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For the location, see Great Wanamingo Mine.
variations: Wanamingo Queen
Wanamingo Egg
Mutant Wanamingo
location: Core Region

Wanamingo and Wanamingo Queen

Wanamingo Egg

Wanamingos are strange mutant animals that live mostly underground. They are also often called aliens, due to being mistaken for extra-terrestrial beings. They were designed as FEV-tailored weapons for waging war on other countries and they escaped into the wastes[1].

They can live a long time, but they are dying out by 2241. They hatch from eggs laid by the queen, which is larger than the other wanamingos and grey in color. They aren't intelligent in the usual sense, but they do seem to have a hive-mind mentality[2].

The only known queen lived in the Wanamingo Mine in Redding, owned by Ascorti. All "aliens" living in that mine were killed by the Chosen One in 2242. Some other wanamingos/aliens could be found in the desert, and in the San Francisco tanker. The name "wanamingo" was originally only used locally in Redding, but eventually came to be used for the species as a whole elsewhere as well.




Beware of the wanamingos as they are fast, have a high damage resistance and hit multiple times. They have a weakness though, they retreat from battle if one of their legs gets crippled. Flamers will also become your best friend, as they possess almost no fire resistance and must get close to attack.

The grey wanamingo queen can lay eggs for the reproduction of the wanamingos. She can usually be found deep underground in her breeding room.


Statistic Value
Strength 8
Perception 7
Endurance 7
Charisma 1
Intelligence 3
Agility 8
Luck 5
XP 500
Derived Statistics
Statistic Value
Carry Weight 225
Sequence 14
Hit Points 110
Healing Rate 2
Armor Class 33
Action Points 9
Critical Chance 15
Unarmed Damage 0
Melee Damage 13
Type Resistance Threshold
Normal 40% 6%
Laser 40% 6%
Fire 5% 0%
Plasma 50% 5%
Explosive 45% 9%
Electrical 55% 3%
EMP 500% 0%
Poison 35%
Radiation 14%
Skill Value
Small Guns 0
Big Guns 0
Energy Weapons 0
Unarmed 48%
Melee Weapons 58%
Throwing 0


Wanamingos appear in Fallout 2.

The Art of Fallout 3, an art book available with the Collector's Edition of the game, includes a new version of wanamingo mutated by radiation although no Wanamingos exist in the game itself.


  • Wanamingos, heads especially, distantly resemble Xenomorphs, the main antagonists of the "Alien" franchise.


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