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race: Human, African-American
affiliation: Megaton
role: Water Plant Operator
location: Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Treatment
Walter's Scrap Metal
SPECIAL: 4ST, 5PE, 4EN, 6CH, 7IN, 4AG, 5LK
base id: 00A64
ref id: 03B59

Walter is a resident of the settlement of Megaton in 2277.



For thirty-five years, he has been working in the Water Processing Plant maintaining and repairing the settlement's water purifier. He's increasingly worried about the state of the purifier and knows it won't hold for much longer - and neither will he. At 61, he's one of the oldest residents of Megaton.

Daily schedule

Walter can be found in the Water Processing Plant almost all day, and sometime he will step outside for some air. Or he is drinking in Moriarity's Saloon.

Interactions with the player character

(main article Walter's Scrap Metal)

Walter will ask the PC to bring any scrap metal he find, and as reward Walter will give the PC caps, XP, and Stimpaks

(main article Treatment)

Walter will ask the PC to fix all the leaking water pipes around Megaton, when finished Walter will give you some caps and XP.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
RobCo Jumpsuit Lead Pipe - -

Related Quests


Walter only appears in Fallout 3.


  • There used to be an issue where Walter (along with other named Megaton residents) would disappear from the town. This has been corrected in the latest patches (not confirmed on PC version 1.5, and remains to be corrected on the ps3 version). Walter was in an outworld place but not dead, so it is possible to move him back in the world with help of the console.
  • Walter will also wander around in the airplane structure on the roof of Lucas Simms' house, which is accessible through a trap door in the ceiling. He might fall from this area while attempting to return to the water processing plant, meeting his demise on the pipes below.
  • If you go behind him and step around him a bit you can actually "drink" from him. It gives you 30 hp and +3 rads. It is seen as a crime which makes Walter attack you.
  • It is possible that after a long time, the dialogue option " what can I do to help out around here?" reappears even if you have already fixed the pipes. If you have repaired the pipes, you can then say the pipes are all fixed. He will ask you to collect scrap metal, give you 200 caps and 100 XP (confirmed PC). It is currently unknown if this bug is repeatable.
  • If you give Walter more than 1000 Scrap Metal pieces, you will be paid for all of them, but only 1000 will be removed from your inventory.
  • Sometimes, when Walter is smoking outside the Water Processing Plant (usually at midnight), you can see he is holding a lead pipe at the same time he holds a cigarette on his right hand.

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