as well as hinder or harm their foes.


Class Armor




Druid series

Hybrid leather series


-PvP Servers only-

Epic Weapon

Spells By Category

The first spell in each category is listed. See the detailed description for the full upgrade line.

Healing, Cures, & Damage

Direct Heals with a Small HoT

Regenerative Heals

Limited Duration Heal Pets



Buffs & Debuffs

Single Target Buffs

Group Buffs

Debuffs & Crowd Control

Utility / Illusions




Spells by Tier and Level

Tier 1 Level 1 - 9 Tier 2 Level 10 - 19 Tier 3 Level 20 - 29 Tier 4 Level 30 - 39

1: Dawnstrike
1: Sylvan Bloom
2: Thorncoat
3: Icefall
3: Nature's Embrace
4: Aspect of the Forest
5: Divine Providence
5: Armor of Seasons
6: Cure
6: Summon Food and Water
7: Sylvan Bloom II
7: Root
8: Revive
9: Enduring Breath
9: Dawnstrike II

10: Nature's Embrace II
10: Thorncoat II ¥
10: Snare
11: Icefall II ¥
11: Favor of the Phoenix
12: Photosynthesis ¥
13: Spirit of the Wolf
13: Willow Wisp
14: Winds of Healing
14: Healstorm ¥
15: Sylvan Bloom III
15: Sylvan Touch
16: Essence of the Great Bear
16: Aspect of the Forest II
17: Dawnstrike III
18: Nature's Embrace III
18: Favor of the Wild
19: Photosynthesis II ¥
19: Armor of Seasons II

20: Warden of the Forest ¥
20: Dust Cloud
20: Bounty of the Virtuous
21: Root II
22: Sylvan Bloom IV
22: Nature's Touch
23: Frostbite ¥
23: Nereid's Boon
24: Thorncoat III ¥
25: Icefall III
25: Circle of Growth
26: Photosynthesis III
26: Instinct
27: Willow Wisp II
28: Healstorm II
28: Winds of Healing II
29: Ward of the Untamed
29: Sylvan Bloom V

30: Aspect of the Forest III
30: Essence of the Great Bear II
30: Rowyl's Form of the Vale
31: Dawnstrike IV ¥
32: Favor of the Wild II
32: Nature's Embrace IV ¥
32: Winds of Permafrost
33: Armor of Seasons III ¥
34: Warden of the Forest II ¥
35: Root III
35: Regenerating Spores
35: Sacred Shield
35: Spirit of the Bat
35: Theft of Vitality
35: Call of the Fae
36: Equinox
37: Frostbite II
38: Thorncoat IV
39: Icefall IV ¥
39: Verdurous Journey

Tier 5 Level 40 - 49 Tier 6 Level 50 - 59 Tier 7 Level 60 - 69 Tier 8 Level 70 - 79

40: Photosynthesis IV ¥
40: Instinct II
40: Form of the Strange Bear
41: Nature's Renewal
41: Willow Wisp III
42: Healstorm III ¥
42: Winds of Healing III
42: Verdant Whisper
43: Ward of the Untamed II
43: Sylvan Bloom VI ¥
44: Aspect of the Forest IV
44: Essence of the Great Bear III
45: Sandstorm
45: Dawnstrike V
45: Warden's Gentle Reminder
46: Favor of the Wild III
46: Nature's Embrace V
46: Winds of Permafrost II
47: Armor of Seasons IV
47: Undergrowth
48: Warden of the Forest III ¥
48: Sylvan Embrace
49: Root IV
49: Regenerating Spores II

50: Hierophantic Genesis
50: Reincarnation
50: Reebo's Circling Runes
51: Frostbite III
52: Thorncoat V ¥
52: Tunare's Watch
53: Icefall V ¥
53: Spirit of the Bat II
54: Instinct III
54: Photosynthesis V ¥
55: Nature's Pack
55: Nature's Renewal II
55: Willow Wisp IV
56: Verdant Whisper II
56: Healstorm IV
56: Winds of Healing IV
57: Ward of the Untamed III
57: Sylvan Bloom VII
58: Aspect of the Forest V
58: Essence of the Great Bear IV
58: Healing Grove
59: Sandstorm II
59: Dawnstrike VI

60: Favor of the Wild IV
60: Nature's Embrace VI ¥
60: Winds of Permafrost III ¥
61: Undergrowth II ¥
61: Armor of Seasons V
62: Warden of the Forest IV
63: Regenerating Spores III ¥
64: Root V
65: Frostbite IV
65: Tranquility
66: Thorncoat VI
67: Icefall VI
68: Photosynthesis VI
68: Instinct IV
69: Willow Wisp V
69: Nature's Renewal III

70: Healstorm V
70: Hierophantic Genesis II
70: Verdant Whisper III
70: Winds of Healing V
71: Spirit of the Bat III
71: Sylvan Bloom VIII
71: Ward of the Untamed IV ¥
72: Aspect of the Forest VI
72: Dawnstrike VII ¥
72: Essence of the Great Bear V ¥
73: Sandstorm III
73: Nature's Embrace VII
73: Favor of the Wild V
74: Armor of Seasons VI
74: Nature's Pack II
74: Winds of Permafrost IV ¥
75: Regenerating Spores IV
75: Undergrowth III
76: Warden of the Forest V
76: Healing Grove II
76: Root VI
77: Thorncoat VII
77: Frostbite V
78: Icefall VII
78: Photosynthesis VII
78: Tranquility II
79: Healstorm VI
79: Instinct V
79: Willow Wisp VI

Tier 9 Level 80 - 89

80: Faerie Ally²
80: Cure Curse
80: Nature's Renewal IV
80: Winds of Healing VI
80: Hierophantic Genesis III

¥ - Available as a Grandmaster choice. See below.
♣ - Fun Spell
† - from Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack
∅ - from Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack - same timer as Sylvan Bloom line
¹ - from Echoes of Faydwer Expansion
² - from Rise of Kunark Expansion

Grandmaster Training Choices

Tier 2 - Level 14 Tier 3 - Level 24 Tier 4 - Level 34 Tier 5 - Level 44
Tier 6 - Level 54 Tier 7 - Level 64 Tier 8 - Level 75


This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total.



