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The Ravager
Real Name
Wade LaFarge
Current Alias



Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) (half-brother), "Frannie" LaFarge (mother, deceased), Adeline Kane (ex-half-sister-in-law, deceased), Ravager (Grant Wilson) (half-nephew, deceased), Jericho (half-nephew), Ravager (Rose Wilson) (half-niece)






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First appearance
Appearance of Death




Personal History

Wade LaFarge was the psychotic younger half-brother of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke the Terminator). As a child, he felt resentful of and inferior to Slade, who often looked out for him. In adulthood, Wade would meet a woman named "Adeline Kane," become smitten with her, and have a relationship with her for awhile. However, his somewhat abusive tendencies drove her away, and she joined the special forces. Funnily enough, she would meet Slade Wilson there, and the two, unaware of their mutual connection to Wade, would fall in love and get married. This drove Wade over the edge, and he kidnapped both of Slade and Addie's children, toddlers Grant and Joe, and tried to brainwash them into believing their father was an evil man. Right before he could do any permanent damage to the family, his own mother, "Frannie," shot him off of a cliff. He was presumed dead, but the cold cauterized his wounds and he survived.
Wade became obsessed with destroying Slade and Addie's relationship, so he could win her back for himself. He hired the mercenary known as "The Jackal," another man with a grudge against Slade, to kidnap the Wilson children and force Slade to reveal his double-life as Deathstroke to Addie. Although he was unsuccessful in winning his love back, he did succeed in destroying the pair's marriage. He did not, however, intend for young Joseph's throat to be slit in the process (turning the boy into a mute).

Deathstroke the Hunted

In his next appearance, to strike further against Deathstroke, Wade began systematically murdering his closest friends and relatives. To strike deeper into Slade's psyche, he adopted the identity of "The Ravager," the costume Grant Wilson had been wearing when he died[1] (a death Deathstroke still blamed himself for). As the Ravager, he murdered Slade's ex-lover "Sweet" Lili Worth, his informant Maurice, his technician "Squirrel," and even Wade's own mother "Frannie," Deathstroke's trusted ally and confidante. This was coordinated with efforts by the Crimelord to discredit Deathstroke by framing him in a presidential assassination scandal.[2]
Although Deathstroke was able to prove his innocence, it was a short while before he was able to bring the mysterious "Ravager" to justice. The conflict ended in a showdown between all three members of the love triangle, including Addie, who had gone insane and donned a Vigilante outfit. Addie was believed killed during the battle, and Ravager was taken by the authorities, now hating Slade more than ever.[3] Addie would later revive however, and for awhile become Mistress of the H.I.V.E., where she was was later killed out of mercy by Starfire.[4]


Later, Ravager was offered $100,000 by an anonymous source to perform a hit on Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke and Lili Worth. He brutally murdered her foster parents, but was interrupted by the Teen Titans, who claimed they had received an anonymous tip. The whole group was knocked out with Halothane gas, and Rose and the Ravager both woke up in Deathstroke's den. Deathstroke made amends with his daughter, and offered to her that they could rekindle their relationship, and turn the Ravager legacy into something good again instead of something bad. He took her on as her apprentice, and let her first kill be the man who murdered her mother. Rose Wilson killed Wade with Deathstroke's sword, and would go on to become the fourth Ravager in his stead.[5]

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Advanced Hand-to-Hand combatant and Excellent Marksman

Strength level

Normal human male who engages in regular intensive exercise



Guns and Explosives


  • Wade LaFarge is the third of four people to assume the "Ravager" identity. The others have been:

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