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WCSF Mayhem is one of the two main recurring shows produced by the WCSF. It is sometimes seen as the flagship program of the WCSF, due to its longer period of existance over Unleashed.


Show History

Hosting the entire WCSF roster, Mayhem was the only recurring program for the WCSF, starting from this show: and continued to provide high impact action week after week, including such names as Chris Cameron and Jason Daniels.

The first Mayhem opened with a sort of teaser promo by backstage reporter Steve Spielman, and went on to include promos by Cameron and matches that included such characters as The Executioner and The Valentine Kid. Most of the characters featured in this show would be fired within weeks, but several were kept that became mainstays in the WCSF for a long time: Cameron, Daniels, The Executioner, Jason Williams, the tag team [[TWF],]and John Zhilone.

Mayhem has had only two general managers throughout its entire existence, most of the time it being Jay Jameson. But for a period of several months in 2005, David Logan, now a Hall of Famer, was the General Manager after a storyline in which Jameson was fired. Eventually, this led to a feud between the two GMs, who were forced to exist, which culminated in a 5-on-5 elimination match between Team Jameson and Team Logan at WCSF Annihilation to determine who would stay GM and who would be fired, which Team Logan lost. After a teary goodbye to Logan, it was unknown when he would be seen again. Of course, Logan has come back in a wrestling capacity, and Jameson continues to be the General Manager of Mayhem to this day.

Mayhem, for a long period of time, had an undercard show called High Voltage, in which newer characters could display their worth to the company in simply-booked matches. This strongly benefited characters such as Brian Davis, Alex Morgan, Daz, and the Carnage Crew, who may never have had the chance to make it on Mayhem without such an opportunity.


Memorable Moments

Expansion of the WCSF

Touring all across America and even Europe, the WCSF began to make a name for itself, attracting more talent from many areas of the wrestling world, Merrick Brycen being a prime example. This influx of newer talent called for a change in displaying the wrestlers accquired - not enough space was on Mayhem to allow for this, and so Mayhem had competition with the WCSF for the first time in Unleashed, with the draft taking place after Revolution II, on the 13th of April 2006:

The Aftermath of the Brand Split

With the formation of WCSF Unleashed, Mayhem now had to make up for some losses. Although Dynamite stayed on Mayhem and kept the WCSF Heavyweight Championship on the show, along with keeping Matt Falcon and the WCSF International Championship; Jameson had lost both the WCSF Tag Team Championship and the WCSF Crusierweight Championship with the rest of the cruiserweights (except for Vincent Viazon) - which caused a slight rift for Mayhem's title scene until Jameson introduced the WCSF Mayhem Tag Team Championships, crowning Los Illuminados as the champions after winning a tag-team tournament.

Aside from titles, the Brand Split also split apart a destructive unit in Reaper and Oblivion, put Vincent Viazon on a path without a chance to claim the Crusierweight Championship and brought up a competitive spark between Mayhem and Unleashed that has become an almost endless battle that continues to this day to determine the superior brand.

In early 2009, The brands were united once again as members of both shows would appear on both Rampage and Mayhem for the foreseeable future as the WCSF lost several big names due to wellness policy violations.

Mayhem Roster

  • Jay Jameson - General Manager
  • Pete Daniels - Play By Play Announcer
  • Troy Schumacher - Color Commentator
  • Ian Maverick - Backstage Correspondent

Current Champions

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