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Vox was the name of a Romulan who had been assimilated by the Borg to serve as spokesperson during the brief Borg-Romulan Alliance.

(TOS novel: The Return)

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DC Comics

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Current Alias



Doom Patrol; formerly the Teen Titans



6' 1"

210 lbs (95 kg)



Unusual Features
Battle injury robbed Mal of the use of his vocal chords.



First appearance



Malcolm "Mal" Duncan saves the Teen Titans from a street gang called the Hell Hawks by beating their leader in a boxing match. Recruited by the Teen Titans, Mal feels unworthy due to his lack of abilities, and stows away on a rocket flight, which nearly costs him his life. After a time, Mal discovers a strength-enhancing exoskeleton, and the costume of the Guardian. Using these, he becomes the second Guardian.

After assuming the Guardian mantle, Mal fights Azrael - The Angel of Death. Believing it to be a hallucination, Mal is surprised to awaken with the mystical Gabriel's Horn. Having defeated Azrael, Mal is permitted to live, provided he never loses another fight. The horn grants Mal unspecified powers, whenever the odds are against him in battle. Armed with the horn, Mal assumes the name Hornblower.

Mal soon returns to his Guardian identity, claiming that too many people knew he was Hornblower. In truth, the Horn had been stolen. He marries Karen Beecher (Bumblebee), before moving to California. He is an accomplished jazz musician and owns a nightclub named "Gabriel's Horn".



Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mal's uncostumed adventures are unchanged. However, he never took the identity of Guardian, and the Gabriel's Horn is given a very different origin. While the other Titans are on a mission, Mal inadvertently releases an old villain, the Gargoyle (formerly Mr. Twister), from Limbo. He recaptures the villain, but finds the plans for a high-tech horn that would create spatial warps. With the help of Karen, he builds the horn and takes the identity of Herald. After Mal learns that the horn weakens the boundaries between the mortal world and Limbo, he destroys it. He and Karen retire from super heroics, and move to California.

During the JLA/Titans event, Mal acquires a new Gabriel's Horn, and briefly joins the short-lived Titans LA. In the Titans Tomorrow storyline, the Mal of the alternate future becomes president of the Eastern United States.

When Doctor Light captures Green Arrow and demands to see the Titans, Mal rejoins the team for the last time. He then joins Troia to find out what's going on in space during Infinite Crisis.


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Four weeks after disappearing in space, Mal is rescued from a Zeta Beam transport accident. His lungs and vocal cords were damaged after the Gabriel Horn blew up in his face. Mal's body rejected the cybernetic grafting of parts from the Red Tornado until Steel used his Pseudocyte technology to permanently graft the parts into Mal's body.

One Year Later

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A year after the events in Infinite Crisis, Mal has joined the Doom Patrol alongside his wife Bumblebee. Now going by the codename Vox, Mal speaks with a synthesized voice box which can create sonic blasts and open dimensional portals similar to the Gabriel Horn.



The Gabriel Horn

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There are 2 encounters with the ghostly spirit of Vox, the White Dragon.

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Final Fantasy

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Vox (ボキャル, Bokyaru), also known as Silena or AMUT, is a White Magic spell that cures the Silence status.



Final Fantasy

Vox, also known as AMUT in the Famicom release, is a level 4 White Magic spell which removes Mute from a single ally.

The spell can be bought at Elfheim and can be learned by the White Mage, White Wizard, and Red Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 3 MP to cast.

In the original NES/Famicom release, no enemies cast Silence or use skills that cause Mute status, so the spell effectively exists to make players waste a magic slot.

Final Fantasy XI

Silena is a level 19 White Magic spell available only to White Mages. It removes Silence from one targeted player or ally.

Final Fantasy XII

Vox allows a non-Silenced user to remove the Silence status effect from a party member. The animation of the spell is a reverse to the Silence spell in Final Fantasy VIII. In both the original and the International Zodiac Job System, the License for Vox is White Magick 2.

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This article is about the Defel. You may be looking for Wade Vox.
Physical description




Chronological and political information

Rebellion era

Vox was a female Defel and informant born during the rule of Emperor Palpatine. She matched bounty postings to available hunters to maintain their anonymity. In this way, Vox arranged for an illegally posted bounty to be placed on Narloch.

She was later hired by the Emperor himself to follow and watch an Imperial politcal advisor named Joron Hett. After following Joron to Coruscant's undercity, Vox discovered that Joron was a force wielder, but was killed before being able to relay this information to her master.

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Behind the scenes

In Cynabar's Fantastic Technology, an individual using the name "Vox" posted remarks on Cynabar's Droid Datalog, a data source for smugglers. The individual described how an AS-M12 message droid could be converted into a bomb by loading it with explosives and setting it to track down a target. In-universe, this poster could have been Vox, or alternatively, the mechanic Wade Vox.


  • Gamemaster Toolkit: Live-Action Adventures
  • No Disintegrations
  • Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids (Possible appearance)

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