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Famous members

Oss Wilum, Zona Luka

Vultans were a Near-Human species native to the planet Vulta. They were physically similar to Humans except for their pale olive skin, and a mass of fleshy cartilage folds, ridges, and strands covering the top and back of their heads. These ridges were said to be able to protect the head of the Vultan against most forms of injury. Male Vultans tended to have folds and ridges on their heads, while females tended to have fleshy strands radiating out from the head. This visible difference was said to have an impact on the Vultans' mating and courtship rituals. As a people, the Vultans were enamored with the latest in trends and fashions, and were known for their skill with technology. Other features include: two toed feet, ridged structures on the upper torso, fin-like growths on the back, and, sometimes, white eyes, lacking pupils and irises. This may signify blindness, which is not an obstacle to a Jedi or Sith career.

Oss Wilum was a famous Vultan who was also a Jedi during the Naddist Uprising.

During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, the Vultan Echari Di'San became leader of the Cularin Trade Alliance, a trade organization that operated in the Cularin system.[1]


Behind the scenes

Vultan is also the name of a character in the Flash Gordon universe - namely Prince Vultan the Hawkman. The Flash Gordon serials have inspired numerous later sci fi universes, such as the Star Wars Universe; and the actor who played Vultan in the movie Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed, later did voicework as Rugor Nass in The Phantom Menace. It is possible that the species of Oss Wilum was named for Prince Vultan in homage to the influence of the Flash Gordon universe upon the Star Wars universe.


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