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Vivi Orunitia
Vivi's CG render
Portrait(s) Vivi's menu portrait
Japanese Name ビビ・オルニティア
Romaji Bibi Orunitia
Race Black Mage
Age 6 months
Birthdate July, 1799
Home Quan's Dwelling
Job Class(es) Black Mage
Skill Black Magic, Focus
Trance Double Black
Weapon(s) Staff
Final Fantasy IX Character
"Sorrow - "How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist..."
—Vivi's tagline

Vivi Orunitia is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. He is not human, but rather a Black Mage, differentiated by having a black aura surrounding his visible outer skin, glowing yellow eyes and the ability to cast magic.



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Vivi was created by Kuja as a Black Mage. Somehow he managed to escape by falling out of the Cargo Ship, and was fished out of the Mist Ocean by a Qu named Quan. Quan raised Vivi out of the hope that he would grow bigger and eat him, though after six months Vivi was as short as before. Luckily, Vivi knew none of this and lived happily with his "Grandpa" in Quan's Dwelling. Later Quan died, and Vivi was left all alone. Just days before the starting events of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi then heads to the nearby town of Treno to get some help, and eventually hitches a ride on an airship to Alexandria.

Vivi in the opening FMV.

Vivi first appears at the beginning of the game, in Alexandria. He has a ticket for the Tantalus Theater Troupe's performance of Lord Avon's well-known play, I Want to be Your Canary. But when he shows his ticket at the entrance, he is told his ticket is a fake that says I Want To Be Your Crow. A sad Vivi then stumbles upon what appears to be a street-smart rat, Puck, who helps him sneak over the town rooftops and into the show.

When Tantalus makes its move to kidnap Princess Garnet, Vivi is dragged along, and Tantalus' Airship, the Prima Vista, crashes in the Evil Forest. Zidane tries to convince a confused Vivi to help him out, but Vivi is unsure if he wants to use his enormous powers. He is finally convinced by Steiner, who takes a liking to the Mage and even calls him "Master Vivi."

Vivi casting a fire spell at Black Waltz No. 3.

When the group reaches the small village of Dali, Vivi is captivated by the windmills atop the homes there. He is captured by several townspeople and brought to the Black Mage production plant hidden underground. Zidane and Garnet help rescue Vivi and discover the Dali villagers' purpose of creating Black Mage drones for Alexandria. Boarding the Cargo Ship, Vivi tries to converse with the Black Mage pilots, but is unable to elict a response from any of them. Vivi's anxiety about his race are deepened when the psychopathic Black Waltz No. 3 razes the ship, killing all the Black Mages who attempted to defend Vivi. This is the first time that Vivi begins to question his true identity and similarity to the mindless foot soldiers being manipulated by Queen Brahne.


After crossing Fossil Roo to the Outer Continent, the party goes to the Black Mage Village, where many Black Mages who have 'awakened' live. They regard Vivi with suspicion at first, associating him with the humans that accompany him. Vivi is frustrated by their way of thinking, and stops by the town's cemetery. He tries to gain some knowledge about the Black Mages who have 'stopped' by conversing with a wise Black Mage, Black Mage No. 288. Mr. 288 explains the nature of 'death' to Vivi, who is at first distressed. It is also suggested that Vivi is a prototype built to "last longer" than the 1 year afforded the other Black Mages. After many contemplative moments throughout the course of the game, he eventually comes to grips with his existence.

When Zidane and the party attempt to break the seal to gain access to Terra, Vivi and Steiner go to the Wind Shrine. There, they defeat Tiamat.

Sometime after the defeat of Kuja, he is shown to have children, one of which Puck mistakes for Vivi until the boy explains himself. At least one part of the monologue at the end of the game prior to the final sequence at Alexandria is recited by him, and it implies that he expired shortly after since he was not among the crowd during the final celebratory sequence at Alexandria. Whether or not it is actually Vivi speaking during the entire monologue, and whether Vivi "stopped" shortly after having children are still hotly debated by fans. However, if this is true, then he is the first Final Fantasy IX party member to die, and is also the only party member not to be present to see Zidane alive.


Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

In the beginning of Final Fantasy IX, Vivi is very gullible, believing people very easily. Vivi was also a coward and afraid to use his magic, even when a friend was in danger, such as when Garnet was getting captured he was too scared to fight back. However, after the Black Mage incident, Vivi's personality changed a lot; he no longer got scared so easily and was ready to face Kuja without thinking about the danger. He is also no longer as gullible, as demonstrated by his disbelief of Kuja's lies about expanding the Black mage's lifespan. Vivi frequently questions his existence.

Equipment and stats

Vivi's battle sprite.

Unlike in games past, where Black Mages equipped rods or daggers, Vivi equips staves. His armor consists of Mage robes and hoods, as well as lightweight vests and hats. To learn many of the prime abilities like Thunder, Vivi must equip certain equipment. To learn Fira, for example, Vivi must be equipped with a Flame Staff. To learn Comet, Vivi must equip a Cypress Pile. Vivi has the highest magic stat in the game.



Main article: List of Final Fantasy IX Spells#Black Magic
Vivi in Trance.

Vivi's main ability is to use Black Magic. He is the only character in the game with the ability to do so. He can also use the Focus ability to increase his magic power. He can also cast Sword Magic together with Steiner. In the story Vivi is a prototype Black Mage created before the other black mages; as a result, his powers rival even the Black Waltz.

While in Trance, Black Magic changes to Double Black, allowing Vivi to cast two spells in succession.

Musical Themes

"Vivi's Theme" from Final Fantasy IX
Image:FFIX Vivi's Theme.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Vivi's Theme" is played once early in the game when Vivi is wandering in Alexandria. The song has a fast tempo and gives the aura of Vivi's curiosity.

Other Appearances

Kingdom Hearts Series

Artwork of Vivi in Kingdom Hearts by Tetsuya Nomura
For more information, see Kingdom Hearts Wiki:Vivi
Vivi's costume in Kingdom Hearts: Mobile

Vivi makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts II as a member of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee, led by Seifer, whom Vivi admires for his strength. When the Struggle competition is on, he is shown to be controlled by Nobodies. Simulations of Vivi again appear in the Sunset Station tunnel, where many duplicates attack Roxas. His unwilling heavy involvement of the many oddities in the early parts of the game may be references to the original Vivi as a Black Mage, as well as the large mysteries surrounding him in the original game. In the English release, Vivi is voiced by Melissa Disney, and by Ikue Ōtani in the Japanese version. Additionally, Vivi makes another appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series as a costume in Kingdom Hearts: Mobile.

Vivi's appearance in Itadaki Street Portable

Itadaki Street Special

Vivi also appears as a character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special.


  • There is some inconsistency to Vivi's age, as official sources usually list his age as nine, yet the timeline found in the Ultimania Omega places him as being born in 1799, less than a year before the start of the game.
  • In the North American version of the Final Fantasy IX instruction manual, Vivi's last name, Orunitia, was mistranslated as "Ornitier". This, however, was corrected in the Greatest Hits release.
  • Vivi makes a small cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals.
  • On May 16, 2008, Vivi was voted number two of favorite Final Fantasy characters of all time on IGN.
  • For the instruction manual of Final Fantasy Origins, a PlayStation remake of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, Vivi is shown as an example name chosen for the Black Mage class of Final Fantasy.
  • At a mere 6 months old, not only is Vivi the youngest playable character in Final Fantasy IX, but in the whole series as well.


Vivi ("I lived"), is a past tense of the Latin and Spanish verb vivo/vivir, "to live", a possible allusion to the character's constant search for the meaning of his existence.

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