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Vonnda Ra
Biographical information



23 ABY

Physical description

Human (Dathomiri)



Chronological and political information

New Republic era

Known apprentices


Vonnda Ra was a tall, muscular Nightsister from the Great Canyon Clan. She was charged with finding Dathomiri recruits for her clan and the Shadow Academy. Recruits who were found to be very powerful were sent directly to the Shadow Academy, while those who were considered to be weak stayed with the Great Canyon Clan until their powers could be developed more fully.

Though the Great Canyon Clan was known for declaring that men were equal to women, Vonnda Ra thought most men were inferior in regards to their strength in the Force. Despite this prejudice, she took a young man named Vilas as her student, and he eventually became her best male student. She had him accompany her on her recruiting missions among the other witch clans of Dathomir.

She was part of an assault team led by Zekk sent to Kashyyyk in order to steal computer equipment from the fabrication facilities located on the planet. The team ran into Jacen,Tenel Ka, Lowie and his sister Sirra and followed them down to the underlevels of the rain forest when they tried to escape. During the chase Vonnda Ra and Sirra fell struggling into one of the mortal syren plants that live in the forest. With the help of his friends, Lowie was able to free Sirra but Vonnda Ra was eaten by the plant.

Behind the scenes

In Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight, her name is misspelled at least once as Vorinda Ra.

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