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Official quest description: A wanted man is on the loose. Can you track him down?
Release date: 17 October 2005 (Update)
Start: Begin by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long (teleports make it much shorter)
Members only: Yes
Items needed:

Recommended items:

Monsters to kill:



Getting started

First, speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Ask if he has any jobs for you. He lets you know that a clerk has made an error and that you're not actually permitted to join the Temple Knights if you're not in the order of the White Knights. It turns out you have to work as a squire for 5 years... or take Sir Tiffy's alternative.

He'll talk for a little longer about a loophole, then he'll ask you to go see Sir Amik Varze in White Knights' Castle. As a side-note, wear a piece of the Initiate armour when you talk to Sir Amik for an extra little bit of fun.

Sir Amik Varze

Find Sir Amik Varze and he'll ask you to become a squire after a small conversation. Decline his offer, and the conversation will continue. It turns out that there needs to be a crisis for you to become a knight, so go report back to Sir Tiffy. Sir Tiffy sometimes does not say anything about a crisis. You'll have to talk to him then go back to Sir Amik. Note: If you accept Sir Amik's offer to become a squire, he will ask you to get him an Asgarnian ale. At this point, you can go speak to Sir Tiffy to continue on with the quest.

Head on back to Sir Amik. He tells you the news that a criminal named Solus Dellagar is back, the "infamous murder-mage." Follow the very unclear conversation through to the end and accept his mission.


A player scanning with the Commorb.

Go back to Sir Tiffy. It turns out you're just the "agent." Now you'll have to either have him make an item, called a Commorb, for you or you could just buy one from him for 10,000 coin. Give him a law rune, a slayer gem, and a molten glass and Sir Tiffy will make it for you. It is needed for the whole quest.

You can choose these options on your Commorb:

  • Scan - once in range, you can scan for Solus Dellagar to find him.
  • Contact - allows you to contact Savant.
  • Use - just your normal, everyday "use" option.
  • Playback - will give you your current and past assignments.

Contact Savant and she tell you that you should investigate the Taverley Dungeon where the Black Knights supposedly are and you should also take a look at the Zamorak mage that is interested in Runecrafting.

Taverley Dungeon

Head over to the Taverley Dungeon. If you go to the western bank in Falador, you can use the agility shortcut and keep heading north towards Taverley till you see the Taverley Dungeon ladder. Climb down the ladder and follow the trail past the Skeletons and then open the gate on the right, in between the level 19 Suits of Armour. Go straight and past the Magic axes, Poison Scorpions, Chaos dwarves, and finally past the Hill giants and into the Black Knight's rooms. In the south-western most room is Lord Daquarius. If you talk to him, he tells you nothing. Savant advises you not to try to bluff him into giving you something. Go kill a level 33 Black Knight and he'll give in, begging you not to kill any more of his men. He tells you that Solus is in a place with a lot of fur that is not Bear fur.

Note: it won't count if you kill a Black Knight before talking to Lord Daquarius, leaving after killing a Black Knight, or getting interrupted during the ensuing conversation.

Zamorak mage

Talk to the Zamorak mage inside the Chaos Temple in Varrock (not to be mistaken for the Chaos Temple in level 12 Wilderness. If you have not already started the Mage of Zamorak miniquest you will first have to go to talk to the Zamorak Mage north of Edgeville. You can find him at the end of the river, just north of Edgeville). Make sure you are not wearing Guthix armour or Saradomin armour or the Zamorak mage will not speak to you. The Zamorak mage tries to trade for your Commorb, but Savant doesn't let him. He offers to trade his information for 20 un-noted Rune essence. Your character very smartly figures out Solus Dellagar is in Canifis.

Note: You do not need to talk to the Mage in the Wilderness to continue this part of the quest. However, you must give him twenty rune essence in one time in order for him to accept them.

Chasing Solus Dellagar

Now go to Canifis and Scan with your Commorb.

From this point on, you'll be chasing Solus throughout RuneScape

, and each time you find him you'll receive an item. That item is a hint for where to go next. These items are always random, so here's a list of items that you may receive, along with where you should go:
Solus's Flames of Zamorak spell hitting a 57 on a player.


