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Wall in Crisis Core.
For the spell in the Final Fantasy IV, see Reflect.

Wall is a spell that appears in the Final Fantasy series. It usually adds the Protect and Shell status to an ally. In earlier translations of the Final Fantasy series, Wall was the translation for the spell Reflect, as the current version of Wall did not exist until Final Fantasy VII.




Final Fantasy II

Wall first appears as a spell in Final Fantasy II. In this incarnation, Wall is only a upgraded form of the spell Shell.

Final Fantasy VI

Zona Seeker's summon effect, Magic Shield, casts Shell on the party, and was known as Wall in the North American Super NES release.

Final Fantasy VII

Wall is a spell in Final Fantasy VII that can be learned from the Barrier Materia. It adds the Barrier and MBarrier status effects to an ally and costs 58 MP to cast.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Wall can be cast if the player has equipped the appropriate Materia. It halves both physical and magical damage.

Final Fantasy VIII

Wall is a Limit Break usable only by Selphie's Slot Limit. It grants Protect and Shell to the whole party.

Final Fantasy X

Mighty Wall is an item that can be created using Rikku's Mix Overdrive. It bestows Protect and Shell to the allied party.

Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna's Mascot Dressphere can learn and use both Moogle Wall and Moogle Wallja.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Wall is a spell learnt by the White Mage Job class for 400 JP. It costs 24 MP to use and has a speed of 25. In the PS1 version, there is a chance that the caster will say, upon using this spell: "Ancient light, rise and revive! Wall!".

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Although the spell is not called Wall, the Red Mage spell Barrier has the same effect on a ally.


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