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The Vyrewatch are the vampyric secret police that receive blood tithes from the population of Morytania and suppress any resistance to the Drakan overlords. They patrol the skies of Meiyerditch and will ask the player for a blood tithe. Players are given a choice of attempting to escape, agreeing to give the tithe, or being sent to the mines.

Vyrewatch have combat levels ranging from 85 to 140. Vyrewatch can be fought; however, they are currently immune to all weapons, except the Ivandis flail. This is due to their mind-reading ability, which allows them to predict the enemy's attack intentions and easily dodge swings from normal weapons. Flails, though, are very difficult weapons to handle even by the most experienced fighters, so the attack almost never goes exactly as the user intended, rendering the Vyrewatch's prediction ability ineffective. During the Legacy of Seergaze quest, Kael Forshaw states that a mercenary tried killing a Vyrewatch using a Verac's flail, but it didn't work because it wasn't made of silver. Vyrewatch are not affected by Poison. When killed with the Ivandis flail, they will always drop a Vyre corpse. They never drop Vyrewatch clothing despite obviously wearing it.

When Vyrewatch are at half health, they can be frozen with the special attack of the Ivandis flail, Retainer. When frozen, Guthix balance potion can be used on them to deal around 15 damage.

If you freeze a Vyrewatch with the Ivandis flail special attack and another Vyrewatch attacks you, you will still attack the frozen Vyrewatch, even though it is a single-combat zone. However, if the effect wears off before you kill the Vyrewatch, your attacker will be the new Vyrewatch, and you cannot attack the original one. Vyrewatch do not have to be frozen to be killed, unlike Vampyre juvenile and Vampyre juvinates. The Vyre corpse they drop can be cremated in the Paterdomus Columbarium.

See Legacy of Seergaze for more details about cremating Vyre corpses.

A Ring of recoil has no effect against the Vyrewatch, nor do any of the Zarosian Ancient Curses.



A player attacking a Vyrewatch while it is on the ground demanding a tithe or menial work from another player.
Talking to a Vyrewatch while it is frozen.
A vyrewatch that landed in the air.
  • Interestingly, if players hover the pointer over a Vyrewatch, as it is taking off, the caption changes to "male flying vampire" or "female flying vampire" for a second.
  • If players freeze the Vyrewatch using the Ivandis flail special, they can use the "talk" option on the Vyrewatch.
  • Using Guthan's armour to fight Vyrewatch would heal the player, but deal no damage to the Vyrewatch. This was fixed in an update and no longer works.
  • If you kill Vyrewatch over the water in the eastern section of Burgh de Rott, they will fall into the water and you will not receive its corpse. This is stated as resolved in the 15 July 2008 Updates (but this is not true).
  • It seems that the level 130 Vyrewatch near the Myreque Hideout in Sanguinesti region can easily be tricked (with around 52 thieving) if you are caught.
  • Vyrewatch can land in the air when you are walking on the wall, and they take an interest in you.
  • If you attack a Vyrewatch on the ground (such as after one takes an interest in you), then when it takes off into the air, you will stop attacking it, and vice versa. The game will recognise the on-the-ground Vyrewatch and the in-the-air Vyrewatch as two different creatures, which means that you cannot directly attack the airborne one after attacking it on the ground.
  • The Vyrewatch are able to fly outside of the map, as can be seen in the easternmost area of Meiyerditch, where they occasionally fly out of the map.
    An off map Vyrewatch
  • The message obtained during Darkness of Hallowvale suggests that the Vyrewatch might not be a race itself, but created from another race. It is suggested that the Vyrewatch might be corrupted Icyene, and the Daeyalt ore might be related to the process. The Icyene lived in part of the lands that Lord Drakan invaded and established his realm of Morytania.
  • The Ivandis flail negates the Vyrewatch's prediction ability because the flail is very difficult to handle 'even by the most experienced fighters'. Despite this, players who become more experienced with the flail (by killing Vyrewatch and cremating their corpses) become more effective against the Vyrewatch. This may imply that the flail experience players gain lets them make even more unpredictable attacks and conjures up images of players truly 'flailing away'...
  • If you do not answer after a Vyrewatch has taken an interest in you, it will walk away on its normal rounds never going back into the air. Once this happens, you can answer without anything happening. It will give you the message "You choose too late; the vyrewatch takes off! You're released from the vampyre's power."

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