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Battle Information
Battle No. 29
Condition(s) Protect Rapha
Number of teams 1
Team capacity 4 + Ramza
Guest(s) Rafa
Battle formation
X X X . .

X . X X X
X X X . X

Enemies 6 (Marach, 3 Ninja, 2 Summoners)
Enemy level 23-28
Recommended level 25-30
Items of interest None
Additional info None
"A fortress city with some ten centuries of history, protected by thick stone walls built to repel invaders."

Walled City of Yardrow, also known as Yardow Fort City, is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located east of Riovanes Castle and north of the Royal City of Lesalia. As Ramza Beoulve passed through the town on his way to Riovanes, Marach Galthena attempted to ambush him, but the attack failed because Marach's sister, Rapha Galthena, chose to defect as Ramza approached.


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