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A list of all armed and unarmed conflicts, battles and wars.

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DC Comics

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War is the state of prearranged conflict that creates an environment conducive to combined hostile efforts between two engaging parties in order to facilitate the transfer of power. In DC Comics, there have been many ficticious wars such as the Six-Minute War, the Last War, the Earth/Mars War, the War That Time Forgot and World War III, but many stories also use actual wartime circumstances for their settings including the American Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War.

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Timorous Deep
Journal Level 8 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Timorous Deep more
How to Start Speak to Arozik Sky'Ki ( 8, 64, 146 ) /waypoint 8, 64, 146 in Trythec Loft.
part of: Timorous Deep Timeline
Preceded by:
Decoder Glyph
Followed by:
Killing the Advance

What does this information mean?

Go up the ladder in Pyrrin Roost.


  1. Speak to Tertiary Dih'Ha ( 425, 165, 156 ) /waypoint 425, 165, 156 on the cliff between Pyrrin Roost and Thulwun Station East.


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From The Vault

A city being destroyed by a massive number of bombs.

The Great War started (and ended) on October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by all the nuclear-capable nations of the world (mainly the United States, China and the USSR ). The exchange lasted for approximately two hours, according to most survivors' accounts. Once the last atomic bomb and nuclear warhead had fallen, the world fell into the deep darkness of a nuclear holocaust.


Events before the Great War

The geopolitical situation that led to the outbreak of the long-feared global nuclear war was prompted primarily by the onset of a worldwide energy crisis when the supplies of fossil-fuels, particularly petroleum, finally began to run out by the year 2050. This energy crisis was in part the result of the ever-increasing amounts of fossil-fuel required to power the Fallout world's larger and less energy-efficient technologies when compared to those of our own world because of the failure to develop miniaturized electronics and more advanced manufacturing materials (see Divergence). The result of this energy crisis was an increasing scramble by all of the advanced, industrialized nations to secure the few remaining supplies of untapped petroleum around the world. Ultimately, a series of military conflicts driven by this hunger for natural resources consumed the planet. The European Commonwealth had reacted to the rapid raising of oil prices to unacceptably-high levels by the Middle East's oil-rich states in 2052 by unleashing military action in that region of the world. This intervention ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on December 2053 by a terrorist nuclear device and a limited nuclear exchange between the conflict's participants in 2054, the world's first since 1945.

As the United Nations tried with little success to keep the peace, many of that organization's member-states pulled out of the UN, and within two months of the outbreak of what was soon called the Resource Wars in 2052, the United Nations was disbanded. Next, following the breakdown of trade talks and the unilateral American exploitation of the world's last newly discovered reserves of crude oil, the Chinese invaded Alaska in 2066 in pursuit of that American state's remaining oil reserves. The United States ultimately annexed Canada in 2076 to ensure Canadian support for its defense of the Alaskan front even as the American federal government acted aggressively against its own citizens to contain wartime rioting, anti-war civil disobedience and military desertion. The United States retaliated against the Chinese by launching its own costly invasion of the Chinese mainland in 2074 to reduce Chinese pressure on the Alaskan front. Despite initial costly setbacks, this strategy proved successful and American forces liberated the Alaskan city of Anchorage and forced the Chinese people's Liberation Army to retreat entirely from American soil in January 2077. This victory was largely won due to the more advanced military technology developed by the United States during the conflict, especially the deployment of Powered Infantry Armor. This period of conflict that began in 2052 and also included the Sino-American War was called the Resource Wars by historians. Many smaller nations went bankrupt in the ensuing conflict as their economies collapsed due to the increasing shortage of fossil-fuels. The Resource Wars ended with the Great War in 2077.

The Great War

It is not known who launched the first nuclear weapon that precipitated the conflict, although it is implied by President Dick Richardson of the Enclave in his discussion with the Chosen One in 2242 that the culprit was the People's Republic of China when he says "...and then those damn Reds launched". The United States was already at war with China as part of the Sino-American War, which was just one of the group of conflicts later known as the Resource Wars, when the nuclear exchange began in 2077. According to the Sierra Depot GNN Transcripts the Power Armor-equipped forces of the US Army were nearing Beijing, the capital of China, which may be the reason the Chinese unleashed a desperate last measure in the form of a full-scale nuclear attack. The nuclear exchange that characterized the Great War lasted for only a brief two hours, but was unbelievably destructive and reshaped the climate of the world even as it caused the fall of most of human civilization everywhere across the globe. More energy was released in the first moments of the Great War than all of the previous human conflicts in the history of the world combined.

