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Final Fantasy XII Mark
Level Evade%
41 0
106,616 999
Power Defense
63 24
Magick Power Magick Resist
21 22
Vitality Speed
77 20
EXP Clan Points
0 5,670
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Halves Halves Halves Halves
Wind Earth Dark Holy
Weak Absorb Halves Halves
Japanese ヴィラール
Romaji Virāru
Location Cerobi Steppe (The Northsward)
Bestiary Location Marks
LP Awarded 22
Common Steal Spiral Incisor
Uncommon Steal Charger Barding
Rare Steal Leo Gem
Common Drop None
Uncommon Drop None
Rare Drop None
Very Rare Drop None
Common Poach None
Rare Poach None
Attacks Attack 9-hit max; may inflict Confuse, Lunge, Sonic Fangs
Abilities Haste, Immobilizega, Fireball, Restore, Magick Barrier
Innate abilities Safety, Null Knockback, Null Evade, Spellbreaker,
If Magic Barrier - Magick Shield
If HP <20% - Attack CT = 0
Immune to Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Disease, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Poison, Oil, Sap, Lure, Berserk, Warp, Fractional Damage, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Numerology, Charm, Achilles, Wither, Addle
Other Information N/A

The Vyraal is a Rank V Mark from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in The Northsward area of the Cerobi Steppe.


Clan Primer


Hunt 21: Get My Stuff Back!

Petitioner: Viera Wayfarer
Petitioner's Location: Balfonheim (Whitecap)

  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of a vyraal (Rank V). The petitioner is the viera wayfarer at the Whitecap tavern in Balfonheim.
  • Hunt accepted. The viera wayfarer says she was attacked by the vyraal while on a journey, and had her belongings taken from her. The vyraal is to be found on the Cerobi Steppe.
  • Vyraal defeated with the viera wayfarer's aid, and her belongings recovered. Receive your reward at the Whitecap tavern in Balfonheim.
  • Reward received from the viera wayfarer. Received also a dragon scale that had fallen into the viera's haversack. Perhaps it can be used for something?

Bestiary Entry

Genus: Rank V Mark
Classification: Aevis

"Being a Variety of the Dragon Aevis with Scales of a exceedingly hard Nature. The material of these Scales is known for its Smoothness and Durability, as well as its surpassing Lightness. Though normally given to lurking in Mountain Passes and the like, during Rutting season the Wyrm expands its Range and becomes rather Hostile. A Victim of the Creature's attacks, one Viera Wayfarer, posted a Bill for this Mark."


The Viera Wayfarer will assist the player in battle with some status benefits. It is susceptible to Blind, Silence, and Slow, all of which are valuable in fighting it. It can also be Confused, which may be useful. The ideal spell is Aeroga since it is weak against Wind. During the battle, when Vyraal's HP is halved, it will go the coward's way and escape - he is too fast to catch up, anyway. This would be a good time to recast your buffs, as it will soon return with its HP restored and it may have status buffs of its own, even if it was silenced prior to its quick departure.


  • 3,500 gil
  • Halberd
  • Crystal Shield

The player will also receive the Viera Rucksack after the battle, which the Viera Wayfarer will take back when the hunt is reported. She lets the player keep the Dragon Scale that fell out of it, though. The Dragon Scale is part of the Wyrm Philosopher side quest.

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