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War of the Magi
Final Fantasy VI
Location: Entire world
Result: Sealing of the Warring Triad. Exile of Espers from the world, while the Magi hide out in Thamasa. For the rest of the world, Magic is lost to myth and legends.
Espers and Magi Espers and Magi
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The War of the Magi was a war fought 1000 years before the events of Final Fantasy VI. A cataclysmic event that nearly destroyed the world, it forced humanity back centuries and set the groundwork for the events of the game.

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The War of the Magi occurred due to the Warring Triad, the creators of the world and Magic, bickering among themselves. Their arguments grew out of control and led to a war. The three gods fought using armies of humans, and used their magical energies to transform them into Espers. Humans would later capture Espers and drain their magical powers for their own usage. Effectively, there were three types of warriors - Esper, human, and Esper-infused human. The Espers fought at the will of the Warring Triad while the humans fought to survive the wrath of the gods.

The Espers would fight a prolonged war with the humans, and one unfortunate battle took place inside an Ancient Castle, in which the king, Odin, would be attacked by soldiers and petrified. During this time, two so-called "Ultima Weapons" were created - one was a destructive monster, and the other was a powerful sword. Various other powerful monsters and magical beasts were created at this time. It is possible that the Eight Dragons were among these monsters, but it is never explicitly stated.

Eventually, the Warring Triad realized their war was ruining the world. As a penance and to stop the fighting, they petrified themselves and gave the Espers free will, their only request that they be sealed to prevent their powers from leading to a second war. The Espers agreed and created a new realm where the petrified Triad and the Espers moved to live in peace.

The magic-using humans who survived the war, the Magi, were labeled as outcasts by humans, and were forced to establish their own remote town of Thamasa. Otherwise, magic faded from existence, to the extent many believed it was a myth. Technology re-emerged as the dominant power and the world was able to rebuild.

The major idea in Final Fantasy VI is that the Gestahlian Empire is seeking the Espers, which could lead to a second War of the Magi. The Returners seek an alliance with the Espers to prevent this, leading to a second war on a smaller scale. The Espers fail to stop the Empire, who rediscover the Warring Triad, and Kefka Palazzo awakens them and causes the apocalypse.


  • The War of the Magi has a small similarity to the real life Trojan War. According to myth, the Trojan War originated as a fight between the Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite over who was more beautiful. The man chosen to judge who was more beautiful was Paris, who judged Aphrodite as the winner and received Helen of Troy as a bride in thanks from her, sparking the Trojan War.

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