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The Time Vortex
The Time Vortex is the place through which the TARDIS travels. With the Time Vortex, someone could conceivably reach any point in time or space (though the Time Spiral could cause some problems in the trip). Some, but not all, other space-time machines use the Vortex, such as the vessels used by the Daleks (DW: The Chase) or Jack Harkness' vortex manipulator.

Native life in time vortex includes the Reapers (DW: Father's Day) and the Chronovores. (DW: The Time Monster).

Mrs Wormwood detected artron energy in a body scan of Sarah Jane Smith, using it to conclude that she had traveled in the Vortex. (SJA: Invasion of the Bane)

We do not know if she had residual artron energy as the result of travel through the Vortex itself or as a result of her means of travel, namely the Doctor's TARDIS.

This may or may not have a connection with vortex energy, which Rose Tyler and the Doctor absorbed into their bodies, the former from looking into the Heart of the TARDIS, the latter from orally absorbing it from Rose. In both cases, the energy, which resembled bright white-gold wispy light, threatened to destroy their cellular structure, much like radiation. The Doctor had to regenerate in order to survive. (DW: The Parting of the Ways). However, even the Doctor's body contained some traces of vortex energy, which he exhaled (it is possible that this was in fact regenerative energy). (DW: Children in Need Special, The Christmas Invasion). The energy gave Rose the power to destroy the Dalek fleet and resurrect Jack Harkness. (DW: The Parting of the Ways).

Something resembling vortex energy was emitted from the TARDIS's Eye of Harmony and resurrected Grace Holloway and Chang Lee. (DW: Doctor Who)

Considering its appearance and life-giving properties, it is reasonable to assume that this was vortex energy. It is also reasonable to assume that the TARDIS had greater control over this energy than Rose did and did not make Grace and Lee immortal like Jack. However, this is not certain.

The Doctor used the timey-wimey detector to trace the arrival of Billy Shipton, who had travelled back through time to 1969. This device may have been designed to detect the presence of vortex (or artron) energy. (DW: Blink)

Behind the Scenes

  • The Time Vortex looks like the title screen on the series, specifically the title for the new series though it can look like any of the introductions..
  • Strangly The TARDIS seens to spin slower in the Blue Vortex than in  the Red Vortex, where it spins as if it is out of control. The TARDIS in the blue vortex is spinning as if it's in a blueshift where it progress backward through time slowly or at a level speed. The red vortex represents the redshift in which the TARDIS has to be at a certain place in time really quickly as shown in The Lazarus Experiment, the following story 42 and in Utopia.
  • The Doctor Who Confidential page of the episode Doomsday stated that the red vortex indicates travel forward in time and blue vortex indicates travel backward in time, though further details have not been revealed.

See also

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

Series: Deep Space Nine
Story by: Sam Rolfe
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe
Production information
Episode no.: 1x12
Production no.: 412
First aired: 18 April 1993
Date: Unknown (2369)

A criminal from the Gamma Quadrant tells Odo that he knows of other beings like him.



A visitor from the Gamma Quadrant attempts to steal a valuable item that Quark is buying from a pair of twin Miradorn, but Odo stops him. The remaining Miradorn vows to kill the man who shot his brother. Once the visitor, who introduces himself as Croden, is in a holding cell, he makes several comments to Odo regarding Changelings. This piques Odo's interest, as he has never encountered another shape shifter.

Croden claims to have met one before. Croden's motives are suspect as he never divulges anything outright, but he claims there were once shape shifters on his homeworld. According to Croden, they were persecuted and driven off the planet; however, he may know of a place where they still exist. Odo is not fooled by the fact that Croden conveniently cannot give directions but can find his way to this place himself. However, Crodn gives Odo a necklace with a stone that changes shape.

Sisko and Dax meanwhile try to contact Croden's homeworld about what to do with him. Apparently highly xenophobic, one of their leaders demands Croden's return. Sisko tells the man that a runabout will return with Croden aboard in the next 52 hours.

Back on the station, Croden claims that he happened upon an uncharted colony of Changelings in a nebula he calls the Vortex and that he knows his way back to it. Sisko has other plans and gives Odo the assignment of bringing Croden back to his homeworld. Odo takes Croden in a runabout and manages to slip by the Miradorn's ship without being detected, but the Miradorn, still bent on killing Croden, forces Quark to tell him where Croden went.

During the trip to Croden's homeworld, he drops hints and is persistent about the Vortex, knowing Odo wants to find his people. The ship suddenly shakes; the Miradorn has fired on it while Odo was distracted with Croden's story. The Miradorn hails Odo and orders him to surrender his prisoner, and when he refuses, the Miradorn ship attacks the runabout. As Odo says in trying to evade the Miradorn, "I'm a security officer, not a combat pilot!" Croden says he can maneuver the ship through the Vortex and that the gases might hide it.