In the United States, the West Coast was hit first by Chinese strategic bombers and ballistic missiles, and as a consequence on the East Coast (which was struck at about 10:47) more people were able to get into the Vaults and personal protection shelters, leading to a higher initial survival rate.

In the two hours of nuclear fire, the geography and climate of the Earth was changed significantly. Entire mountain ranges were created as the ground buckled and moved under the strain of the cataclysmic pressure produced by numerous, concentrated atomic explosions. Rivers and oceans around the world were contaminated with the resulting radioactive fallout released by the relatively low-yield nuclear weapons used by all sides, and the climate changed horrifically. All the regions of the Earth, regardless of their location, suffered from a single, permanent season once the initial dust blasted into the atmosphere by the nuclear explosions had settled - a scorching, radioactive desert summer.

Aftermath of the Great War

Despite the global destruction caused by the war, many areas remained habitable, with low and tolerable levels of radioactive fallout. The surviving humans were in some parts of the Earth able to continue living in the ruins of the pre-war civilization, establishing new communities and even small cities. (Vault City did so with the help of a GECK.) Some major global cities were not completely destroyed by the explosions because of their relatively low explosive yields, and cities such as Washington, DC even managed to maintain intact buildings despite relatively close detonations. However, most city streets across the post-nuclear United States were and continue to be blocked with rubble from collapsing edifices. In the ruins of Washington, DC much of the city's Metro system of subways remained intact. Though many Metro tunnels were blocked by collapsed masonry caused by the shock of the atomic explosions, the Metro's tunnel network remains the easiest way to move around the D.C.ruins.

Around a week after the initial nuclear explosions, rain started to fall, however none of it was drinkable. The rain was black; tainted with soot, ash, radioactive elements produced by the nuclear explosions and various other contaminants produced by nuclear weapons. This rain marked the start of the terrible fallout that marked the true, permanent destruction caused by the Great War. The rain lasted four long days, killing thousands of species that had survived the initial destruction of the bombs, be they animal, plant or micro-organisms. Those few living things, human, animal or plant, that survived after the rain ended were left to live in the now barren Wastelands that had spread across the Earth, where nearly all pre-War plant life had died from the intense radiation produced by the fallout.

Preventable deaths during the Great War

Many American citizens did not heed the air raid sirens on October 23, 2077, believing them to be signaling just another drill. The Vaults sealed their inhabitants in (except for Vault 12, which was never intended to sealed completely) as the Earth burned in atomic fire. A few citizens that took the air raid sirens seriously but did not have access to Vaults made their way instead to various locations that they felt would be safe from the nuclear bombs' explosions: sewers and subway stations, fallout shelters (which were completely sub-standard in terms of protection when compared to the Vaults built for the American government by Vault-Tec), or in the case of the Keller Family, the National Guard Depot. However, without a very strong outer shield of dense metal or rock to defend them from both the heat and kinetic shock-wave of the nuclear blasts (such as Lamplight Caverns or Raven Rock), few civilians survived the full-out nuclear exchange. Some who were exposed to high levels of radiation became ghouls, and some of these ghouls, in turn, formed their own communities.

It would seem that some families actually survived for several years following the fall of the bombs in drainage centers, as seen after activating the radio signal Oscar Zulu, when it is revealed that Bob Anderstein needed help for his family. Those who had already earned (or purchased) places in the Vaults went into them before the nuclear attack began. Those who did not, however, were left to the mercy of the bombs and warheads and their own nearby makeshift fallout shelters. A female ghoul named Carol who lives in the ghoul community of Underworld in Fallout 3 claims, "My family did not have much money, so we could not get into a Vault." It seems only the moderately wealthy could buy their way into a Vault at the time of the Great War. However, according to letters discovered in mailboxes, many of those who could afford it were not granted space, due to the lack of time Vault-Tec had to build new Vaults, ultimately constructing only 122 of these maximum security fallout shelters before the bombs fell. The reason so many were left unprotected when the end came is because Washington D.C.'s Vaults were filled to capacity, while Vaults located in less populous states like Oklahoma were nearly unoccupied. There is a note which has a random chance to appear in any location in Fallout 3 in which a resident of the Capital Wasteland was denied access to both nearby Vaults and offered space instead in newly annexed Canada. It is not known whether any Vaults actually existed in Canada.

