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Vivian Wong

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Vivian Wong

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Vivian Wong is the Asian champion who participates in Kaiba's KC Grand Prix. She is very whiny, hoping to get what she wants by obscure means. She is an avid fan of Yugi and Kaiba to the point of obsession, especially Yugi, whom she hopes to turn him into her love slave. To that point, she is in fierce competition with Rebecca Hawkins for Yugi's attentions, and had even gone so far as to blackmail Yugi into dueling her outside the contest, threatening to leave Yugi's grandpa with an injured back if he didn't accept. She lost both Duels.

In the Japanese Epilogue (not shown in the English version), Vivian is seen with Mai Kujaku dueling against the Meikyū Brothers on the Great Wall of China. Since Mai was not seen during the Grand Championship, Vivian seemed to fill in as the Mai and/or femme fatale of that arc.


Vivian's Deck is centered around the summoning of her "Dragon Lady", and increasing its ATK with cards like "Flying Dragon Whirl" and "Lightning Saber". It appears that she lacks trap cards, as she never used any in both of her duels.


Vivian's personality and appearance is similar to that of Meilin Rae from the manga 'Cardcaptor Sakura', her deck also reflects Meilin's passion for fighting.

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