In trying to avoid the Miradorn, Croden is forced to land the runabout in order to keep the other ship from finding it. Once on the asteroid on which Croden spoke of before, Odo demands to know if any of the stories were true. Croden admits that on his homeworld people tell stories about Changelings but he has never met one and he does not know where the stone came from. However, his daughter is in a stasis chamber on the asteroid. Ultimately, Croden decides to answer for his crime on his homeworld but Odo finds a Vulcan ship that agrees to take Croden and his daughter back to Vulcan with it.

During the episode Odo exclaims "I'm a security officer, not a combat pilot!" as a nod in the direction of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy from TOS.







Alpha QuadrantBajoran wormhole • Chamra Vortex • Deep Space 9Gamma QuadrantOperations centerPromenadeQuark's • Rahkar • Station commander's office
Referenced only 


BajoranChangelingFerengiHumanMiradorn • Rakhari • TrillVulcan
Referenced only 
Altoran • CardassianKlingonRigelianVanoben


USS Ganges (Danube-class) • USS Rio Grande (Danube class) • Ma-Karn-class raider

States and Organizations

Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Starfleet Academy


asteroidclass M • Ferengi phaser • first contactgold-pressed latinumholosuiteimpulse engine • languor • nebulaphoton torpedoplasma chargerunabout • security chip • shapeshifter • stasis • stasis chamber • toh-maire


  • Vortex article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.
  • Vortex (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) article at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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DC Comics

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From DC Database

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Vortex (New Earth)
Real Name




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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Vortex may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall.


Image on the map.

On the map of Elona:

The swirling Vortex, unleashed by the death of Varesh Ossa, leads to the Realm of Torment

On the map in the Realm of Torment:

The Vortex leads back to the mortal realm.

The vortex allows players to travel between Elona and the Realm of Torment much like the boat icon allows you to travel between continents.


When approaching the Vortex in The Mouth of Torment, you will suffer from Approaching the Vortex, which slows your movement by 50% when near it.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

A Vortex in GTA San Andreas.

The Vortex is a hovercraft in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Vortex is a single-seater drivable hovercraft, capable of moving on land and water, and glide short distances. Steering is difficult because it has a fan with a rudder rather than wheels or a rudder in the water. If it is abandoned in the water it will sink. If it sustains too much damage or is shot too many times, despite its small size, it will also explode quite violently, similar to an aircraft explosion. It is possible to fly the Vortex for a short period of time if the player has a high driving skill, after driving off of a high location.

It is also used for two tests in Boat School, which can be accessed in Bayside Marina.


A black and white Vortex similar to that acquired from Cut Throat Business.
  • According to the game's files, the Vortex is considered an aircraft rather than a boat or a car. Because of this, the player would get attacked by SAM missiles for driving it near Area 69, and Hydras will attempt to shoot the player down at a four-star wanted level. Additionally, regular Police Mavericks will not shoot the player.
  • The Vortex plays the radio station, Radio X, by default when entered.
  • If the player play the missions Cut Throat Business, and attaches a few satchels to Madd Dogg, and then head over to the video shoot without him, then three Vortexes will spawn, two white one, and a black and white one, all with unique colors, and are indestructible, just kill Madd Dogg with the satchels, and pick one of them and save them in the safehouse.


The Vortex will only spawn after the mission Cut Throat Business.

See also

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.


Background information

Vortex, aged 23, is a highly popular risk taking member of the 2wwf roster. He was born in Saint Louis Missouri and was raised by his father. His father owned the most prestigous gym in the whole of Missouri, and Vortex worked as a trainer in there until the age of 19. In 2005, Vortex joined Future of Wrestling in the hope of becoming a world champion.

Future of Wrestling

Vortex swiftly moved up the FOW ranks, and teamed up with The Sentinel to form Citizen Erased. The Sentinel and Vortex's indifference soon meant they were to split up, but not before Fuse-Boy joined. Vortex and Fuse went on to win the tag team titles from DMX, before going their seperate ways. Their friendship was ended once and for all when Fuse-Boy burned down's Vortex's fathers gym. In his FOW days, Vortex won the tag team and international titles, aswel as beating superstars such as LPD, Mikey Heartbreak and El Harvo. He then left for 2wwf.


Vortex made an immediate impact on 2wwf, by winning the Internet title almost straight away. He defeated Mosh in oen of the most violent matches in the history of the business. In October 2006, Vortex entered the Hell Games tournament. He defeated Tommy Thunder and The Sentinel on the way to the final, before beating Fuse-Boy and The Monster in the final. He was 2wwf world champion, and the dream has could true.


