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Final Fantasy VII Enemy
Level HP MP
33 33,333 333
Attack Magic Defense
60 57 60
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
48 73 10
510 40 460
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
- - Halves - -
Japanese ブラキオレイドス
Romaji Burakioreidosu
Location World Map - Icicle Area (grass)
Steal Carob Nut
Item Dropped Carob Nut
Morph Elixir
Abilities Tail Attack, Bolt Ball, Violent Advance
Enemy Skill N/A
Status Immunity Death, Slow Numb, Berserk, Petrify, Confusion, Frog, Small, Manipulate
Other Information Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.

The Vlakorados is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They can be found on a grass covered island near Bone Village. Players can steal the Carob Nut off them, which is an important element in breeding Chocobos.

In battle, the Vlakorados is easily one of the stronger random encounters in the game. It attacks using Bolt Ball, an electrical attack, and two physicals, one of which hits the entire party. Although the Vlakorados is resistant to Gravity, it isn't immune, so Demi and Laser should be used to whittle down its considerable HP. The Poison status ailment also helps, and will do 1,000 damage. Overall, Vlakorados is formidable, but can be defeated.

The Vlakorados's name is notably a mistranslation of Brachioraidos, the Japanese name of Final Fantasy VI's Brachiosaur and Final Fantasy X's Th'uban, as well as a superboss in Final Fantasy IV Advance.

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