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A Wall beast is a Slayer monster that requires level 35 Slayer to kill. A Spiny helmet should be used to fight them to prevent major damage. This monster is not very popular, due to the fact that its drops are poor with the exception of the Mystic hat. It is found only in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

This creature is infamous for surprising, and often killing, low-level players in the Lumbridge caves.

The creature's immunity to poison has been confirmed with the use of the Monster examine spell.



The full view of a wall beast is never seen in-game.

When a wall beast attacks a player, only its arm is seen sticking out of the wall. However, in the July 2006 edition of Postbag from the Hedge a player asked for a picture of the wall beast's whole body.[1].

The reply contained no words, only a picture of a grotesque green creature that presumably is the wall beast's true form. It has a somewhat humanoid Cyclopsean structure with atrophic legs (including toenails) but well-developed upper arms, consistent with its living environment. It also has a total of four body piercings in places that would be nipple piercings in humans, two in each side laterally. The abdomen includes a central feature that may be analogous to the navel in humans.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves

Main article: Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Wall beasts are found in Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Players can find wall beasts in Lumbridge Swamp Caves. When walking past one without wearing a spiny helmet, there is a chance it will grab the player by the head and slam him or her against the wall. This will result in 11 to 16 Hitpoints being lost.

Nevertheless, even if the player forgets their spiny helmet, they may still avoid damage from these: move to beside their opening and stop. Make sure run is on, and click beyond their opening. This will cause a player to run by the hole in the wall through which wall beasts reach without receiving damage.

On another note, when slaying wall beasts, it is recommended that players only fight the wall beast closest to the main entrance of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. When a player climbs down the rope, there will be a wall beast lurking in the wall just ahead.

Strengths and weaknesses

Players should wear a spiny helmet whilst fighting wall beasts, otherwise they will grab them by the head and slam them against the wall, removing up to 16 hitpoints.

If players wear a spiny helmet, the grabbing attack will fail. A wall beast's maximum hit on a player wearing a spiny helmet is about 5.

A spiked helmet can be substituted for the spiny helmet or Slayer helmet.

This glitched wall section allows to see the part of the Wall Beast's graphic model that's inside the wall.

Training tips

  • A player can "reset" the wall beast spawn by quickly climbing up the rope of the cavern and then back down -- this is much faster than waiting for the wall beast to respawn by itself.
  • Always remember to wear one of the helmets. (listed above)
  • Don't waste your time trying to poison them.
  • Remember to walk, not run. You will run right past them!
  • They have a respawn time just like all the other monsters in the game, so place yourself near two different holes if not using the rope trick described above.
  • They are located in the Lumbridge swamp caves, so remember a light source.
  • Players may wish to bring an antipoison in case they accidentally encounter a cave slime, which is poisonous.




Charm drop percentages
No Charm


8 - 18%

7 - 15%

17 - 29%

1 - 5%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 129 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Weapons and armour


  1. ^ Postbag 9, RuneScape Knowledge Base - 2006-08-01

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