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Volfe Karkko
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30 BBY (5), Kiffex

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1.9 meters[1]

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"From the moment you stepped foot on this planet, I sensed you…your scattered thoughts…I sent out my thoughts…my will…I drew you to me…for I need you, little Jedi. Great need…"
―Volfe Karkko to Aayla Secura on Kiffex

Volfe Karkko was an Anzati Jedi, presumably of the rank of Master, who lived centuries prior to the Invasion of Naboo. He later became a powerful Dark Jedi and was slain by Quinlan Vos.




Jedi Master

Karkko was trained as a Jedi at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Some among the Jedi Order believed Anzati were too dangerous to be trained to use the Force, and there were fears that Karkko would not be able to resist his species' instinctive need to taste the "soup" of other sentients. He endeavored to dispel these worries, and became a powerful Jedi Master who was granted access to the Sith holocrons stored within the Jedi Archives. He was fond of reminding other Jedi that his species remembered the first Sith Lords, though even with his prolonged study of the holocrons, there appeared to be no actual evidence to back up this claim.

Fall to the dark side and imprisonment

Volfe Karkko in stasis field, discovered by Aayla Secura.

As Karkko's power grew, so did his arrogance. Karkko believed that as a Jedi, he was above addictions, and saw no harm in tasting "soup" just once. This flawed assumption was his first step towards the dark side, for he became addicted to the "soup" and even began harvesting it from his fellow Jedi. He used his command of the Force to trap and consume many victims, before he was confronted and defeated by six representatives of the Jedi High Council on Kiffex. The Council had decreed that Karkko had become a threat to the Order, but, as was the Jedi way, the Councilors did not kill their prisoner. Instead, they trapped him within a stasis field; a device that only a Jedi could be capable of opening. In suspended animation, Karkko's mind was left conscious to contemplate the atrocities he had committed, and his lightsaber was left with him to serve as a warning of the consequences of arrogance.

As time passed, many Anzati were drawn to the prison of Karkko, who had become something of a local legend, and was known as "The Dreaming One". It was believed that Karkko, still conscious in his prison, used the Force to leech away the vitality of the Anzati, strengthening himself and turning them feral.

Escape and defeat

Aayla Secura discovers Volfe Karkko's lightsaber.

Karkko was granted a chance to escape his prison centuries after his incarceration, when the enraged Aayla Secura crash-landed on Kiffex during her search for Quinlan Vos in 30 BBY. Karkko drew on Secura's anger and influenced her to enter his prison and release him from stasis. His control over the young Twi'lek was absolute, and she became his dark accomplice. With Secura successfully turned to his side, Karkko then waited with his army of degenerate Anzati, knowing that Jedi and their "soup" would come to Kiffex when they discovered he was free.

Volfe Karkko is killed by Quinlan Vos.

The amnesiac Jedi Quinlan Vos, and Jedi Masters Tholme, T'ra Saa, and Zao tracked Karkko and Secura to Kiffex. As the three Masters battled the Anzati defenses outside, Vos alone entered Karkko's fortress. As Vos arrived in Karkko's inner sanctum, he was attacked by Secura, his own Padawan, much to the delight of the Anzati Dark Jedi. Vos was forced to do battle with Secura, and calls to Secura to come back to the light were brushed aside. Left with no other choice, Vos switched off his lightsaber and refused to battle Secura further. Just as Secura seemed to be convinced of Vos's sincerity, she was struck by a blast of Force lightning from Karkko.

Enraged, Karkko engaged Vos in a lightsaber duel, which the Dark Jedi believed he could easily win. He made Quinlan see visions of Anzati and struck him to the ground. Vos used Force Lightning against Karkko, however Karkko easily overpowered him saying that only those strong with the dark side could use Force Lightning and had Vos stepped the line. Karkko grabbed Vos and attempted to sup on his soup.However, Vos proved more resourceful than Karkko had allowed, and, with mental assistance from the Jedi Masters, Tholme, Zao and T'ra Saa, Quinlan defeated and destroyed Karkko, slicing through his abdomen and cutting him in two.

Powers and abilities

Volfe Karkko possessed all the physical abilities and powers common to Anzati. He was also a skilled lightsaber fighter and possessed a great practical knowledge of the dark side. He was able to use the dark side to project Force lightning and to influence another person's mind. He was also capable of creating terrible illusions to confuse his enemies.


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Notes and references

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