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Waiting for the Sun is the ninth episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



When a shuttle carrying Captain Jonathan Masters crashes on a planet there are only two survivors, Captain Masters and Starfleet Marine Captain Rachel Daley. The two officers find themselves in a predicament when a severe weather system moves in and Captain Masters is injured. Meanwhile the USS Swiftfire-A finds a unusual ship near the front.

Memorable quotes

"Can you swim, Captain?"
"I was in the Academy swim team back in 56. It’s like riding a bike…well, not actually like riding a bike."
— Captain Daley and Captain Masters
"The barman once told me that the only people who come out there are those people trying to get away from something and that’s why he always does good business. There will always be people running from something."
— Jonathan Masters taking about the Outback Pub.
"Q! What are you doing? Where are we?"
"What would you do if I was to tell you this is heaven?"
"If it is then I’d say they need to get a better gatekeeper."
--Masters has another encounter with Q.
"As to whether this is real or all in your head, I have one question for you. Does it matter if the lesson is real or imaginary as long as there is a lesson?"
— Q's answer to whether what Masters is experiencing is real.
"Not exactly how I imagined our first night together would be. I’m a bit old fashioned and I like for the other person to be conscious for at least some of the experience."
— Daley to an unconscious Masters as they shelter from the storm.

Background information

  • The title for this story comes from the song, "Waiting for the Sun" by Powderfinger.
  • This story takes place immediately after the end of "Into the Fire".
  • Q makes his third appearance in the series.
  • Idaris is used as Jadzia's pre-joining name in the episode. That name was taken from the novels, Worlds of Deep Space Nine, however her canon pre-joining name was never established on screen.


USS Adams; Amphlett, Megan; Banner, Caleb; Barrett, Andrea; USS Brisbane; USS Cartwright; Core, George; USS Covington; USS Cunningham; USS Curtin; Daley, Rachel; Davis; Department for the Relocation of Displaced Beings; Douglas, Jennifer; Dreamtime; Fairstar; Fe'yar; USS Fury; USS Gallant; USS Hawk; USS Horatio-A; USS Hylonome; USS James Cook; USS Kenilorea; USS Lissom; USS Mabo; Majestic; Majestic-class; McKenzie, Melissa; USS Melbourne; USS Midway; Molloy, Peter; Outback Pub; USS Pacific; USS Quivira; USS Resolution; USS Rudd; S'hal; Sanctuary District; Sato; shark; USS Sherman; Smith, Edward; snake; USS Sparrow; Starbase 381; USS Stingray; USS Swiftfire-A; USS Swiftsure; Task Force 59; USS Tirpitz; USS Torres Strait; tropical cyclone; USS Venture; Werfel, Xavier; USS Winston; USS Young; Yulerian; USS Zeus

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