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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Wardens are dwellers and self-appointed protectors of the Echovald Forest that are hostile to outsiders. They resemble humans with long curved horns coming out of their heads. They can be found in mixed groups patroling all explorable areas in the forest.

The Wardens are led by Urgoz, a former guardian spirit of the Echovald that has been corrupted. They may have been humans (druids or shamans perhaps) at some point, but have merged with the spirit of the forest and are now something different than humans. As a group they were driven to the edge of insanity by what happened to the Echovald Forest on the day of the Jade Wind. To see life extinguished in the forest and the entire place petrified, yet they survive to witness all of that, made them more fanatic than ever. They reserve the right in their traditions to seek vengeance against Shiro Tagachi for what he did to the forest. They secretly work to find a way to reverse the petrification, but, until then, they remain a threat to any humans traveling the forest.

All Warden units start with "Warden of ..." and the following label changes depending on level. For example, the lowest level Warden warrior is the Warden of the Trunk followed by the Warden of the Tree and finally, the highest level warrior is the Warden of Forests.

Unit Hierarchy

Pongmei Valley and Echovald Forest Ranger19 (25) Warden of the Leaf Warden Horn
Echovald Forest Warrior18 (25) Warden of the Trunk
Warrior21 (26) Warden of the Tree
Warrior24 Warden of Forests
Ranger21 (26) Warden of the Branch
Ranger24 (26) Warden of Winds
Mesmer18 (25) Warden of the Mind
Mesmer20 (26) Warden of the Spirit
Elementalist24 (26) Warden of Earth
Ritualist18 (25) Warden of the Spring
Ritualist20 (26) Warden of the Summer
Ritualist24 (26) Warden of Seasons
Warden Horn
Urgoz's Warren Warrior28 Maddened Forests Warden
Ranger28 Maddened Wind Warden
Monk28 Maddened Song Warden
Mesmer28 Maddened Mind Warden
Elementalist28 Maddened Earth Warden
Assassin28 Maddened Thorn Warden
Ritualist28 Maddened Spirit Warden

Maddened Wardens can only be found in the later parts of Urgoz's Warren. They use the naming convention "Maddened ... Warden" and have the largest skill-set among all wardens.

There are Warden bosses of all core and Factions campaign professions. There are no non-boss Necromancer Wardens in the game, while non-boss Monk and Assassin Wardens are only in one high-level area. However, the Ritualist Wardens provide some healing support to make up for the lack of Monk Warden units.

The Warden of Saprophytes, an assassin, is the only Warden boss that adopts the Warden unit naming convention.

All Warden types except for boss Wardens have slightly less protection against fire damage compared to other types of attack.

For an updated listing of all Wardens in alphabetical order, see Category:Wardens.

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From Lostpedia

Warden Harris
Warden Harris
Portrayed by
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
Mentioned in
Episode count
Centric episode(s)

Also known as
Date of birth
Date of death
United States
Prison warden
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Family members
Sawyer's prison warden

S1 - S2 - S3 - MP - S4 - S5 - S6


Warden Harris is the Warden at the prison Sawyer was held in from episode "Every Man for Himself".

At first, Warden Harris is made out to appear corrupt. In a sewing room scene, garbage collecting Sawyer is informing another inmate Munson that the Warden is playing favorites to Munson, and working on him to give up the location of his hidden $10 million dollars for himself. While this is happening the Warden enters this prison sewing room and is eating an apple.

Later on in the episode we do learn that the Warden does in fact want the $10 million, but for recovery and not for personal gain. He also works out a deal with Sawyer, granting a full pardon as he conned the information from Munson to the location of the money. This was then recorded by Agent Freedman of the U.S. Treasury. The agent gives Sawyer a reward commission for finding the lost money. Sawyer requests that the money is put into an account for his presumed daughter Clementine.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Warden was the title given to anyone who served as the commandant of a prison or other self-sustaining detention facility (as opposed to the detention block of a large starship or other battle station). Dewt Kluskine was once the warden of the Imperial detention facility on Kessel before it was overrun by its inmates. Command of the facility was then passed to Moruth Doole. In the last years of the Old Republic, Fenn Booda served as the warden of Desolation Alley.



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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

The warden program is a program introduced by SOE to help with the credit selling spammers. The program lets at least 20 chosen players on one server eliminate chat abilities for a player with a command(command unknown). the command eliminates chat abilities for six hours.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

Image:Badge villain prisoners.png



You have made the Ziggurat a safer place by putting the escaped convicts back on the inside, where they belong.

How to Get

Defeat 500 Prisoners.

See Also

External Links

  • Warden Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Warden Badge at

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