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Guild Wars

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The Warrior is the only core melee profession (the Assassin and the Dervish are available in the Factions and Nightfall campaigns, respectively) and has many skills designed to enhance the use of swords, axes, shields, and hammers. Warriors wear the highest armor of any profession (though the Paragon has equal protection against non-physical damage), allowing them to trade hits with the biggest, meanest foes in the game. They also have the primary attribute Strength, which grants extra armor penetration when using attack skills. Many Warrior skills revolve around combining straight-up physical damage with crippling conditions. They also have access to stances which modify their abilities, and shouts to boost the party's performance or even impair enemies. The patron god of Warriors is Balthazar.

Anyone looking to use a sword, axe, or hammer should take Warrior as either their primary or secondary profession. Keep in mind that all characters are restricted to the armor and primary attribute of their primary profession, but even without the Warrior's armor and Strength some secondary warrior builds can be quite effective. Furthermore, taking Warrior as a secondary can be useful even for characters who will never use a melee weapon due to the Warrior's protective shouts and stances.

The Warrior is currently the only pure melee profession as all other melee professions have at least one attribute that is some form of magic.

The primary Warrior's base armor provides 80 armor and an additional +20 armor versus physical damage. A starting primary Warrior begins with 20 base energy and 2 energy recovery.

The Warrior's primary attribute is Strength, which adds armor penetration to attack skills.

Profession Combinations

See Secondary professions for a Warrior


Related Articles

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War is any large scale, violent conflict. By extension, the word can be used for any struggle. A group of combatants and their support is called an army on land, a navy at sea or in space, and air force in the air. Wars may be prosecuted simultaneously in one or more different theaters. Within each theater, there may be one or more consecutive military campaigns. A military campaign includes not only fighting but also intelligence, troop movements, supplies, propaganda, and other components. Continuous conflict is traditionally called a Battle, although this terminology is not always applied to conflicts involving aircraft, missiles or bombs alone, in the absence of ground troops or naval forces.

There are many wars in and related to the Halo Universe.


Forerunner Wars

Forerunner-Flood War
Battle of LP 656-38 eBattle of DM-3-1123 bBattle of CE-10-2165-dBattle of G617 g1Battle of the Maginot SphereBattle of the Halo Array
LibrarianDidact032 Mendicant BiasOffensive BiasGravemind
TerminalsKeyshipThe ArkMaginot Sphere
Primary Pioneer GroupAdvance Survey Team-AlphaEmergency Circumstance FleetSuppression FleetSecurity FleetForerunner Fleet Command

Flood Wars

Covenant Wars

Human Wars

See Also

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

War is the Wrestling Championship Federation's Rumble type Pay-Per-View. It is held whenever a new version of WCF opens or in March, depending on if the version stays open for more than a year. The winner of a Version-starting War will become WCF Champion, and the winner of any thereafter in the same version will have a guaranteed shot at the World Title at a PPV of their choosing.

The War match itself is almost the same as the rumble but eliminations only occur when someone is pinned or gives up. Wrestlers enter at a contstant rate (e.g. one minute, thirty seconds etc.) until all entrants are in the match.



Promotion Wrestling Championship Federation
Date January 6, 2002
Pay-per-view chronology
War chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} WCF War III {{{nextevent2}}}

WCF War III was held on the 6th of January, 2002.

