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For the classic 19th century novel, see: War and Peace (novel).
For the similarly-titled TNG novel, see: A Time for War, A Time for Peace.
Series: Starfleet Academy
Writer(s): Chris Cooper
Penciller(s): Chris Renaud
Inker(s): Andy Lanning
Publication information
Publisher: Marvel
Published: March 1997


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An alternative future where Klingons have overrun Federation space may hinge on Omega Squad's first flight aboard a runabout. The cadets are tracked by First Cadre, a Klingon cadet squadron. Commander Zund is injured when the Klingons attack. Omega Squad tricks their opponents into switching ships, but both vessels are forced down on a nearby planet. Pava stands guard duty and encounters an old friend and perhaps a new enemy.

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From Muppet Wiki

War and Peace is an epic novel by Leo Tolstoy, first published from 1865 to 1869 in Russki Vestnik, which tells the story of Russian society during the Napoleonic Era. It is usually described as one of Tolstoy's two major masterpieces (the other being Anna Karenina) as well as one of the world's greatest novels.

The novel tells the story of a number of aristocratic families (particularly the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskis, and the Rostovs) and the entanglements of their personal lives with the history of 1805–1813, specifically Napoleon's invasion of Russia. As events proceed, Tolstoy systematically denies his subjects any significant free choice: the onward roll of history determines happiness and tragedy alike.


  • The Muppets began a dramatization of the epic novel in the first episode of The Jim Henson Hour, starting with Part One: War. In this brief but gripping drama, a number of soldiers from various wartime eras hit each other with clubs until they were all exhausted. The piece closed with an announcement that next week would bring Part Two: Peace.
  • When The Count told a new version of "This Little Piggy" for ten toes, the pig who stayed home did so to read War and Pigs. (EKA: Episode 3719)
  • In "Outrageous Makeover: Home Addition" (EKA: Episode 4132), Mr. Johnson is in the process of reading "War and Peace" when Grover bursts in to give his home an outrageous makeover.


  • Sean Barrett played Patya Rostov in the 1955 film version
  • Henry Fonda played Pierre Bezukhov in the 1955 film version
  • Frank Middlemass played Mikhail Kutuzov in the 1972 mini-series
  • Robert Stephens played an officer in the 1955 film version
  • David Swift played Napoleon in the 1972 mini-series

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Specifics: TPB cover

War and Peace is a six-part miniseries published by Dreamwave Productions, set in the main G1 Dreamwave continuity and following up on the successful Prime Directive miniseries. The plot follows the Earth-bound Transformers as they return to Cybertron, where Shockwave has united the Transformers.

War and Peace issues:



An Autobot-Decepticon battle on Earth ends when Shockwave arrives and announces that the war is over. Most of the Earthen Transformers are eventually captured and returned to Cybertron, where both factions are united under Shockwave's ostensibly peaceful banner. But the Decepticon leader's machinations run deep, and soon open war emerges again.

The series seems to repudiate some of the perceived mistakes made by its economically successful but oft-criticized predecessor. An early sub-plot with Optimus Prime having some kind of visions appeared in previews, but was dropped. Wheeljack's somewhat perfunctory "death" is retconned as a near-miss, and the overall story veers in a completely different direction.

While not as economically successful as Prime Directive, sales were still high enough to lead to an ongoing series.

Items of note

  • The series was originally to be penned by Chris Sarracini, who wrote the previous volume. When "Brad Mick" came on board, he took the book in a different direction.
  • War and Peace contains many references to 1986's The Transformers: The MovieStarscream throws an injured Megatron out into space; Scourge, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Springer, Kup, Blurr, Arcee, Wheelie and the Sharkticons are featured; the Matrix and Unicron are seen; even Wreck-Gar makes an appearance in the epilogue.
  • The series also makes reference to the cartoon with Shockwave's capture of Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma.
  • A "Volume 2 preview" was planned, but did not see print until the trade paperback volume was published. It was based on the plot planned by Sarracini, with a shuttle craft crashed in the ocean and Prime passing out from some kind of vision.

Creative team

The series was written by James McDonough under his pen name of "Brad Mick", and penciled by Pat Lee and Edwin Garcia.


  • War and Peace Dreamwave TPB (Jan 2004) (ISBN 978-0973381702)
  • War and Peace IDW TPB (Mar 2006) (ISBN 978-1933239828)

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