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for the character, see Waldo C. Graphic

A waldo is an electronic telemetric input device Muppeteers use to remotely perform characters. Shaped like a Muppet's head, the waldo sends radio signals to a mechanism in the puppet that moves the puppet's mouth in sync with the waldo's mouth. Waldos are sometimes used in conjunction with a computer interface that provides enhanced control of the puppet.

The term "waldo" comes from a 1942 novella written by science-fiction author Robert A. Heinlein. In the novella, a disabled scientist named Waldo builds a robot to amplify his limited abilities. As a tribute to Heinlein, NASA engineers adopted the name "waldo" for many of their early robot control devices, a tradition which was carried on by the Muppets when they began using similar devices.

Waldoes were used prominently on Fraggle Rock (for the Doozers and the Gorgs). They were also used in most Muppet movies, The Jim Henson Hour, and various Creature Shop productions. The performer at the waldo usually provides the voice for the character.

Waldo C. Graphic, the computer generated Muppet, is performed entirely with a waldo; the device also inspired his name.

Waldo was a generic, commonly used term for puppet and animatronic control devices that was used by a variety of different companies and organizations including the Muppets until it was appropriated and registered as a trademark by the Character Shop, a California-based creature effects company. Because of this, while the use of waldo-like devices is widespread in puppetry and visual effects, The Character Shop is the only company in the United States permitted to use the name "Waldo" commercially for puppet control devices.

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This article is about the son of the hero named Wally. For information about the beacon keeper see Waldo (All Fired Up).
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? N/A
Quest NPC? N/A
Location N/A
Sells items? N/A
Skill requirement? N/A
Quest requirement? N/A
Gender Male
Examine N/A
Notable features The son of the hero Wally.

Waldo was the son of Wally, the Varrockian hero that slew the demon Delrith in the year 19 of the Fifth Age.

At the time Wally defeated Delrith, Waldo had yet to be born. Despite this, Waldo would go on to write The Tales of Wally, a book describing his father's life, particularly his defeat of Delrith. Scholars such as Reldo, though, speculate that the book exaggerates many facts.

Waldo's grandson is Sir Prysin, a knight of King Roald.


  • His name could be based on the series of books called "Where's Waldo?," but since no pictures of him are around, it is unknown if he actually looks like him.
  • This could be further supported by the fact that his father, Wally, shares the name of the title character in "Where's Wally?", the book's name outside of North America.
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A cybernetic construct of Mon Calamari design which was used among their submersibles, the waldo allowed the user to control the external appendages to manipulate the environment under the sea.

Behind the scenes

Waldoes were most likely named after the short story "Waldo," by Robert A. Heinlein, which features a man who invents and uses such devices.


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This is a Premiumaccount Quest
Warning: This article may contain quest spoiling information for The Postman Missions Quest. You may choose to show or hide this information.
Also known as: Postman Quest
Reward: Cheaper parcels (10 gp), letters (5 gp), boat fares (10 gp cheaper). 6k discount in The Thieves Guild Quest. Use of locked mailboxes, Post Officer's Hat and Post Horn.
Location: Begins in Kevin's office at the Tibia Postal Service Headquarters, but takes you all over Tibia.
Level required: 0
Level recommended: 25
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: This trip has little risk throughout it until the end. Creatures to encounter are goblins or skeletons, Ice Island creatures, dwarves of sorts, trolls or orcs, and all types of minotaurs.
Legend: It is very hard to become a postman so Kevin has a five step course of Assistant Postman, Postman, Grand Postman, Grand Postman for Special Operations, and Arch Postman.
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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

A waldo is a type of mechanical manipulation device, taking the form of an artificial arm and hand.

The first uses of waldos were to manipulate objects in hostile or dangerous environments, such as in "hot cells" in radiation labs. Later they were used by humans as an alternative (or an adjunct to) artificial limbs. People who were too crippled or injured to use conventional prosthetics could have waldos fitted to their travel chairs. Also, some races (most notibly, some of the Solomani "uplifted" species) must use waldos to substitute for their lack of "hands".

The major example of waldos used by a species is the case of the Dolphins. Early versions (TL 9) were worn as a harness or mounted on a TeeSuit, and were controlled by movements of the tongue and head. They were vary clumsy and weak, only able to move weights of 25 kg or less. They cost Cr150,000 and weigh 20 kg.

At TL 12, medical and robotic advances allow the surgical implanting of neural control plugs in Dolphins. Waldos can then be directly controlled by the brain of the user, becoming far less clumsy. At TL 15, Dolphins using waldos are as adept as humans. Strength is also enhanced, allowing objects of up to 100 kg to be freely manipulated. Cost of the operation is Cr150,000 at TL 12, dropping by Cr15,000 at each subsequent tech level. TL 12 waldos cost Cr250,000 and weigh 10 kg.

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Travellers' Digest No. 13

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