  • War Match
Entrant Eliminated by
1 Pagan 2 Logan
2 Hellz Angel 1 Pagan
3 The G-Funk Kid 4 Creeping Death
4 Dragula 3 The G-Funk Kid
5 Logan - WINNER
6 Creeping Death 5 Killer Instinct
7 Whyte Zombie 6 Katie
8 Katie 7 Cyrus
9 Killer Instinct 10 Logan
10 Cyrus 14 Logan
11 Outcast 8 Cyrus
12 Joel Ruby 9 Cyrus
13 Dan Dive 13 Seth Lerch
14 Red Baron 11 Killian
15 Killian 12 Dan Dive
16 Seth Lerch 17 Logan
17 Death 15 Seth Lerch
18 Mystyk Devil 16 Logan

War V

Promotion Wrestling Championship Federation
Date May 30, 2004
Pay-per-view chronology
War chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} WCF War V {{{nextevent2}}}

WCF War V was held on the 30th of May, 2004.

  • War Match
    • Epic wins War V.
Entrant Eliminated by
1 Logan 21 Trent Hunter
2 Dake Ken 22 Trent Hunter
3 Reckless Jack 2 Creeping Death
4 Suicide 6 Outcast
5 Wreck 1 Dake Ken
6 Klubber Klabanski 5 Suicide
7 Nate Nytro 4 Klubber Klabanski
8 Outcast 23 Epic
9 Creeping Death 3 Nate Nytro
10 Priest 7 Gravedigger
11 Jason Tilley 9 Sylk Walker
12 Trent Hunter 24 Epic
13 Electra 8 Trent Hunter
14 Gravedigger 17 Bishop
15 Sylk Walker 13 Gravedigger
16 Epic - WINNER
17 Fugitive 11 Gravedigger
18 Chief Bald Eagle 12 Gravedigger
19 Neo 19 Dake Ken
20 Burn Out 20 Outcast
21 Joe Kaucasian 10 Gravedigger
22 Bishop 18 Epic
23 Twister 15 Burn Out
24 Portal 14 Logan
25 Gayfather 16 Dake Ken
  • Steel Cage Match
    • Madd Dog went to a No Contest with Seth Lerch. Dogg hung Seth from the cage with cable wire afterwards.

War VI

Promotion Wrestling Championship Federation
Date January 22, 2006
Pay-per-view chronology
WCF War VI Till Death Do Us Part
War chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} WCF War VI {{{nextevent2}}}

WCF War VI was held on the 22nd of January, 2006. The theme song was Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

Entrant Eliminated by
1 Burn Out 1 Dark Prophet
2 Dark Prophet 13 Logan
3 Creeping Death 3 Reckless Jack
4 Jon Michaels 2 Creeping Death
5 Wreck 4 Davey Ortega
6 Logan - WINNER
7 Reckless Jack 6 Tommy Havock
8 Kurtis Victory 15 Tommy Havock
9 Tommy Havock 16 Dake Ken
10 Davey Ortega 11 Dake Ken
11 Seth Lerch 5 Davey Ortega
12 Rick Mad 7 Tommy Havock
13 Rage 8 Big Country
14 Road Rage 9 Big Country
15 Dake Ken 17 Logan
16 Big Country 14 Kurtis Victory
17 Ripper 10 Kurtis Victory
18 Nate Nytro 12 Dake Ken


Promotion Wrestling Championship Federation
Date March 18, 2007
Pay-per-view chronology
Till Death Do Us Part WCF War VII Blast!
War chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} WCF War VII {{{nextevent2}}}

WCF War VII was held on the 18th of March, 2007.

Entrant Eliminated by
1 Danny Vice 18 Bobby Cairo
2 Davey Ortega 4 Skyler Striker
3 J.J. Biggs 5 Outcast
4 Jayden Sarek 1 J.J. Biggs
5 Bobby Cairo 21 Skyler Striker
6 Outcast 13 Lawnmower Jones
7 Conrad Howell 2 J.J. Biggs
8 Mike Corrall 3 Danny Vice
9 Lawnmower Jones 20 Bobby Cairo
10 Skyler Striker - WINNER
11 Adam Knite 12 TVO/TXO
12 Thunder 11 Skyler Striker/Danny Vice
13 Matthew Clark 8 Adam Knite
14 Rick Mad 6 Biohazard
15 Biohazard 19 Lawnmower Jones
16 Dylan Ryder 7 Bobby Cairo
17 Safestyle Jack 9 Creeping Death
18 Creeping Death 17 Lawnmower Jones
19 Mike Ragnal 16 Skyler Striker
20 Chris Avery 10 Creeping Death
21 The Violent One 14 Danny Vice
22 The Xtreme One 15 Bobby Cairo
  • MCE Showcase
    • Dehart def. Nate Nytro & Jaa Panom
WCF Pay-Per-Views
One | Till Death Do Us Part | War | Blast! | Payback | Timebomb | Explosion | Aftermath | Ultimate Showdown | School of Pain | XIII | Helloween | Revenge

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From Lostpedia

A key theme on Lost is that of conflict. While conflict can also define internal struggles, in this article it concerns the instances of fights, attacks and battles on the Island. In this way, it highlights the tensions and recurring rivalries that exist between characters.