Vortex dissapeared from the scene as world champion, leaving behind his dream and everyone he knew. It was rumoured he had commited suicide after the burning down of his fathers gym, and his father's death. However, exactly a year later from winning Hell Games, Vortex was back.


Vortex returned to action on 1st November 2007, facing AJ Badd in a singles match. Vortex won the match using his trademark finisher the 'Unstoppable Force'. The following week, Vortex took part in the 'Champions Invitational' match, starring former world champions Mikey Heartbreak, The Monster, himself, and then current Internet champion Lx-Tim. Vortex went on to win the Internet title he never lost, but only enjoyed a short stint as champion.

World Championship - Part 2

Vortex shocked the world when he defeated his old nemesis The Sentinel at Violent Reaction. The match was a chain match, and lasted for over 20 minutes. Vortex lost his title after a one month reign at 11th Hour in the Redemption Chamber. Much like his first world title reign, Vortex has been missing since his defeat.


2wwf World champion (2)

2wwf Internet Champion (2)

FOW Tag Team Champion

FOW International Champion

Hell Games winner 2006

WWA Co-World Champion

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

This is the Vortex disambiguation page.

A = Appearances · I = Images · G = Gallery · F = Fan Art · Q = Quotes

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the planet. You may be looking for the novel.

Mid Rim[1]


Glythe sector[1]


Ten Tempests system[2]

Grid coordinates


Rotation period

18 standard hours[3]

Orbital period

421 local days[3]




Type I (breathable)[3]





Primary terrain
Surface water


Points of interest

Cathedral of Winds[3]

Native species
Primary language(s)





6.5 billion[3]

Major imports
Major exports
  • Foodstuffs[3]
  • Raw materials[3]

Vortex was a Mid Rim planet in the Glythe sector. The planet was the home world of the Vors, a race with wings, but no emotion.



Vor dwellings on Vortex.

Vortex was known for its violent weather, particularly sharp winds, which was caused by an abnormal tilt in the planet's axis. During the winter months, vast polar ice caps formed almost instantaneously by the freezing gases in the planet's atmosphere. The sudden change in air pressure made huge currents, which swept across the entire planet.


The only sentient species that evolved in Vortex was known as the Vors.[4][2]

Vortex joined the Galactic Republic in 189 BBY.

The center of the Vor's society was the Cathedral of Winds, a building that resonated with tones as the planet's strong winds struck it. Admiral Ackbar crashed his modified B-wing into the Cathedral, due to sabotage by double-agent Terpfen. The Vors, apparently unconcerned despite the tragic loss of life, rebuilt the cathedral in a new design. At that point Krini-shen was the Chief Council.

The planet was represented in the New Republic Senate by Fyg Boras.

The Yuuzhan Vong conquered Vortex shortly before the Fall of Coruscant. Near the end of the war, the Ryn Network operated a cell on the world.

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Notes and references

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The name or term Vortex refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Vortex (disambiguation).
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Vortex is a Decepticon Combaticon from the Generation One continuity family.

In a past life, it is very possible that Vortex was a roller coaster of some sort. He is the interrogator of the Decepticons, and his favorite method of divulging secrets from trembling Autobots is to take them on Mr. Vortex's Wild Ride. Laughing like a maniac, Vortex will treat Autobots held hostage within his cargo hold to a psychotic helicopter ride of twists, turns and near-death experiences. Then, once he has learned everything they have to tell: kerplop!

Vortex can combine with his fellow Combaticons to form Bruticus.

Japanese name: Vorter



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
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Marvel UK future timelines

Vortex and the Decepticon air force were led into battle by Astrotrain in 2008. They planned to strike back against the Autobots, but were instead ambushed by the Quintessons in what could have been a massacre. Putting aside his pride, Decepticon commander Soundwave radioed the Autobots for assistance, and soon the two factions were fighting side-by-side on Cybertron against the invading Quintesson forces. After the fight was over, Soundwave left the battlefield in Vortex's ridiculously-oversized helicopter mode. Space Pirates!

