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Series: The Original Series, No. 44
Author(s): D.C. Fontana
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: paperback - February 1989
Reprint(s): paperback - August 2006
Pages: 252
ISBN: ISBN 0671656678
Date: 2253
Cover image.
original 1989 cover
cover art unattributed in volume

Spock's first mission aboard the Enterprise!



From the book jacket 
Here is a very special Star Trek novel—from the woman constantly voted by the fans as their favorite writer from the original Star Trek television series!
D.C. Fontana, writer of such classic Star Trek episodes as "Journey to Babel" and "This Side of Paradise", here brings us the never-before-told story of a very young Mr. Spock, on his first mission aboard the USS Enterprise. You'll also meet Captain Christopher Pike and his enigmatic first officer "Number One" (previously seen only in the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage"), as well as the ship's brand new engineering officer, Montgomery Scott.
Vulcan's Glory is the tale of Spock's struggle to reconcile his many obligations - those forced on him by his Vulcan heritage, and those chosen by him upon his enlistment in Starfleet - to balance the wishes of others against the desires of his own heart.



Chapter One

At Ka'a Beach on Kauai, Hawaii, Lieutenant Spock walks barefoot and reminisces about the events surrounding his kahs-wan ritual. He has recently been promoted and assigned to the USS Enterprise, but has received two weeks' leave prior to his new assignment, during which he has been ordered to relax by his previous commanding officer, Captain Daniels of the USS Artemis. Spock receives a message from his father, Sarek, ordering him to return to planet Vulcan.

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USS Enterprise personnel

Spock (referenced also as Selek) • Christopher PikeNumber OneT'Pris • Bob Brien • Davies (Lieutenant Commander) • Caitlin BarryPhilip Boyce • Andela • Orloff • Montgomery ScottPete BryceMyoki TakaharaDaniel ReedEndelZacharia • Sefor • Spahn • George Meadows • Sandson • Ars Dan • Oyama • Blayton • unnamed USS Enterprise personnel (transporter chief, shuttlebay chief)

Other characters

T'Sai Amanda Aduna SarekDaniels (Captain)Sarek • Senak, son of Solen • Solen • StonnT'Pring • Silene • Farnah • Barden Aliat • Melkor Aliat • Andor Clite • Durlin • Berendel • Ingarin • Neepah • Panlow • Sirak • T'Darunnamed Vulcans (the healer)
Referenced only 
Alicia Boyce • Sepel • Senak of Zayus • T'Lan • Sidak • Sorrd • Spens • T'Clar • Stepn • Janeese Carlisle • Arthur Conan Doyle • T'Dess • Sanford Lynch • Edgar Allen Poe

Starships and vehicles

USS ArtemisUSS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • unnamed shuttlecraft (maintenance shuttles, inspection shuttle, passenger shuttle)
Referenced only 
USS LionheartUSS MusashiUSS Yorktown (Constitution-class) • He-shii

Starship types

cuttercruiser • life shell • shuttlecraft


Shipboard or stationbound locations

USS Enterprise 
shuttlebaybridgeengineeringgymnasiumrecreation room • corridor • briefing roomquarters (Spock's, Pike's, Scotty's, Reed's) • turbolifttransporter room (3) • Jefferies tube

Outposts and stations

Starbase 12
Referenced only 
Starbase 13

Planets and planetoids

Areta • EarthGS391Lunaplanet Vulcan
Referenced only 
Ilyria • Delta Indus II

Planetary locations and institutions

Hawaii (Ka'a Beach & Lihue, Kauai; Honolulu) • Pacific Oceanreferenced only: Colorado Springs, ColoradoCalifornia (Carmel; Starfleet Academy, San Francisco; Mojave) • Scotland (Linlithgow, West Lothian) • Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Armstrong Lunaport
Llangon HillsShiKahr • In-Yar • referenced only: Keldeen • Lan • Vulcan Science Academy • Zayus
Sendai • Andasia • Antorin Oasis • Tisirah Oasis • Druncara Range

Stars and star systems

Beta Circinus • Vulcan systemDelta IndusSol (Sol system)

Races and cultures

Aretian • Dioptan • Kelyan • Human (Scots, Indians) • Vulcan
Referenced only 

States and organizations

FederationStarfleetStarfleet CommandVulcan High Council

Vulcan clans

Talek sen-deen • Ansa-sen-tar • Kawarda • Archenida

Technology and weapons

ground car • library computernuclear weapon • pressure suit • short-hopper • shuttlecraftspacedock • space probe • starship • subspace radio • stillsword • targe • transporterturboliftimpulse enginewarp enginewarp nacellecommunicator • message beacon • tricorderfood synthesizerphaseruniversal translatortricordersword • lance • knifedree



ape • ox • dog • fish • dolphinbirduchameercaninsectreptilianle-matyasehlat (I-Chaya)


barrel cactus • grassbonsai • candlestick tree • indukuisukekaranji • oak • birch • maple • rosekerra

Substances and energies

alcoholdilithium • emerald • matteroxygenantimattermetal


gamma ray

Food and drink

sayaSaurian brandy • grape • wine • herb tea • engine room hoochmashfruit • fruit-water • Glenlivet • sweetmeat • tartlet • teawhiskyScotch whiskywaterucha meat stew

Ranks and titles

ambassadorcadetcaptainchiefchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officerdoctorengineerensignfirst officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior gradenavigatorofficerscience officersecond officersecuritysecurity chief • shuttlebay chief • specialist • superintendant • third officertechniciantransporter chiefmaklehshinsei

Other references

astrobiologykeshelkoan • biology • shore leavenation-stateagriculturecredit • Aretian language • Vulcan languagethree-dimensional chesschessmoney • geology • mineralogy • gemology • chooka • smoking • holography • orbitnakh • mutant • DNAVulcan language (Ancient High Vulcan) • astrophysicslanding party • cards • poker • vid • vidrama • Battle of Deen T'zal • cityclass M planetcommunicationsDecember • diplomacy • drinkfoodgamecloudgenetic engineering • genetic hybrid • government • gravitykahs-wankilometerlight-yearlifeform • literature • logic • marriage • meditation • null-G ball • philosophyplanetplanetary classificationplant • poetry • pon farrrankscience • serial number • space • spaceport • starStarfleet regulationsStarfleet uniformsubspacetechnology • title • uniform • Vulcan neck pinch • Vulcan's GloryVulcan luteSherlock Holmestal-shayalan-dovna


1443 (Vulcan year) 
The Glory stone is won on Vulcan as a prize of war by the Kawarda
796 AD
Areta's nuclear holocaust.
Orloff born.
Spock reminisces of his kahs-wan
Spock is transferred to the Enterprise, when that vessel recovers an ancient Vulcan starship and travels to Areta in search of the Glory stone.



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