Major confrontations

DHARMA vs. The Hostiles

Richard waits for the toxic gas to disperse. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The first major conflict we know of on the Island was between the Island's original inhabitants, the Hostiles (a.k.a. The Others), and the DHARMA Initiative. These two groups have fought many skirmishes and battles. In the end, the Hostiles, also known as the Others, conquered DHARMA with one swift stroke, known as the Purge. The Purge ended the conflict between the Others and the DHARMA Initiative. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

  • The reason that these scientists and experimentalists were on the Island is a question that remains vague, but some hints have been given about why they were on the Island. The Numbers are the key part to the Valenzetti Equation, which is one of the main focuses of the Hanso Foundation. Hanso claims that humanity can be saved by changing these numbers through different environmental manipulations. He also reveals that the Island was used as a research station to attempt such a manipulation to change the Numbers. (Sri Lanka Video)
  • It was later on revealed that Station 5, the Pearl, was a psychological station. The two members inside of the station had to record everything that other DHARMA members did in the other stations by viewing them through nine surveillance monitors. (Pearl Orientation Film)
  • Although some information has been revealed about the purpose of these scientific research stations, they are still shrouded in mystery, which makes it more mysterious about the Initiative's true purpose for being on the Island.
  • The natives of the Island, known as the Hostiles, thought that DHARMA was impeding on their land. DHARMA, however, continued to build stations and bring new scientists and researchers to the Island. By now it became clear that one side had to go...one side had to be 'purged'. The Hostiles used nerve gas to kill all of the DHARMA members who were at the Barracks. Ben led the Hostiles in this purge against DHARMA. It is still unknown whether any DHARMA members survived the Purge and are still living on the Island. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The Survivors vs. The Others

The dynamite explodes. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The next conflict on the Island was the battle between the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the Others. The Others first became known to the Tailies when, on the second day, they attacked the camp and kidnapped two of them. ("The Other 48 Days")

  • Later it became known that the Others had infiltrated the beach camp. Ethan Rom had pretended to be a survivor, even though he had been sent by Ben to infiltrate the camp ("A Tale of Two Cities") During Ethan's time at the beach camp, he established a trust with Jack by conversing with him about his worries for Claire and her pregnancy, since he claimed that his wife died during childbirth. ("Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack") Charlie nevertheless killed Ethan, before they could extract any information from him. ("Homecoming")
  • Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are brought to a DHARMA station, known as the Hydra. Sawyer and Kate work tediously on a runway at the quarry, while Jack remains underwater, being manipulated by Ben and Juliet to convince him to do the spinal surgery for Ben. ("A Tale of Two Cities") Jack agrees to do the surgery, after seeing Kate together with Sawyer. Jack tells Ben that he'll only agree to perform the surgery if he gets him off this island. Ben replies, "done". ("I Do") Jack's agreement to do the surgery for the Others' leader is a ploy to get Kate and Sawyer to escape from Hydra Island. Jack makes an incision in Ben's kidney, which gives Kate and Sawyer one hour to escape. ("Not in Portland") Jack is taken back to the main island on a trawler along with Ben and the Others. They arrive at the Barracks, which is the home of the Others. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
  • Later on, when Jack had been taken to the Barracks, Jack reminds Ben about their 'deal' that he would get a ticket off the Island. Ben tells Jack that there may be a day when he will want to return to the Island, but Jack doesn't think so. ("King of the Castle")
  • The Others continued to terrorize, kidnap, and kill the survivors. It wasn't until Day 90 when the survivors of Flight 815 made a final stand against the Others. Juliet was a mole sent by Ben, ("One of Us") but she told Jack what Ben wanted her to do. ("Operation: Sleeper") Jack and Juliet made a plan along with Rousseau. They got dynamite from the Black Rock, and told the rest of the survivors their plan. ("Greatest Hits")
  • On Day 90, the survivors prepared for their final stand against the Others. Ben sent a team of the ten best Others, lead by Ryan Pryce. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin were the three survivors who stayed behind to defend the camp. The survivors managed to kill seven Others with the dynamite, but Jason, Ryan, and Tom survived and took the survivors hostage. Hurley came to the rescue with his DHARMA van and killed Ryan. Sayid broke Jason’s neck, and Sawyer shot an unarmed Tom. Ten Others died as a result. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The Survivors vs. The Mercenaries