Generation 2

Vortex, along with the other Combaticons, formed the first line of defense against Jhiaxus's attack on Warworld. While Vortex's ultimate fate is unseen, the fact that Jhiaxus's troops ultimately took Warworld makes it likely he was destroyed. Total War

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Johnny Haymer (US), Ken Shiroyama (Japan)

Vortex was one of five Decepticon renegades liberated by Starscream in the Air Commander's latest attempt to unseat Megatron. Rebuilt into new bodies based on WWII-era human military vehicles and dubbed the Combaticons, the renegades worked with Starscream primarily to gain the energy absorbers the schemer left out of their new forms. While Vortex and the others were at first successful, the Stunticons' intervention meant the brigade's defeat, and all six were exiled to a remote asteroid. Starscream's Brigade

Vortex and his fellow Combaticons soon escaped the asteroid and invaded Cybertron, defeating Shockwave's defenses as Bruticus. After Onslaught modified the space bridge to pull Earth into the sun, the Combaticons were attacked by unknown forces, which were actually holograms. Vortex was quite happy, as he loved sneak attacks. Once again, however, the Combaticons were defeated by outside intervention, as the Autobots and Decepticons temporarily allied against the renegades. While Megatron allowed the Autobots to believe the Combaticons had been destroyed, he secretly had Bruticus (and his components, we guess) reprogrammed to serve more loyally. The Revenge of Bruticus

Dreamwave comics continuity

Shortly after Optimus Prime became the new Autobot Supreme Commander, Vortex took part in the Decepticon assault upon Iacon.

Millions of years later, Vortex, along with his fellow Combaticons, was imprisoned by Shockwave until he was released by Starscream.

When Sunstorm appeared on Earth, the battered Combaticons were ordered by Starscream to combine into Bruticus and deal with the crazed zealot. It did not end well.

Nice kitty... pretty kitty...

The repaired Combaticons were brought to Guadalcanal, where they could hone their somewhat lackluster combat skills and listen to Starscream's long-winded aspirations of glory. Starscream ordered them to defeat the Autobot Sky Lynx as a means to train themselves for greater battles. Blast Off ordered Vortex to "take [Sky Lynx] down", but the crafty Autobot split into his two forms, and Blast Off was embarrassingly grabbed in the flying form's jaws while Vortex looked on.

This was the least of their troubles, however, as Predaking showed up as soon as Sky Lynx was deactivated. This encounter also did not end well. The Route of All Evil

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers comics continuity

As part of Serpent O.R.'s forces, Vortex defended the newly unified Decepticon army's base against a combined Autobot/G.I. Joe strike force. The Art of War, Part 5

IDW comics continuity

He was part of the Combaticons' assault on the Garrus-9 penal facility to seize the Pretender Monsters. When Arcee turned up to kill them all, it was Vortex who reacted quickly and sprang the Monsters while under fire. He then dissed Fortress Maximus on the way out. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

  • Vortex (combaticon, 1985/1986/1991)
    • Team ID number: C4
    • Japanese ID number: D-66
    • Accessories: Pistol, left & right cannons
Get to da choppa. I dare ya.
Vortex transforms into a SH-2 Seasprite helicopter. He is armed with a small, chin-mounted semi-automatic glue gun and two large, tri-barrel Gatling guns mounted astern on his tail.
In robot mode, Vortex is armed with his helicopter chin gun, and along with fellow Combaticon Blast Off, is one of the first Transformers figures to utilize ball-joints, located in his shoulders. Vortex normally becomes the left arm of Bruticus, but as a Scramble City design, he can also occupy any other limb slot on Bruticus.
There are a few variations of this toy. Initial releases of Vortex gave him a die-cast metal chestplate painted deep purple. Later releases replaced the metal with lighter-purple plastic. In 1991, the entire Combaticon team was re-released as part of the European "Classics" line; like many toys released in this series, Vortex was retooled to remove the rubsign indent from his vehicle mode.
This mold was redecoed as Operation Combination Target Hawk, Robots in Disguise Ro-Tor, and Universe Ro-Tor.

Generation 2

  • Vortex (Combaticon, 1994)
    • Team ID number: C4
    • Accessories: Pistol, left & right cannons
During the Generation 2 line, Vortex was redecoed blue with purple camouflage paint. His weapons were also redecoed purple, and his chest was changed to a different shade of purple, making him totally inconspicuous.

Universe (2008)

  • Bruticus (2009)

Vortex is a repaint of the Energon Blackout with a color scheme resembling his G1 colors. Interestingly, his energon weapon's side-guns can pop off and attach to his arms like somoene else's. At least his Universe toy isn't grounded as a tank

External links

  • Vortex at

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Vortex may refer to any of the following cards:

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Vortex
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Continuous Image:Continuous.png
Card Lore: When this card is activated for the first time, Remove from Play all Monsters on the Field. In each consecutive turn, both you and your opponent take 100 damage to your Life points for each monster card on the field. If an Other Worldly-Type monster is summoned while this card is on the Field, double the Attack and Defence Points of the Monster. If any other Type is summoned, halve the monsters Attack and Defence Points. If an Egyptian God Card is summoned when this card is activated, remove the God Card from play.
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about VortexRDF feed

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