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The Volatile tool is an item obtained by playing the Stealing Creation minigame and requires level 40 in the appropriate skill to use. This item is similar to the Proto tool, except for a few differences: one cannot choose which type of tool it transforms; one gains 220% experience rather than 200%; the colour is slightly different; and one will receive a Volatile clay tool instead of a Sacred clay tool. After 10% of its charges are used, it will transform back into its base form. Reverting the tool manually by right-clicking will cost the difference between its current percentage of charges and the first multiple of 10 below it. For example, if you use 7% charges of a tool, it will cost the remaining 3% charges of that 10% to revert it. It is best to buy several volatile tools at once because one volatile tool only lasts 1/10 as long as a morphic tool before it reverts.

It is important to note that the volatile proto-tool, and any of its tool transformations, are not stackable in the player's bank. It is also important to note than many secondary uses of the transformed tools normal forms (hammer, knife, etc.) are not available to the volatile variants. For example, a hammer can be used for Smithing and Construction but not for cracking open coconuts. A Fletching knife can be used only for Fletching, not for Cooking or Hunting. The amount of experience that can be gained from each tool varies. For example, a Fletching knife will get you more Fletching experience than a hatchet will get you Woodcutting experience.

Item effects

When left-clicked, this tool will randomly transform into one of the following: hatchet, butterfly net, hammer, harpoon, fletching knife, needle or pickaxe. All versions of the Volatile Tool can be used for normal actions (such as using a harpoon for Fishing, or a hatchet for Woodcutting), and you will get 220% (or 120% increase) experience for using them.


Effective use

It is only advised that volatile tools are used if you are using all tools (for Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing, Hunting, Fletching, Crafting, Smithing, or Construction). Begin with about 10 tools, transform them and use whichever there are most of. When they revert transform them again until there are no more of that tool. Continue doing this and you shouldn't have to lose charges by reverting; however, levelling may take longer because of the time it takes to travel between the different training areas (i.e., mine, fishing spot, puro puro). It is best to keep the appropriate teleports handy. If you intend to only train one or a few of the skills, then the morphic tool is the better choice by far.


  • On the day of release, several of the Volatile Tools could not be used for many tasks which their normal counterparts could perform, they are now fixed.
  • There has been a glitch reported in which when the Volatile Tool reverts after use it becomes a sacred clay tool, this glitch has been fixed.
  • On the day of release the Volatile Pick used the animation of a pickaxe when mining rocks and no animation at all while mining mineral veins. This has since been fixed.

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