  • At one point when you find Solus Dellagar (around the third encounter), he will become irritated by your perseverance and hit you with a particularly strong (up to 96 hp, depends on your level) Flames of Zamorak. Protect from magic cannot block the spell, but Savant will fortunately prevent the spell from killing you (you will still be severely damaged). You will be teleported back to Falador, in the White Knight's Castle with all of your items.
  • Solus may also teleport you various places.
  • Prior to getting the 20 noted Rune Essence/Pure Essence, Solus will summon a level 32 Black Knight to take you out. You may kill it if you wish, however it does not matter, as it will disappear if you leave the scanning area.
  • After you finish this quest, every item you receive from this section will be kept.

Eventually you should get some Rune Essence, so head off to whichever Rune Essence mine teleport spot you want. Once you enter, a cutscene will occur. After the cutscene, Savant will summon some rangers to attack, but Solus Dellagar kills them all with Ice Barrage, dealing 70 damage to the Temple Knights. After that, Solus will be greatly weakened. Finish off Solus Dellagar yourself. Solus is fairly easy, with no specific combat level, 54 hp, and he only uses melee due to being weakened. Once he is defeated, you will get his hat. Talk to Sir Amik Varze in Falador and hand over Solus's hat. Quest complete! Sir Amik will explain to you about the new armour system and killing Black Knights.


Wanted Reward


Music tracks unlocked:


  • When scanning at the third location, your character will say "Dead or alive, you're coming with me" this is a reference to the Robocop films from the 80's and 90's
  • If you choose to become Sir Amik's squire, amusingly, he will ask you to fetch a pint of Asgarnian Ale, yet, it seems as though no matter how often you turn it in to him, he'll simply ask you to fetch him some more, ad infinatum.
  • In the Quest the line "Suckers" is used. This was blocked by the chat filter if a player attempts to say it. Due to a recent update to the chat filter, players may now say "Suckers"
  • The Black Knight that Solus summons used to look like the old style. Now it looks like an ordinary Black Knight.
  • When Solus summons the Black Knight he says "Say hello to my little friend.". This is a reference to the movie "Scarface".
  • Even if the player wears a Face mask he/she'll still cough from the smoke thrown at the Champion's Guild.
  • Even though there is evidence that the player killed Solus, the game tells you that he was apprehended by the Temple Knights and is currently being interrogated.
  • Some players do this quest to boost their Slayer up, the 5000 xp gained from this quest will take slayer from level 1 to level 20
  • If a player talks to Sir Amik about becoming leaving the Temple Knights while wearing Initiate Armour, Sir Amik will point this out, and the player will say that they like the armour and kept it.
  • When Solus punches the player, the player will say "Did someone catch the number of that wagon?" Referring to the license plate of a vehicle.
  • Players are able to start the quest without the completion of Priest in Peril or The Lost Tribe, but they won't be able to follow Solus to Morytania or the Dorgeshuun mine.
  • When Solus casts the spell, "Ice Barrage" it takes 70 hitpoints off the temple white knights but the barrage max hit is only 45.
  • Only Solus' hat being left may be a reference to Star Wars a New Hope when Obi-Wan-Kenobi is killed and only his robe is left.

Knight Rankings

In order to increase your ranking, you must kill a certain number of Black Knights. You start off as a Novice at 100 kills, and as you kill more knights, you'll advance in rank.

  • No rank - 0 Black Knights
  • Novice - 100 Black Knights
  • Peon - 200 Black Knights
  • Page - 300 Black Knights
  • Noble - 500 Black Knights
  • Adept - 800 Black Knights
  • Master - 1,300 Black Knights

Players can check their rank in the Wanted! quest journal. In addition, the game window will tell you when you've reached a new rank, such as "Congratulations! you are now a White Knight Adept!". The Knight rankings are necessary to buy White Knight Equipment, each new rank unlocks better equipment for purchase. Players can also lower their rank by killing White Knights. Each White Knight killed subtracts one Black Knight kill from a player's rank.

After the update on 26 November 2008, players may kill Elite Black Knights to raise their ranks. Killing an Elite Black Knight counts as 10 normal Black Knight kills.

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