The freighties attack the Barracks. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

The names of the parachutists who were aboard the Kahana were revealed through clues and code names that were released via the internet in January 2008. The man who sent the group of people on the freighter, Matthew Abaddon, was also reavealed through clues on ABC's alternate reality game. (Find 815)

  • Miles revealed that he has his own agenda on the Island, and asks Ben specifically for 3.2 million dollars. Charlotte and Daniel remained at the beach camp with the survivors. ("Eggtown")
  • Charlotte and Daniel ran off into the jungle, and are pursued by Jack, Juliet, and Kate. Kate found them in a clearing, and is knocked unconscious by Charlotte. Jack and Juliet found her, and continued to pursue Dan and Charlotte. One of the Others, Harper, encountered them in the jungle, and told Juliet her orders from Ben. Juliet went to the Tempest to kill Charlotte and Daniel, but it turns out that they were trying to stop the toxic gas from contaminating the Island's atmosphere. ("The Other Woman")
  • On day 97, a group of freighter mercenaries, lead by Martin Keamy invaded the Barracks to apprehend Ben Linus. Before reaching the Barracks, the mercenaries fatally shot Karl and Danielle Rousseau and took hostage Alex as the three were hiking to the security of the Temple. The mercenaries commenced an assault on the Barracks, shooting and killing Doug, a blonde woman, and Jerome. They then destroyed Claire's house with a rocket-propelled grenade. (Claire survived the explosion and was rescued from the rubble by Sawyer.) The mercenaries then ceased fire as Sawyer brought Claire to Ben Linus's house, revealing Ben's hiding place. The mercenaries released Miles from his imprisonment in the boat house, giving him a walkie and sending him to Ben's house. Keamy used the walkie to negotiate with Ben, ordering him to come out and give himself up to the custody of the mercenaries. After Ben's refusal, a mercenary brought Ben's daughter Alex to Keamy, and he held her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her if Ben did not give himself up. When Ben again refused to comply, Keamy shot Alex in the head. Ben promptly summoned the Monster, and it indiscriminately attacked the mercenaries. ("The Shape of Things to Come")
  • Mayhew, one of the mercenaries, later died of his wounds shortly after the helicopter flight back to the Kahana. ("Something Nice Back Home")
  • The mercenaries return to the freighter, and Keamy goes to meet Kevin Johnson. He tries shooting Michael with his gun, but it won't fire. Keamy demands to be taken back to the Island by Frank, but Captain Gault holds him at gunpoint. Keamy then shoots and kills Gault, and Frank agrees to return the mercenaries to the Island. ("Cabin Fever")

The Others vs. The Mercenaries

Alpert and the Others after the battle ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

The Others, led by Jacob and Benjamin Linus were prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the Island from the people that came to destroy it. Since Jacob and Ben were not with the Others at the time the freighter people arrived, Richard Alpert took on the lead position of the Others. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

  • Kate ran to Keamy and the other mercenaries, claiming to have been running away from the Others. The freighter mercenaries start searching for them, but one of the Others kills Kocol, and Lacour soon is killed as well, but not before firing shots in the air to warn the other mercenaries. Gunfire is exchanged from both sides. A grenade is thrown by the Others and lands at Keamy's feet, he kicks it away, and it explodes, killing Omar. Ben and Kate run away, but are chased fervently by Keamy. Sayid comes and tackles Keamy, and a vigorous fight ensues. Eventually, Keamy overcomes Sayid, coming close to killing him, but Richard comes from behind, shooting him twice in the back. The shots did not kill him since he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Keamy made his way to the Orchid, in pursuit of Ben. He encountered Locke, but was killed by Ben to avenge the death of his daughter. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Survivors/Science team vs. The Hostiles

