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Spock performing a Vulcan mind meld.
See also Mind Meld, a TOS novel

The Vulcan mind meld (or mind touch) was a telepathic technique employed exclusively by Vulcans in which the minds of two individuals become a single entity. In the Vulcan language, it was known as Taroon-Ifla. (LUG: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

Typically physical contact was required for a meld, however particularly powerful melders, such as Slovaak, are capable of performing melds remotely (ST video game: Away Team). Melding was a deeply personal experience as the two minds of the medlees are entirely open to each other, however melding can be used as an interrogation technique in which case the melder can block the medlees access to their own mind. Those that learnt this discipline on Vulcan were required to take an oath that they would rather die before violating the privacy of another's consciousness against their will. (TOS novel: Mindshadow)

Melding can be dangerous, particularly so when conducted with a non-Vulcan but it can also be a useful tool, some neurological conditions can be cured by a mind meld. Further, melds often result in part of each of the participant’s knowledge and mental state being transferred to each other and are also the manor in which someone can deposit or obtain a katra.

Tolaris and T'Pol in a mind meld (Fusion)

Despite the practise of melding dating back to the time of Surak, by the mid-22nd century something of a stigma had developed around melding, those who were capable of or practiced melding were seen as an undesirable minority. As a consequence Pa'nar Syndrome, a condition contracted by melding also became taboo subject. Ironically Pa'nar Syndrome can easily be cured by a meld with an experienced melder. Fortunately following reforms on Vulcan in 2154 melding once again became socially acceptable. (Enterprise episodes: Fusion, Stigma and Kir'Shara)

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