  • After the Oceanic Six left on the helicopter, the survivors (along with Juliet and three members of the Science team) are confronted by an a faction of the Hostiles who send a volley of flaming arrows down on them. The first to be killed by this volley was Neil "Frogurt", who was hit multiple times in the chest and back. The survivors made a mad dash for the creek, and there appeared to be at least three more deaths. ("The Lie") The Hostiles apparently did this because they believed the survivors were U.S Military personnel. ("Jughead")
  • As Sawyer and Juliet made their way to the creek, three armed men (Charles Widmore, Cunningham and Mattingly captured them and questioned them, threatening to cut off Juliet's hands. Locke finds them and rescues them, killing Mattingly. ("The Lie") Widmore later escapes after snapping Cunningham's neck to protect the location of the Other's camp. ("Jughead")
  • The Science team and two other survivors are later ambushed by the Hostiles at the creek. After an accidental detonation of two land mines, only the Science team was alive and taken into captivity. Thus a victory for the Hostiles. ("Jughead")

Survivors/Science team vs. D.H.A.R.M.A initiative

in a cell at the Barracks while the other three were aloud to join the initiative.(Lafleur)

Minor confrontations

Season 1

Jack holds Ethan down after their fight ("Homecoming")  (promotional still)

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Naomi vs. Kate: Not so much as a fight, Naomi dives on top of Kate from her perch on a tree with a knife to her throat, demanding the satellite phone after she was stabbed in the back by Locke, thinking this violent act was from the survivors as a whole. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Jack vs. Locke: Jack, when he meets Locke after he killed Naomi, assaults and pushes him to the ground. Jack grabs his gun before Locke does and aims it at his head and fires, but the gun is empty. Sayid and Sawyer pull Jack away from Locke. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Sawyer vs. Ben: Sawyer attacks Ben when he aggravates him about his choice to leave Kate behind. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Sawyer vs. Ben: Sawyer tackles Ben to the ground after he shoots Charlotte. Luckily, she was wearing a bulletproof vest. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • Charlotte vs. Juliet: Juliet believes that Daniel and Charlotte are trying to poison the whole island, so she points a gun at Faraday. Charlotte attacks Juliet from behind and a fight ensues. ("The Other Woman")
  • Keamy vs. Michael: Keamy confronts Michael after learning that he is the saboteur, and knocks a bed down onto Michael's leg. He then tries to shoot Michael, but his gun doesn't fire, so he simply pistol-whips him. ("Cabin Fever")
  • Ben vs. Keamy: Keamy arrives in The Orchid station and begins taunting Ben about his daughter's death. Ben attacks Keamy from behind, stunning him with his telescopic baton and stabbing him to death. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

  • Sayid vs. two unknown men: When Sayid takes Hurley from the mental institution they go to sayid's safehouse which had already been broken into by two men armed with tranquilizer gun's.Sayid easily threw the first man off the balcony of his safehouse while the other shot Sayid with a dart but Sayid tripped him onto a knive in the open dishwasher.(Because You Left)
  • Sayid vs. Tony Nagy: After the previous fight,hurley brought Sayid to St.Sebastian where a male nurse by the name of Tony Nagy pretended to get an injection into Sayids IV line but instead turn around with a tranquilizer gun expecting sayid to be suprised. But Sayid had expected this and snuck up on Tony and began to strangle him and once Tony revealed that he had something in his wallet Sayid got up and shot tony in the chest with two tranquilizer darts.(The Little Prince
  • Juliet vs. DHARMA Worker:When Sawyer Juliet and Kate are on the Sub Juliet knocks out a sailor with her feet.(The Incident parts 1 & 2)
  • Jack vs. Sawyer:When Jack refuses to Sawyer to stop his plan to blow up "Jughead" Sawyer begins to punch jack in the face.Jack punches Sawyer to the ground.He gets back up charges jack into a tree but Jack knees and punches Sawyer to the ground again.Jack begins to convince Sawyer to give up.But sawyer kicks jack in the groin and smashes his head with a large branch.Sawyer gets on Jack's chest and asks him one last time if he will stop once Jack says no Sawyer begins beating him sensless but eventually Juliet breaks up the fight.


Locke falls eight stories ("The Man from Tallahassee")

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Horsemen of War


Alternate Realities Horsemen of Pestilence

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The term Wars can refer to any of the following:

Any conflict in the Wars and Battles category, most notably the God Wars - Wars fought between RuneScape gods.

It may also refer to:

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ST Expanded

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This is a list of all military conflicts that have occurred from the distant past to the far future, organized by date.


Conflicts of the distant past

Conflicts of the 19th century

Conflicts of the 20th century

Conflicts of the 21st century

Conflicts of the 22nd century

Conflicts of the 23rd century

Conflicts of the 24th century

Conflicts of the possible future

26th century

28th century

31st century

Conflicts with indeterminate dates

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This is a list of known battles, wars, disputes, and other deadly conflicts, in chronological order.


Early history

Unification Wars (Republic) (c. 25,053 BBY)

The Great Schism (24,500 BBY)

Tionese War (24,000 BBY)

Duinuogwuin Contention (15,500 BBY)

Pius Dea Crusades (12,00011,000 BBY)

Hundred-Year Darkness (7,000 BBY)

The Unification Wars (Koros)

Great Hyperspace War (5,000 BBY)

Pre-Great Sith War conflicts

Great Sith War (4,000–3,996 BBY)

Great Hunt (3,99593 BBY)

Cleansing of the Nine Houses

Kanz Disorders (3,9703,670 BBY)

Mandalorian Wars (3,976 BBY3,960 BBY)

Jedi Civil War (3,9593,956 BBY)

Post-Jedi Civil War conflicts

Great War (3,681 BBY–3,653 BBY)

Cold War (3,653 BBY–?)

The New Sith Wars (2,000–1,000 BBY)

Post-Ruusan Reformation

Separatist Crisis

Clone Wars (22 BBY19 BBY)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Imperial Era

Great Jedi Purge

Galactic Civil War

Early Campaigns



Destruction of the Death Star I

  • Yavin Campaigns

Stalemate – The Blockade of Yavin


Alliance on the Run – After the Evacuation of Yavin IV




Battle of Hoth

Regrouping – Post-Battle of Hoth


Fragmentation of the Empire

Purge of the Imperials – Post-Battle of Endor






Reborn Empire

10 ABY

11 ABY

Post-Reborn Empire

12 ABY

13 ABY

14 ABY

15 ABY

16 ABY

17 ABY

18 ABY

19 ABY and beyond

Pre-Yuuzhan Vong War conflicts

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY30 ABY)

25 ABY

26 ABY

27 ABY

28 ABY

29 ABY

Dark Nest Crisis

Legacy era

Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY41 ABY)

Sith-Imperial War(127 ABY130 ABY)

Second Imperial Civil War

Battles of unknown time period

Cremlevian War battles of unknown placement

Galactic Republic battles of unknown placement

Pre-Clone Wars battles of unknown placement

Clone Wars battles of unknown placement

Imperial Conquest era battles of unknown placement

Galactic Civil War battles of unknown placement

Yuuzhan Vong War battles of unknown placements

Notes and references

  1. "A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance"'
  2. Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel
  3. "Destruction"

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From TibiaWiki

Wars used to be fought for a greater reason. Maybe for justice, maybe for power. One or more powerful guilds just starts to hunt another powerful guild until the members pay to the other guild's leader or disbands the guild.

Wars could take several weeks to end, at the end of the war lots of players had red skulls depending on what side is more agressive. Between great wars that involves a large part of the server, you will often find periods of peace. But sadly, wars go on and heroes just like this day just for walking around.

Before Update 8.5 almost every PvP worlds used to have wars. Then, high skilled guilds used to offer themselves to fight wars for others. Players shared their account with those high skilled players to win wars. Keep in mind that it's an illegal decision and can make you get banished.

But after Update 8.5, the new skull system ended wars. Now wars are fought just for fun. You declare war against the other guild, which can accept or not the declaration. You can decide how long the war will takes, how many kills and how much you or the other guild will pay to the winner. To know more check War System.

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